Crucible of Eternity Path 2

Published Mar 10, 2023 Updated May 10, 2023

Crucible of Eternity (often shortened to "CoE") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. In Crucible of Eternity Path 2, you will escape this Inquest research facility using the Experimental Teleporter.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 59 Silver
  • 100 Tales of Dungeon Delving
  • Experience

Way and events of Crucible of Eternity Path 2

Alchemic Spillway and Central Data Repository

Escorting Agent Spire

The goal is to Escort Spire through the corridor filled with enemies. The simplest strategy is to kill every enemy in the room, but this can be quite of challenge, especially because of the wolves at the end of the corridor. It is essential to Dodge as soon as you see them leaping towards you. The Icebrood Elementals also have a deadly attack that comes in the form icy V-shape in front of them. Make sure to never touch it. You also should not get hit by their Ice Meteor attack.

You can speed up Agent Spire using Swiftness or even Superspeed.

The corridor Agent Spire needs to be escorted through

After the escort is done, is unlocked. You will be able to select the path after a small dialogue.

Arcanic Reactor

Subject Alpha (First Encounter)

After path selection, a gate in the southeast will open. Up ahead is the Subject Alpha. He is surrounded by some Inquest enemies which will turn into Risen Thralls upon death. They will deal primarily deal Burning, Poison and some power damage. Alpha will resummon them at 75% HP somewhere in the room, so just try to cleave them passively with AoEs. He has 2 main attacks which he uses alternating:

  • Teeth of Jormag: Casts an AoE with an inner and an outer circle. When it detonates after 3 seconds, everyone standing in it takes high power damage.
  • Teeth of Primordus: Casts an AoE similar to . Deals extremely high damage and Burning, so it is essential to walk or Dodge out of it. If you stand within melee range, he will not cast the high damaging AoE and only inflicts the Burning, so try to stay melee at all times.

The first encounter of Subject Alpha in the Arcanic Reactor

Subject Alpha will disappear once you bring him to 50% HP. This will open a gate behind him.

The Aquarium and Essence Purification Zone

Golems and Laser Room

The next section can seem somewhat mazy, just look at the minimap to easily traverse it. At the end of it, you will find a room with 5 Elite Inquest Golems. Entering this room unlocks .

These Golems can be annoying if not dealt with correctly. The easiest way is walk behind a corner. This will make them follow you, so they are nice and stacked and ready to be cleaved down. Be aware though, as some golems can do a Daze or Knockdown. Some Stability might come in handy here.

The Golems don't have a breakbar, so you can use any CC skill to interrupt them. A Pull in the middle of the room also works. If you wipe to the Golems, you can instantly use and quickly attack them again before they start regenerating.

The golems and a convenient spot to stack them on (red circle)

Next, you need to interact with 5 Security Consoles roughly at the same time. 2 of them are in the laser room, the other 3 are located in another room behind behind the laser gate. Touching any of those lasers will kill you. There are horizontal lasers, which you need to avoid by jumping over them, in addition to 2 laser walls moving through the field. Whenever these laser walls reach the end of the corridor, the outer one will disappear for a moment, which allows you to sneak between the two walls and hop past the horizontal lasers to the other side of the door, where the the outer one will once again disappear, giving you access to the next room.

You can hug a wall to bypass the moving laser walls killing you while going through the laser corridor.

You can use Blink skills to facilitate getting past the laser corridor. Just make sure to not blink into any lasers.

The laser corridor

Once every player is next to a Security Console, make a countdown and interact with all of them at the same time to progress.

Behind the laser corridor, there are 2 Security Consoles in close proximity to each other. You can interact with both of them by standing directly inbetween them before interacting. This allows you to finish this event with 4 people instead of 5.

The lasers will disappear after the interact was successful. Go up the stairs in the room behind the laser corridor to encounter Mark T-B34RC3.

Magimechanic Upgrade Depot

Mark T-B34RC3

The Golem is surrounded by 4 turrets that regularily give him Regeneration, Protection, Resolution (the respective Turret is still called Retaliation Turret, the name did not get updated) and Condition Cleanse. The Turrets can be destroyed to prevent the boss from getting the passive effect until the Turret regenerates after 15 seconds. Mark T-B34RC3 has 4 attacks:

  • Cage Barrage: He hits his target with both arms for low power damage and throws a projectile that leaves a static field on the ground that resembles the Elementalist's . Crossing the edge of this AoE will Stun you for 2 seconds. Either stay outside or inside of the AoE. The projectile can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Firewall Grenade: Hits with his right arm for low power damage and throws a projectile that creates a fire AoE behind his target that resembles Engineer's . Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Ultra Beam: Glows purple and throws 3 projectiles, each hitting for medium power damage and dealing 2 seconds of Knockdown. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Whirling Assault: He stretches his arms out and spins them while walking towards his target and hitting multiple times. Hits for low damage and does Knockback each hit.

