Citadel of Flame Path 2

Published Mar 20, 2023 Updated Dec 10, 2023

Citadel of Flame (often shortened to "CoF") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. In Citadel of Flame Path 2, you help Magg to stop a ritual that brings Gaheron back to life.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 61 Silver
  • 100 Tale of Dungeon Delving
  • Experience

Way and events of Citadel of Flame Path 2

Gallery of Rage and Devourian Stables

Beginning and Devourers

After talking to Explorer Mallon and selecting the path at Soldier Ista Fuseclaw, head south and approach Magg. Three Elite Godforged Hellstorms spawn that need to be killed. Watch out, since they apply frequent Burning and will also Pull you. Counter-CC is very effective here.

Head further south and find a room with two caves. Entering a cave will spawn Elite Devourers and Devourer Egg Nests. The first cave features 4 Devourers and 1 Nest, the second one around 20 Devourers and 6 Nests. The Nests keep respawning Devourers, so you want to prioritize them. While you technically only need to kill the Nests, the Devourers will follow you so it can be more relaxed to kill them too.

The two caves that spawn the Devourers upon entering

Up the slope is a room with 3 Elite Godforged Fanatics. They are rather easy to kill and upon death, you can interact with a chain that needs to be pulled. It opens a gate further up the slope.

The 3 Elite Godforged Fanatics in the Devourian Stables

Prison Warden

Inside the room waits the first boss, the Prison Warden. He regularily summons Devourers which get stronger the lower his HP is, he can kick you away, causing Knockback or deal some damage with his whip. Try to look for the animation of him kicking his foot and dodge it.

The Prison Warden that defeated Sear Sneakblade

Head down the slope again and head east in the Devourer room. A new gate has opened that leads to the next room.

Shrine of Sacrifice

Bomb Event

After a cutscene, talk to Magg to start the next event. You have 2 minutes to bring 11 Bombs that are scattered across the room back to Magg. Don't waste time killing any enemies, they aren't dangerous and just a waste of time. Here are some tips to complete the event faster:

  • Try to have Swiftness all of the time. While in combat, Superspeed helps even more.
  • Other people can walk up to the far bombs before one person starts the event at Magg.
  • All kinds of portals can be used. This includes , but also any class skills that can portal.
  • Mobility skills in general are very helpful.
  • Blink skills can only be used on certain ledges. If you struggle and need them, find out which ledges work before starting the event.

The point where Magg waits for you and some examples of how the bombs look like

There are Flame Legion Turrets that shoot you during this event, but if you keep moving all the time, they won't hit you. If the event fails, revive Magg to try again. After the event is done, drop down next to Magg and interact with the Oracyte Cluster.

Gaheron's Triumph

Lava Field Event

Head east until you reach a giant lava pool full of Fiery Jellies, Imps and Magma Elementals. The Jellies can Immobilize and the other enemies deal a lot of damage. You need to escort Magg to the other side.

The lava field with all of its enemies You can talk to Magg to receive Magg's Fire Extinguisher, which has a #1 skill, Fire Extinguisher Spray. It is used to eliminate the small rings of fire and the lava floor. These deal heavy damage and Burning if Magg or a player steps into them. While some players should use the extenguisher, the rest should focus on having Swiftness on Magg as well as regular condition cleanse.

The small rings of fire that pressure anyone stepping into them

There is a much easier way to complete this event. After every player has entered the lava field, one person can simply rush to the end of the field (Spamming Fire Extinguisher Spray, mobility skills and Stealth can help a lot here) and repeatedly jump down a small ledge until Magg ports to them. The rest of the team meanwhile ports to . The ledge you need to jump down from in order to teleport Magg to the end

Sometimes, Magg will be fighting enemies after porting instead of starting his dialogue, just wait for him to die and revive him afterwards.

After Magg's dialogue has ended, use the newly spawned , go over the bridge to the north and through the gate to progress.

Mausoleum of the Khan-Ur

Bombing the Gate

Head left when the road splits and you encounter 2 Elite Godforged Smokelords. These deal very high damage, but some attacks can be reflected. Using CC skills will help clearing them.

The 2 Elite Godforged Smokelords in front of the gate that Magg will blow up in the next event

Once the event is done, Talk to Magg to start a new event. You need to defend Magg for a couple minutes while he bombs the gate. During that time, hundreds of Flame Legion enemies will spawn and try to kill Magg. The enemies die rather quickly but can deal heavy damage, especially because of their high quantity.

If you go Downstate, look for an enemy that is almost dead and try to kill it to revive.

Simply kill everything you see until the event is done. There are some Elite Flame Legion enemies, but they walk rather slow. Focus on the normal ones first. Keep in mind that the Flame Legion Bladestorms have a Knockdown, so a Stun Break can come in handy, especially when lowmanning. Additionally, you have Assassins that spawn every 10% with Stealth and Stability and go straight for Magg. They deal much damage to him, so watch out for them. They can be Blinded.

Once the event is done, the gate to endboss opens.

Gaheron Baelfire

Inside the endboss room, you find Gaheron Baelfire which cannot be damaged, 4 Flame Acolytes and the Eternal Flame. You need to kill the Eternal Flame to complete the path, but it can only be damaged once all 4 Acolytes are dead at the same time. They respawn at their initial location after roughly 30 seconds. Gaheron Bealfire gives them the Fire Shield effect if he is near them, making them block all projectiles. The Eternal Flame also throws Fireball AoEs, dealing quite some damage. Gaheron Baelfire will Fear you when he ports to you.

The Eternal Flame and an Acolyte

Ignore Gaheron Baelfire and try to spread out and kill the Acolytes at the same time in order to maximize the time in which the Eternal Flame is vulnerable.

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