Honor of the Waves Path 2

Published Jan 5, 2023 Updated Apr 5, 2023

Honor of the Waves (often shortened to "HotW") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. In Honor of the Waves Path 2, you will eliminate Wollam the Plunderer, who is attempting to erase Kodan history and culture.

While completing this dungeon you can use as well as to maximize your damage output.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 61 Silver
  • 100 Tales of Dungeon Delving
  • Experience

Way and events on the upper level of Honor of the Waves Path 2

Way and events on the mid level of Honor of the Waves Path 2

Way and events on the bottom level of Honor of the Waves Path 2

Court of Measures

Start and Torn Fur

After selecting the path, a door up the stairs to the left will open. Around the corner are 3 Elite Icebrood Claymores that will follow you throughout the whole dungeon. Kill or use Stealth to path them.

Torn Fur waits in the middle of the room alongside a lot of Icebrood enemies. He has 4 attacks:

  • Flurry: Resembles Warrior's . He won't move during this attack. Sidestep this attack or gain distance.
  • Leap.: Leaps towards you, dealing damage up to two times for medium damage.
  • Frost Aura: Rises up his greatsword to create a big AoE around him, dealing Knockback anyone standing inside of it and anyone trying to enter it while it lasts. Dodge out as you see the animation or use Stability.
  • Throw Greatsword: Throws his greatsword at you dealing Knockdown.

While you fight the boss, the Icebrood enemies around will attack you, they can also deal Knockdown so try to cleave them passively or even actively.

The Torn Fur and his Icebrood friends

Sanctuary Prow

Legendary Balgren Greedbreaker

After killing Torn Fur, a gate in the west will open, giving you access to the two planks of the ship. Each plank has one Legendary Icebrood Boss walking up and down, the closer one being Jaddeor Icefist and the further one being Balgren Creedbreaker. Since Jaddeor Icefist is completely optional and not required for path completion, you can just walk ahead and focus on killing Balgren Creedbreaker.

Balgren has a few high-damaging attacks.

  • Maul: Swings his left arm, deals a melee hit and releases a projectile. Deals high power damage, 2 stacks of Bleeding and Vulnerability.
  • Roar: Raises both arms and stands on his feet, inflicts Fear and gains Protection and Might. This attack is undodgable. He sometimes chains his Fears.
  • Jab: An ice explosion close to him, almost impossible to see and deals high damage if you're within melee range.

He will regularily summon Ice Elementals that increase the pressure you get during this fight. Try to cleave them passively or actively.

After Balgren is dead, is unlocked. Walk up the stairs and the door will open, revealing 4 Elite Icebrood Kodans that need to be killed or pathed with Stealth.

You can pull Balgren to the top of the stairs and fight him there. If one party member walks against the closed door, the Icebrood Kodans will teleport through and you can passively cleave them while fighting Balgren if you can handle the extra pressure.

Legendary Balgren Greedbreaker and some spawned Ice Elementals

Sanctum of Justice

Andal the Thug

Head down the hallway, into the water and to the left to encounter Andal the Thug. He has two Champion Dogs, Oolon and Poroo guarding him. These add a lot of pressure with their power damage, Knockdown and regular Chilled application. Andal permanently gains Might when his dogs die, making him deal more damage. Andal has 2 attacks:

  • Cone of Cold: Casts a frost cone in front of him, dealing heavy power damage. He follows you with that attack, so gaining distance is the best if you can't tank the attack.
  • Meteor Shower: Casts 13-15 AoEs that have a frost spike in the air and deal heavy damage when they land. Keep moving constantly to avoid the attack.

Andal the Thug with his two dogs, Oolon and Poroo

You can hit the dogs with a ranged attack and instantly run back to the water in order to seperate them and kill them before fighting Andal.

Domain of the Resplendent Fist

Way to Wollam the Plunderer

After killing Andal, a hole in the ground will open, allowing you to swim to the endboss. The path up to there is filled with different enemies, such as Elite Corrupted Fish or several Elite Icebrood enemies. You don't need to kill these enemies, but you can consider it if you keep dying to them while trying to reach the end.

You can Stealth before jumping in the hole in order to easily swim past all the enemies. Alternatively, you can hug the bottom of the underwater cave and swim under the wooden pathway to avoid triggering most of the enemies.

After swimming around a corner, there will be a Frozen Passage behind some more enemies that needs one hit to be destroyed. It will lead to the endboss room.

After destroying the Frozen Passage and entering the end boss room, you can swim to the far right corner of the room. This will not trigger the endboss cutscene, but will make any enemies that you've triggered so far lose target on you.

Wollam the Plunderer

After a cutscene, Wollam the Plunderer waits for you in the final room. He has 3 attacks:

  • Stab -> Thrust -> Chop: His auto attack chain, dealing more damage for each part of the chain. Try to dodge away to reset the chain. Chop also applies Bleeding.
  • Fan of Mines: Releases 5 Mines into the water, hitting for medium power damage if you touch them.
  • Dart: By far his most dangerous attack. He dodges, rushes towards a player and hits for high power damage multiple times, effectively killing you if you don't avoid it. Dodge through him or away if he initializes it.

Wollam the Plunderer in the Domain of the Resplendent Fist

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