Honor of the Waves Story

Published Jan 12, 2023 Updated Apr 5, 2023

Honor of the Waves (often shortened to "HotW") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. The Honor of the Waves Story needs to be completed once in order to be able to open the Exploration Mode for this dungeon on a character. Your objective is to assist Eir and Caithe to stop the attack on the Kodan sanctuary ship by Jormag's minions.

While completing this dungeon you can use as well as to maximize your damage output.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 50 Silver
  • Experience
  • Karma

Way and events on the upper level of Honor of the Waves Story

Way and events on the mid level of Honor of the Waves Story

Pavilions of Meditation

Start and Ice Spike

Talk to Honor's Claw to trigger a cutscene and begin the path. The door will open if you approach it and reveals some enemies that you can either Stealth by or kill. Entering the Pavilion will spawn an Ice Spike that is immune to Critical Damage and needs to be killed. The Spike regularily shoots out projectiles that deal Knockdown and spawns Elite Icebrood Elementals. These can hit quite hard, especially with their Freeze Row attack, an icy trial in front of them that deals extreme damage if you stand on it. The Elementals respawn as long as the Spike is alive so you should focus on killing the spike.

The Ice Spike in the Chamber of Honor's Voice

Halls of Everlasting Thought

Way to Kulag the Fallen

Approaching the door in the north will open it and reaveal an Elite Icebrood Troll and a Champion Icebrood Seer. It is easiest to Stealth by as they can be tricky to kill. Go up the stairs behind the Corrupted Ice Turret, across the bridge and through the door between the two braziers that is guarded by 3 Elite Icebrood enemies. Additionally, a pack of Icebrood Wolves is patroling around this area which you will likely encounter.

You can Stealth by every single enemy in this sections to speed up the dungeon, although you need quite some Stealth acces for this.

If you decide to kill the enemies, AoE CC skills can massively help clearing them faster.

Follow the path into the Chamber of Honor's Voice to encounter Kulag the Fallen.

Chamber of Honor's Voice

Kulag the Fallen

After a small cutscene, you fight Kulag. He is a stationary boss and has 4 attacks:

  • Ice Storm: A big AoE that does Knockback after a second and spawns a Corrupted Ice Crystal if you get hit by it. The Crystal will regularily apply Chilled if you are close to it. The Crystals don't have much HP and can be easily killed. This attack only hits when he has line of sight, so you can use the terrian to nullify the attack or simply Dodge.
  • Ice Shards: He crouches, does Knockback and hits you with multiple projectiles right after, dealing respectable damage. Only happens when you're on the slopes or closer. Can be reflected or destroyed. Reflecting this attack will cause him to Knockback himself in place, no matter the status of his Breakbar.
  • Ice Repel: He raises his hand, does a Launch and a powerful hit to anyone close to him. Only happens when within melee range.
  • Hoarfrost: He covers the whole room except an area within his melee range with AoEs that inflict Cripple, Chilled and damage multiple times a second.

Since Kulag is a stationary boss, you can use Guardian's to Knockdown him for some time no matter the status of his Breakbar.

You can simply stay in the corridor before the room and range him down from maximum range for an easy kill. His Ice Storm won't even hit you there so the pressure apart from Hoarfrost is nonexistent.

Kulag the Fallen on his elevated platform

Gallery of Peace

Champion Icebrood Goliath

After killing Kulag the Fallen, walk back the corridor and traverse the wooden bridge ahead. Again, Icebrood Wolves and Goliath are patroling here, kill them, Stealth by or wait until they walk away to reach the Champion Icebrood Goliath and two Sons of Svanir that need to be killed. He has 2 attacks:

  • Smash: His basic auto attack, hitting for some power damage. Can simply be tanked.
  • Lunge: Jumps forward and smashes into the ground, dealing semi-high damage and Knockdown. Dodge as soon as you see him in the air.

The Icebrood Goliath with his Sons of Svanir

Upon killing them, the door behind them will open, exposing you to Hirvela the Lost.

Hall of Balance

Hirvela the Lost

Hirvela waits for you in the middle of the room and has various attacks:

  • Boomerang Axe: Hits a target and bounces back to him, hitting everything on that route with medium power damage and inflicting Chilled. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Throw Axe: A ranged projectile hitting for medium power damage. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Whirling Defense: Resembles Ranger's . Deals high power damage if you stay melee and reflects all projectiles.
  • Lunge: Puts his arm behind his head, charges up and hits you for medium power damage. Get behind him to evade.

After 50% HP, Hirvela will transform into an Ice Hound and gains 3 new attacks:

  • Charge: His most dangerous attack. Pounds his chests and charges across the room, dealing Knockback and high power damage each hit. Getting hit once will cause you to get stuck in a CC chain and dying. Dodge through him or get behind him to evade.
  • Jab: Punches everyone in front of him for some power damage.
  • Lunge: Hits everyone in front of him with his head for some power damage.

