Crucible of Eternity Story

Published Mar 20, 2023 Updated Jul 29, 2023

Crucible of Eternity (often shortened to "CoE") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. The Crucible of Eternity Story needs to be completed once in order to be able to open the Exploration Mode for this dungeon on a character. Your objective is to stop Kudu's experiments that involve creating his own draconic servants by using the power of dragon minions.

This dungeon is filled with enemies that have a lot of Stuns and Dazes, so bring Stability if you notice that you struggle because of that.

Way and events of Crucible of Eternity Story

Crucible Access Platform and Security Checkpoint


Head down the stairs and talk to Zojja to begin the path and open the door at the other end of the bridge. Behind is a group of Elite Inquest enemies, who can inflict quite some conditions as well as a power spike with their projectiles. Additionally, they Daze you frequently. A Proximity Alarm Device stands in the middle of the room. It has very low HP and opens the right door upon being killed.

The enemies do not need to be killed, you can just continue your path and they will eventually let go of you.

The Proximity Alarm Device with enemies on the side

Head through the right door and right again afterwards. Follow the path until you enter the room with the Head Scientist and his Golems.

Indipendent Research Reactor

Head Scientist

The Head Scientist fights you with his golems by his side. These can deal very high power damage and also Knockbacks and Stuns. The Head Scientist only has one attack, Lightning Whip, hitting you twice with his whip for respectable power damage. He occasionally gains Magnetic Aura, reflecting all projectiles while the buff is active. The combined damage is very high in the beginning, so make sure to kill the golems as quickly as possible to drastically reduce the pressure.

The Head Scientist together with his golems

Subject Preparation Vaults

Continue through the room and to the right to find 3 Elite Subversion Specialists torturing a Captive Charr with their Subversion Rifles. Kill them as fast as possible, because after they killed the Captive, they will focus their attacks on you, effectively Perma-Stunning you to death.

The only way to get out of this stunlock is to use a skill that gives you multiple stacks of Stability.

The Elite Subversion Specialists torturting the Captive Charr

Killing the enemies unlocks .

Head south into the next room and talk to the Storage Room Clerk to open the door in front of you. There are 6 consoles with Dragon minions behind them. The middle console on the left side will become vulnerable first, the other 5 follow shortly after. If you kill the consoles fast enough, the Dragon minion behind it will not spawn. Otherwise, you need to kill the minion. Them alone are not dangerous, but avoid having all 6 attack you at once.

Golemetric Diagnostics

Head through the door that just opened and down the stairs. Behind the door are 4 waves of Inquest enemies waiting for you. A new wave spawns whenever you kill the current one. Watch out for the Elite Inquest Magnetizer in Wave 1, he will frequently Pull you. Every other wave is kind of straight forward, they mostly include Gunners or Golems that you already have encountered. Make sure to Dodge the bright blue orbs from the Elite Inquest Mega Blasters in Wave 3.

Having Pulls on your own can really help to deal with the waves.

The first of the 4 waves

Magimechanic Upgrade Depot and Ambulatory Preparation Facility

Go through the door that opened and you will see a group of 2 Elite Inquest Insurgent and a Golemaestro. Focus the Insurgents since the Golemaestro only summons low HP golems occasionally.

Zojja Hacking Event

Your goal is to protect Zojja while she is hacking a console. Regularily, enemies spawn trying to stop Zojja. Killing them can be quite hard, but it is also possible to kite them around while Zojja finishes her hacking process. If you decide to kite, make sure to passively kill the normal Golems while only kiting the Elite ones. Walking around the middle pillar is an easy way to perform this strat.

Zojja while she is hacking the terminals and the Golems trying to interrupt her

Essence Purification Zone

After the Hacking Event is done, head through the door in the southwest that opened and down the stairs. You encounter some Elite Inquest enemies in front of consoles. They do not need to be killed, but will follow you around for some time, so it is advised to just quickly kill them. Pay attention to the Magnetizer and his Pulls. Walking through the corridor into the next room unlocks .

