Caudecus's Manor Story

Published Dec 17, 2022 Updated Mar 16, 2023

Caudecus's Manor (often shortened to "CM") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. The Caudecus's Manor Story needs to be completed once in order to be able to open the Exploration Mode for this dungeon on a character. Your objective is to rescue Queen Jennah who got kidnapped after following an invitation to a garden party in Caudecus's Manor.

Way and events of Caudecus's Manor Story

Formal Garden

Party Event

Enter the Manor next to the entrance with Albert The Butler, then talk to Logan Thackeray to begin the Party Event after a cutscene. Your objective is to talk to the party guests and give the correct answers to progress. The correct answers always stay the same, below is a list of them:

Guest Option
Zojja Option 2
Phlunt Option 2
Mia Kindleshot Option 1
Servant (next to Dagonet) Option 3
Dagonet Option 3
Servant (alone in the corner) Option 3
Servant (opposite site of Dagonet) Option 1
Sigfast Option 3

Logan Thackeray and some of the party guests

Every 20 seconds you can interact with a guest again. After the event is finished, return to Logan and wait for him to confront Uzolan to spawn the Prototype Golem.

Prototype Golem

The Golem regularily gains Protection and is immune to some CC skills, such asKnockdowns for example. He has 4 attacks:

  • Fire Spin: He spins his arms, dealing mediocre power damage 4 times. Tanking all 4 hits can deal quite some damage.
  • Pull: He stretches his right arm and Pulls you close to him together with some damage. Especially dangerous if followed up by Fire Spin.
  • Rocket: He shoots a Rocket at you, dealing some power damage in an AoE when it lands. Sometimes, he will shoot multiple Rockets at once. Standing close him while this happens will most likely Down you instantly.
  • Laser Beam: He shoots a light blue laser beam at you, dealing up to 12 Vulnerability, but no damage. Will shoot a Rocket at you after the Laser is over.

Killing the golem unlocks .


Door Guard and Ambush

Follow the shining trail through the house until you encounter the Door Guard. The shining trail

After Logan talks to him, he gets vulnerable and has two attacks:

  • Slash: Hits you twice for moderate damage and causes Bleeding each hit.
  • Spin: Looks like Warrior's , but lasts longer. Also deals power damage and Bleeding each hit. He cannot move, but can turn during this attack.

Both attacks have an exceptionally high range (260 to be exact), so try to stay behind him to avoid damage.

The door guard

After the Door Guard is dead, the door to the dining hall opens, where several Seperatists are waiting to ambush you. They can be deadly if you walk in unprepared. Kill 18 Ambushers to complete the event. The door to the basement will open once they died.

Stack in the corner in the picture below to line-of-sight them and make them all run to you. The corner to stack in


Way to Seperatist Lieutenant

Go down to basement doors and to the right to encounter two mob groups of Elite Seperatists. The first group is optional, either kill them or Stealth by, but keep in mind they need to be pathed or they will follow you. The second group even contains a Champion Seperatist Fighter that pressures you with power damage and also Knockbacks you every few seconds. This can severely impede killing him.

After both mob groups are dead, interact with the lever next to the wooden box door to open it and traverse the tunnel behind it.

The second mob group and the secret lever

Eastern Tunnel

Seperatist Lieutenant

At the end of the tunnel, you encounter the Seperatist Lieutenant. He has 4 main attacks:

  • Ambush: He leans back, crouches and his his dagger glows. After a few seconds, he slashes in front of him, dealing moderate damage and Immobilize. If this attacks hits a target (which is likely since you are Immobilized), he will cast Flurry, hitting for 8 more times in a short period of time for moderate damage each time. Dodge or stand behind him to avoid Flurry from happening.
  • Slash: His auto attack, hitting for some power damage.
  • Cyclone Axe: Almost like Ambush, but he is not crouching. Hits for medium power damage. Dodge or stand behind him to avoid it.
  • Envenom: He raises his arms and a tiny green ball between them is visible. This will give him the Envenom effect, causing all of his attacks to inflict Poison for 15 seconds.

Bug: If you wipe on this boss and port back to , then wait too long until you return to him, he will turn friendly and won't turn hostile ever again, bugging the dungeon and forcing you to reset it.

Once you kill him, the door behind him will open, leading you to Sigfast.


Once you enter the next room, the Champion Seperatist Lieutenant and 2 Seperatist Elite enemies around Sigfast will become vulnerable. After some time, more enemies in the corridor to the west will walk up to you as well. Kill them all, then take a Water Bucket and use Throw Water on him to wake him up. This will open up the cave entrance in the north.

The group of enemies surrounding Sigfast

Reviving Sigfast will unlock .

Hidden Trail

Treehouse Event

Another group of Seperatist enemies waits right behind the door. They port through it if you walk too close to it before it opens up, so pay attention to that. Following the path, you spot 2 mob groups containing Seperatists and Hunting Hounds. Either kill them over Stealth by. The hounds can Fear you, which makes the groups not trivial to kill.

Approach the Treehouse to trigger another event. The objective is to kill 11 Seperatists. The first ones stand around the cage with Mia Kindleshot, and some Snipers on top of the treehouse will become vulnerable if you kill some of the first Seperatists. The enemies here can be very deadly, especially due to their CCs and damage, so Stability and reflects can come in very handy. The Snipers cannot move, so you can place AoEs under them to kill them from below.

One of the patroling mob groups in the front and the treehouse with the Seperatists in the back

Interact with the cage to free Mia Kindleshot after all enemies have been defeated.

Seperatist Captain DeLana

Head south down the Hidden Trail to find Seperatist Captain DeLana, holding Queen Jennah captive. Watch out, since the 2 mob groups from earlier might patrol there and you need to kill them or Stealth past them again.

Running over the rocks to the left might help to not aggro the mob groups.

After a small dialogue, Captain DeLana becomes vulnerable alongside 3 Elite Seperatist enemies. You need to kill all of them to finish the path.

Seperatist Captain DeLana is a stationary boss with no breakbar. She shares some of Warrior's Longbow attacks, hence she inflicts some Burning, Blind and Immobilize. Occasionally, she Knockbacks you using . Since almost all of her attacks are projectiles, it comes in handy that Queen Jennah has a permanent reflect bubble up, so standing under that will make the fight a piece of cake. Alternatively, you can bring some own reflects or just quickly cleave her down after focussing the other enemies first.

Seperatist Captain DeLana and her Seperatist allies holding Queen Jennah captive

If you don't have ranged attacks but bring some time, Captain DeLana will eventually even kill herself while you AFK under Jennah's bubble.

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