Caudecus's Manor Path 3

Published Dec 13, 2022 Updated Aug 31, 2023

Caudecus's Manor (often shortened to "CM") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. In Caudecus's Manor Path 3, you further investigate the disappearance of one of Caudecus's butlers.

While completing this dungeon you can use and to maximize your damage output.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 61 Silver
  • 100 Tale of Dungeon Delving
  • Experience

Way and events of Caudecus's Manor Path 3


Path selection and beginning

You can select the path in the inner courtyard of the Manor at Exemplar Talie after watching a cutscene.

When first enterting the dungeon, you can instantly teleport to to save some seconds.

After selecting Path 3, the northwest door to the barn will open. You traverse the manor and head down the stairs.

The thorn hedges to the left will deal Bleeding when you walk too close to them. Behind those hedges, you will spot the first boss of the path, Sure-shot Seamus, threatening Albert the butler.

Vista Lawn

Sure-shot Seamus

Seamus starts fighting you with two Pistols, dealing ranged power damage and Bleeding, but will switch to a Shotgun when reaching 95% health. Next to him are three Elite Bandit Enforcers shooting pistol projectiles at you, adding extra pressure. Kill them first since they have lower HP.

After 95%, he will only do one attack called Shrapnel Blast, that Launches and inflicts Bleeding. The attack has a somewhat long animation, so it can be dodged or even sidestepped. The Launchs lasts longer than his cooldown, and since he prioritizes knocked players for this attack, chances are you get stun-locked to death without a stunbreak.

After the Enforcers are dead, you can just permanently walk around Seamus in circles and you won't get hit by Shrapnel Blast. Simply run to his back as soon as he readjusts his rifle. This technique makes this boss easy to solo.

Sure-shot Seamus and his Enforcers

Way to Wahlen

After killing Seamus, a door to the basement of the manor will open in the north. The basement is filled with Elite Bandit enemies, such as Riflemen, Archers and Cutpurses. Additionally, there are tons of s, s and s. You need traverse the corridor and press a button to open yet another door to the Eastern Tunnel. Additionally, in the second room to the left, Delilah will wait for you. Since she is an optional boss, skip past her.

Since all bandit enemies, turrets and Delilah have a stupidly high amount of damage, you are very likely to instantly die when entering the basement uncoordinated. Hence you should always try to use Stealth to get past this section if possible. In case you are forced or want to fight anyway, reflect skills and boons like Protection, Resistance and condition cleanses will help you having a less bad time.

Eastern Corridor

Rocket Turret Event

The cavelike corridor up ahead is filled with 10 Rocket Turrets that cannot be damaged normally. The only way to kill them is by reflecting their rockets back to them. Normal reflect skills don't work for this, you need to grab one of the Air Guns that lay in front of the door and use the gun's skills, Air Blast. Although it's the same skill, all slots have different cooldowns.

The corridor, the button (left) and the Air Guns (right)

Air Blast has a small animation, which will create a 1200 range long tornado-like air cone. When pressing one of your skills, all other slots will go on a 3 second cooldown. In order to reflect the rockets, you need to cast Air Blast so that the rocket traverses the cone.

Jumping after casting Air Blast helps hitting distant rockets better.

If the rocket will still head towards you, don't panic, the rocket will only be reflected once it hits your character. This mechanic makes it really hard to see if you successfully reflected the rocket or not. It is possible to Dodge the rocket AoE.

These reflects do more damage the more Power you have, so bring as much as you can and also use Might.

Killing all 10 turrets unlocks and opens the door to Wahlen.


In the next room, you encounter Wahlen together without 4 Elite enemies, which will become vulnerable together with him after a small dialogue and need to be killed. Especially the Cutpurse is dangerous because of the Bleeding spike with as well as the Saboteur, who throws exploding Kegs on you. Wahlen himself has 2 attacks:

  • Kick: Resembles the Warrior's . Deals Knockback and some damage. Only happens when fighting him melee.
  • Throw Bomb: Throws a bomb that creates an AoE when landing, inflicting Vulnerability. This ttack is undodgable. Can be reflected or destroyed. Occasionally, he will spin and cast multiple Throw Bomb simultaneously, which is deadly when you're within melee range.

You can keep the Air Gun from the previous event and use Air Blast when he throws multiple bombs for massive reflect damage. Keep in mind once the Rocket Turret Event is done, you cannot pick up new Air Guns anymore.

Wahlen and his Bandits

Hidden Workshop to Hidden Falls Dock

Way to Vallog

After Wahlen dies, you find a corridor with many traps in the west that leads to the Hidden Workshop. The traps are undodgable, so use blink skils or carefully plan your steps and use the safe spots to left. Additionally, there are 3 Elite Bandit enemies at the end that shoot you with projectiles. Traversing the door deactivates the traps.

While the Wahlen dialogue happens, you can prepare a portal at the end of the corridor since the traps won't be active there. If you kill Wahlen before it runs out, you can open the portal afterwards to skip this section.

The Hidden Workshop is filled with dozens of Bandit enemies and you'll die quickly if you enter without preparation. It is advised to Stealth to bypass or use projectile mitigation if you don't have Stealth access. Climb up the wooden ramp to the right when entering the room. Jumping over the ledge at the end of said ramp will also break enemy fixation.

The dozens of bandits and the wooden scaffolding

Stealth through the next room, Bandit's Supply Room, or bring projectile mitigation. Right at the end, there are 3 more enemies that require either pathing with Stealth or to be killed. Go down the wooden stairs to face the endboss, Vallog.


Before Vallog becomes hostile after a small dialogue, you need to kill the 3 Elite Bandit Riflemen in the middle of the clearing. Projectile mitigation again reduces the pressure by a lot, since they hit very hard.

Vallog itself has 3 attacks:

  • Fireball: Like from Elementalist, deals some damage and Burning.
  • Earth Spikes: Steps to the right and left with his front feet. Applies Knockback and 3 stacks of Bleeding as well as high power damage. Only hits you when fighting him melee.
  • Swirling Winds: Resembles Elementalist's , but it reflects projectiles instead of blocking them. Don't cast any projectiles while this is up.

When you go back to the wooden walkway to break his line of sight, he will start moving towards you. Other than that, he will stay stationary.

Vallog and the Riflemen that need to be killed before

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