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Honor of the Waves Path 3

Published Jan 5, 2023 Updated Apr 25, 2023

Honor of the Waves (often shortened to "HotW") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. In Honor of the Waves Path 3, you will eliminate Sorge the Zealot, who is sacrificing Kodans to please his master.

While completing this dungeon you can use as well as to maximize your damage output.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 61 Silver
  • 100 Tales of Dungeon Delving
  • Experience

Way and events on the upper level of Honor of the Waves Path 3

Way and events on the mid level of Honor of the Waves Path 3

Way and events on the bottom level of Honor of the Waves Path 3

Pavilions of Meditation and Gallery of Peace

Start and Way to Svanigandr

After selecting the path, the western gate will open. You will face 4 Elite Icebrood enemies, they either need to be killed or you need to use Stealth to path them. Kill the 2 Corrupted Ice Turrets which will only be vulnerable to power damage to advance, cleave the 2 Elite Icebrood Seers guarding them passively. Expect to get Chilled a lot here.

Lying ahead is an Ice Dragon Totem together with several Elite Icebrood enemies, but all this is not required for path completion and can be skipped. Kill them if their pressure is too high.

Take the stairs to the left. A group of Icebrood Wolves is patroling on and next to the bridge. They are very deadly so you should try your best avoiding them.

You can take a shortcut over the roofs and the snow mountain to avoid the patroling Wolves. The shortcut to sneak by the Wolves (green) and the long route (red)

On the end of the bridge, a Champion Icebrood Goliath will wait for you along with 2 Elite Icebrood Hunters and an Ice Dragon Totem. Focus the Hunters first. The Totem will occasionally deal Knockdown via icy projectiles, but doesn't have much health. Killing the Goliath will open the door to Svánigandr. He has 3 attacks:

  • Smash: His basic auto attack chain. Hits hard on the final part of the chain.
  • Lunge: Jumps forward and smashes into the ground, dealing semi-high damage and Knockdown. Dodge as soon as you see him in the air.
  • Frozen Ground: Casts an AoE under him that damages and applies Chilled.

Fight the Goliath close to the door to prevent the Wolves from coming to you while you fight him.

Hall of Balance

Legendary Svánigandr

Go down into the Hall of Balance to encounter the Svánigandr. He is a very dangerous boss so pay close attention to his 4 attacks:

  • Swipe -> Brutal Swipe: His auto attack, hits for high damage. Only happens when fighting him melee.
  • Leap: Leaps towards a player and does very high damage in a small AoE and Bleeding. Dodge as soon as you see him in the air.
  • Bite: Summons many small AoEs hitting for medium damage each. Can be sidestepped.
  • Howl: Inflicts Immobilized to all players in the room. Additionally, he will stun you in a unique way on which Stability is useless against. You need either a Stun Break or to type any emote in chat to break it.

You can pretype any emote in chat so you can just press Enter twice in case you get stunned.

Don't kill the bombs in the rooms because they will hit you with an explosion if you do. Killing Svánigandr opens the door behind and unlocks .

Svánigandr in the Hall of Balance

Stations of Contemplation

Way to Fimbul

After the door, there is a spiral staircase to the right alongside some enemies. Either kill them, Stealth by or run quickly until you reach a big room. This room is full of more Icebrood enemies together with some Ice Traps. As soon as you enter, all enemies will run towards you, either stay still with a long Stealth to path them or quickly kill. The traps will apply Chilled and Crippled if you walk over them.

The room with the traps and the Icebrood enemies

Behind the door is another Ice Dragon Totem Event, this one actually has to be destroyed in order to spawn the next boss. Try to cleave the enemies around it as well to reduce the pressure in the next fight.

The Sternquarters


After killing the totem, Fimbul will be spawn between the 2 Elite Icebrood Kodan. You can cleave them passively at the start of the fight or focus to reduce pressure. Fimbul has 3 attacks:

  • Smash: He swings his hammer and creates 3 AoEs in front of him, dealing medium power damage and Knockback. Even though there is no projectile visible, this attack can be reflected or destroyed with a projectile destruction.
  • Freezing Gust: He leaps to you with his hammer above his head, dealing high power damage and 2 stacks of Bleeding.
  • Ice Leap: Swings his hammer and deals Knockback if you're within melee range. Afterwards, he freezes himself in an Ice Shard, turning Invulnerable and healing himself up with Regeneration. Cancel this attack by destroying the Ice Shard.

If you manage to reflect Smash, he will Knockback himself, breaking his Breakbar completely on his own.

You can use the Ice Shard phase to revive teammates that are Downstate and regroup since it lasts 30 seconds if the Ice Shard is not broken.

Fimbul in the Sternquarters

Sanctum of Justice

Way to Sorge the Zealot

After killing Fimbul, a door in the west will open. Behind that, 5 Elite Icebrood enemies are waiting around a corner. They can deal a lot of damage if you walk in unprepared and should not be underestimated. Defeat them and go through the door to the right that opened. Walking down the stairs will lead you underwater which some underwater enemies waiting for you. Turn left and either swim very fast, use Stealth to pass by or kill them to progress to Sorge The Zealot.

Sanctuary Galley

Sorge The Zealot

Sorge has 2 main attacks:

  • Crimson Tide: Deals semi-high power damage and 3 stacks of Bleeding. Try to Dodge when you see his arm move while he faces you.
  • Rock Anchor: Makes you Sink. It will be almost impossible to his animation, so just be prepared for it.

Additionally, he will summon underwater enemies to help him. The Elite Giant Arctic Jellyfish deal extremely high damage and can almost one shot you with their detonate attack. He will additionally summon small Barracudas, but they are no threat.

You can kill the Barracudas to rally if you are Downstate.

Sorge the Zealot in the Sactuary Galley

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