Caudecus's Manor Path 2

Published Dec 11, 2022 Updated Mar 17, 2023

Caudecus's Manor (often shortened to "CM") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. In Caudecus's Manor Path 2, you rescue some Seraphs that have went missing in Caudecus's estate.

While completing this dungeon you can use and to maximize your damage output.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 61 Silver
  • 100 Tale of Dungeon Delving
  • Experience

Way and events of Caudecus's Manor Path 2


Path selection and Rescuing Rosina

You can select the path in the inner courtyard of the Manor at Exemplar Talie after watching a cutscene.

When first enterting the dungeon, you can instantly teleport to to save some seconds.

Walk back to the manor and turn left to get inside. Go left again at the end of the corridor to get into the main hall and take the leftern stairs. If you don't know where to go, you can simply follow Talie. You'll meet 2 Elite Bandit Cutpurses on the upper floor. They can apply tons of Bleeding with . Either Stealth by or kill them.

Your goal is to press two buttons in two rooms and then talk to Rosina. The first door to the right will be open and Taylor is waiting for you together with 2 s and a .

The rooms you need to enter in chronological order

The s can Immobilize you permanently, so if you're not in a coordinated group, try to clear them first. Taylor is a Thief wielding a pistol and thus will hit you with projectiles and evade from time to time. Bring projectile destruction or reflects if you die. After she is dead, you can activate a glowing button on the wall next to him.

The glowing button

The Turrets and Taylor will only spawn after path selection, so one person can stall it to make everyone move into the Taylor room and select the path afterwards. Then get close to the door to make Taylor hostile.

Activating the button will cause the next room to open. It contains some Elite Riflemen and Turrets. Both Riflemen need to killed so yet another button can be activated on the wall. This will open the room where Rosina is located. Speak to Rosina to get a cutscene and advance the path.

Marius and the Satchel

The quest is to find Rosina's Satchel and return it to her. Head back to the main hall and you encounter some Elite Bandit enemies, multiple Turrets and Marius. He has 5 different attacks:

  • Slash: his auto attack, dealing mediocre damage. Stand behind him to avoid.
  • Heartseeker: Resembles Thief's .
  • Stalker's Strike: Spins in front of you and hits for mediocre damage.
  • Crippling Talon: Slashes you with his dagger. Hits for high damage and inflicts Cripple.
  • Tactical Strike: Evades and hits for high damage afterwards.

After Marius and his Bandits die, a room behind them will open, containing two more Elite Bandits and a lot of Spike Traps. You have to play "The floor is lava" and only move over the carpets and throwable pillows. At the end of the room, you find her hatchel. Pick it up and give it to her in the main hall.

The spike room with the satchel

You can go to the lower level and use a shadow step skill through the ceiling of the dining hall to skip the spike room and instantly pick up the satchel.

Reception Court


Teleport back to and head east. Watch out for the new Bandit enemies that have spawned. Behind the house, you will find Bridgette. She will become vulnerable together with many Bandit enemies that will pressure you a lot after a small dialogue. Bridgette is a Guardian and has 3 major attacks:

  • True Strike -> Pure Strike -> Faithful Strike: Resembles -> -> , her auto attack chain. Hits for high damage. Try to stand behind her to avoid.
  • Symbol of Faith: Resembles , dealing you damage and giving her Regeneration, last longer than the original guardian attack. Move out at all costs.
  • Sword of Justice: Resembles . Deals extremely high damage, Burning, Cripple and Vulnerability. This will almost one-shot you if you stand in it, so Dodge away as soon as you a sword.

Bridgette at Reception Court

Powder Keg Event

As soon as Bridgette is dead, a Hunting Hound will spawn in the north together with two Elite Bandit enemies. This boss is optional and should be skipped. Keep heading north until you approach a gate. You are required to place 5 powder kegs in front of the gate in the 5 small red AoEs in order to advance. You get the kegs by interacting with a stack of boxes south. The clue is that the Bandits surrounding the gate will start stealing the powder kegs as soon as you place one of them down. The best solution is to have each party member take a keg and have each of them place them down to another AoE at the same time to complete the event. Stealthing up makes this event much easier.

The kegs (right) and the gate (left)

Hidden Trail

The way to the endboss, Turmaine, is filled with Elite Bandit enemies and an optional boss, Mad Martha. Either Stealth by everything or bring projectile mitigation when fighting her.


At the end of the trail, you will encounter Turmaine next to a wooden cage with the Sergeant Gunther in it. Turmaine is a very dangerous Necromancer with 3 attacks:

  • Chillbains: Resembles , inflicting Chilled on the first and Poison on the later ticks.
  • Mark of Blood: Resembles , inflicting Bleeding and granting him Regeneration
  • Plague Form: He turns invisible, becomes Determined and rapidly moves to the nearest player. Inflicts Weakness, Bleeding and Poison if you are close to him.

Turmaine in his human form

After Turmaine dies, go up to the cage and free the Seraph Seargeant. After a long dialogue, you receive your rewards. Do not leave the instance early.

If you fight Turmaine on Rosina, there is a chance she will die. This will skip the very long dialogue in the end and can be a huge timesave for experienced groups.

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