Reflecting Ultra Beam will cause the Golem to break his Breakbar himself completely. If you are struggling, reflecting is a good idea in general since most of his attacks are projectile-based.

Mark T-B34RC3 in the Magimechanic Upgrade Depot

After killing the Golem, a door in the north will open.

Golemetric Diagnostics

Cannon Event

Go through that door to start the Cannon Event. Your goal is to protect a cannon that needs to be charged up to destroy a wall. There constantly are small bomb golems that walk towards the cannon and try to blow it up. You need to kill them all, but they have very low HP. Additionally, there are Elite Golems spawning that can pressure you quite hard. These will also respawn after they have been killed.

It is possible to delay killing the Elite Golems to prevent a second wave from spawning.

The cannon that needs to be protected and a golem trying to blow it up

After the timer in the top right corner is over. The wall will be destroyed and you can move on.

Subject Preparation

Up ahead are some Undead Enemies on the stairs slowly walking to you. You can either go left directly after the door and wait for them to walk by or use Stealth. The rest of the stairs is also filled with enemies, but they don't deal much damage and you can just walk past them and into the Subject Alpha room. Some enemies will follow you and may need to quickly be killed.

Subject Alpha (Second Encounter)

The Fight is similar to the first Alpha Encounter, but he gains some additional attacks:

  • He regularily summons Undead Tendrils that hit you for medium power damage with a projectile.
  • He occasionally traps players in a crystal, Stunning them. It lasts 30 seconds but ends after 15 seconds. The Stun can be broken if another player destroys the crystal. This is indicated by him jumping in the air. The attack is undodgable. If you are trapped, you can also use a Blink skill to escape.

Subject Alpha at Subject Preparation

He disappears at 25% HP, opening the door behind him.

Experimental Lab Green

Up ahead is a corridor with some Volatile Blossoms which will rapidly inflict Poison if you step to close alongside some enemies. Either kill them or use Stealth to run by.

Evolved Husk

Around the corner you encounter the Evolved Husk. The area is filled with more Volatile Blossoms and some Razorthorn Patches. These will regularily respawn and inflict Bleeding. The Evolved Husk is a stationary boss and has 3 attacks:

  • Backhand: Slaps you with his hand, can hit for very high damage in melee range. The animation is very hard to see.
  • Poison Punch: Casts an AoE under him that looks like the Elementalist's . It explodes after 3 seconds, dealing high damage and 2 stacks of Poison.
  • Brambles: He casts branches all over the tile he stands on, dealing Bleeding and some power damage each tick. During this attack, you cannot hit him with projectile attacks, since he will destroy these and even counter them with Poisonous Darts that deal Poison and Vulnerability. These Darts however can be reflected or destroyed.

Additionally, there are Unstable Bomb Golems regularily spawning in every room corner. These will chase you if you get close to them and explode once they reach you. The attack deals high power damage, but if the explosion hits the Husk, it removes 5% of his health every time. You can use the Subversion Rifles that lay around in the room to control the Bomb Golems. The #1 skill, Subvert, can be used to make run Golems towards the Evolved Husk, and with the #2 skill, Rifle Butt, you can push Golems into the Husk. They will explode after using Rifle Butt.

Since the boss is stationary, any CC skills that displace the target will ignore the Breakbar. This can be used to your advantage to disable the enemy even when the Breakbar is not active. The Guardian's is especially useful for this.

If you are confident with breaking the Breakbar and using some displacement CC skills, you can just burst him in the middle of the room and ignore the Bomb Golems.

The Evolved Husk in the Experimental Lab Green

After killing the Evolved Husk, a door in the west will open, leading you to the final boss, Subject Alpha.

Subject Alpha (Third Encounter)

Subject Alpha gains one additional in the last encounter. Every 10%, he spawns some Alpha's Essences. These will run towards Alpha and once they reach them, Alpha will regenerate some health. The Essences do not have much health, so they can be passively cleaved down with AoEs.

You can Poison Subject Alpha to lower the healing amount per Essence.

Subject Alpha in den Experimental Lab Green

After Alpha dies, you might need to kill some final Essences before the path will complete.

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