You can just ignore the enemies and run through the corridor to unlock the waypoint. If you wipe on those enemies, you can simply respawn there. Alternatively, use Stealth to sneak by.

Arcanic Reactor and Central Data Repository

Mr. Sparkles Escort

Talk to Zojja in the corner of the room to begin the event. You need to stay in close proximity to Mr. Sparkles or you will die due to Radiation sickness as a result of exposure affecting you. There are Resonance Cascade Fields running around the corridor. Touching them will Stun you for a second. If they touch Mr. Sparkles, they remove about a quarter of his HP. Once Mr. Sparkles gets too low, he stops to regenerate before he advances again. If any Resonance Cascade Fields touch him during this process, they will interrupt him. Regularily, Mr. Sparkles will create some checkpoints where you will not be hit by Radiation sickness as a result of exposure.

You can give Mr. Sparkles Swiftness or even Superspeed to speed up the event.

You can pick up a Resonating Defrequencyizenator, they are lying around pretty much everywhere. This gives you access to Resonance Rifle Shot, which allows you to kill all Resonance Cascade Fields in a cone in front of you.

Mr. Sparkles cannot be killed. So even if you decide to AFK, the event will eventually be completed by itself.

Completing the event unlocks after a small cutscene.

Mr. Sparkles and some Resonance Cascade Fields in the background

Alchemic Spillway

Walk through the door that opened and down the corridor. At the end, you find Kudu together with his Power Suit which you will have to kill first.

Kudu's Power Suit

Kudu's Power Suit can be a deadly boss if you don't know how to fight him. He has Shocking Aura, making him cast Bolts that Stun occasionally upon hitting him. Furthermore, he has 2 attacks:

  • Mega Punch: He raises his left arm and attacks target within melee range, Stunning on the first hit. This deals insane amounts of damage. Dodge away or walk through his hitbox as soon as you see him raising his arm. It will most likely Down you if you don't avoid it.
  • Static Spin: Spins in place, releasing projectiles that Daze or Stun upon hit. The projectiles that don't hit an entity will create an AoE where they land which will Stun you when you enter or leave it and cannot be Dodged and is Unblockable, so stay in it if it spawns on you. This attack can be reflected and will instantly break his Breakbar if done so.

Kudu's Power Suit and Kudu's Monster, a boss that you will fight later on, in the background

At the point where he dies, Kudu will spawn.


Kudu has 2 attacks:

  • Teleport: Goes insivible and teleports away from players, dealing a medium amount of power damage and Stuns. It is Unblockable.
  • Mega Blast: Charges up his weapon and fires an Unblockable bolt towards his target that deals insane damage. You can see his weapon glowing when he initiates the attack. Dodge when he is about to shoot because the attack will most likely Down you if you don't.

Killing Kudu makes Kudu's Monster vulnerable.

Kudu's Monster

Kudu's Monster is middle of the final room. He only has 2 attacks, but what they do changes on the attunement he currently has. There are 4 attunements (Kralkatorrik, Primordus, Jormag and Zhaitan) and he frequently changes them, visible by particles around him. His 2 attacks are:

  • Shout: Only hits melee players and can trap you in a Crystal prison, effectively Stunning you for 30 seconds until someone destroys the Crystal, summon Risen Grubs or Undead Tendrils and inflicts various conditions depending on the attunement. It is Unblockable and cannot be Dodged.
  • Stomp: Stomps the ground and deals higher power damage, spawning multiple AoEs, various conditions and Launch or Knockdown depending on the attunement.

Almost all of his attacks can be nullified by just staying ranged and he rarely moves, so do that if you struggle to kill him in melee. Keep in mind that the Risen Grubs can Pull you to him.

Use the Risen Grubs and Undead Tendrils to rally if you are in Downstate.

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