This boss is extremely bugged and tends to get interrupted by every single normal attack, not only CC skills. If you just keep attacking him with anything, he will barely cast anything and probably not even transform into his Ice Hound form at all.

If you wipe below 50%, Hirvela will stay in his Ice Hound form, despite having 100% health again.

Hirvela the Lost in the Hall of Balance

Stations of Contemplation

Destroy the Wall of Ice

After going through the door that opened, you will see enemies next to a spiral staircase going down. You can Stealth by, but killing them will unlock . You can also just run past them as they will loose aggro on the way. Go down the stairs and through the icy corridor. The ice spikes in the next room won't do damage, but will inflictCripple and Chilled. Go to the end of the room to trigger the next event.

Your objective is to melt the Wall of Ice. You do so by interacting with the braziers to slowly melt it down. During that event, 4 Elite Icebrood Elementals will constantly spawn and try to unlit the braziers. As soon as they see a player, they will stop with that and focus on attacking the player instead. Make sure to not Stealth up or the Elementals will keep unlighting the brazier, but kite them around the room until the event is done. It is kind of useless to kill them since they respawn upon killing, so only kill them after the event is over.

After continuing, 5 Icebrood enemies will instantly rush at you. You can path them using Stealth or kill them.

The Sternquarters

Lani Winterfist

Lani will run away if you encounter her first. She will spawn 6 Ice Turrets in the corridor she runs along before turning vulnerable. Upon getting in fight with Lani, she will summon 3 Icebrood Berserkers that she will resummon throughout the whole fight. Try to cleave them passively to reduce the pressure. Either kill the Turrets and fight Lani in her initial room or hit Lani or a Berserker with a ranged attack and lure them away from the Turret corridor to fight him. Lani Winterfist only has 2 attacks:

  • Meteor Shower: He summons many AoEs with an ice crystal floating above them. When the crystal lands on the ground, each AoE deals high power damage and Knockdown. This attack can be very deadly, especially if you get hit by multiple AoEs, so Dodge or run out of every single one.
  • Cone of Cold: He sprays an Ice Cone in front of him, hitting in a high frequency for a respectable amount of damage. Can quickly drain your HP if you keep tanking it. The cone will follow you even if the visual doesn't, so stepping out of it won't work.

You can use the Icebrood Berserkers to quickly rally if you are Downstate since they don't have a lot of HP.

Lani Winterfist in front of the 6 Ice Turrets

Sanctum of Justice

Head east through the door that opened and defeat the 3 Elite Icebrood Claymore blocking the way. They don't heal too much damage so killing them should be fairly easy.

Kodan's Voice

In the next room, Kodan's Voice will wait for you after a short cutscene. This boss has 3 attacks:

  • Dragon's Claw: Shoots 3 icy projectiles in a cone at you, each hitting for low damage. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Ice Leap: Traps a random player in an Ice Shard, dealing high damage and Stunning for 5 seconds. You can end the Stun of another player early by destroying his Ice Shard. Has no visible animation.
  • Lightning Whip: Lashes you twice with a Lightning Whip, dealing mediocre damage. Only happens when within melee range.

You can just fight him ranged from the opposite side of the room. This way you only really have to care about Ice Leap, making this fight really easy.

Kodan's Voice in the Sanctum of Justice

Go east through the door that opened to face Kodan's Bane.

Kedge Hold

Kodan's Bane, Huntsman of Jormag

Kodan's Bane is a really hard boss with a lot of deadly attacks. The damage output of this boss is extremely high. He is a Ranger and has Bane's Teeth as his pet. He regularily gives himself Fury, 3 Might and Swiftness to increase his damage. Additionally, he has the 5 following attacks:

  • Hunter's Call: Resembles . Hits 16 times for low damage each time.
  • Hornet Sting -> Monarch's Leap: Resembles and . Hits for high damage and Evades back. If Hornet Sting hits, Monarch's Leap will be performed. He will leap towards you, dealing high damage. The animation of Hornet Sting is very short and hard to see.
  • Serpent's Strike: Resembles . Evades around his target and hits for high damage afterwards, also inflicting Vulnerability and Poison. Dodge as soon as you see him Evading around you.
  • Pounce: Resembles . His least dangerous attack. Jumps into the air and hits for medium damage, giving Bane's Teeth Might for every hit.

Bane's Teeth, his pet, has the 4 following attacks:

  • Tail Swipe: Swipes his tail, hitting everything in front of him for high damage and deals Knockback. Dodge or get behind him when you see the animation.
  • Bite: Shakes his head and deals high damage to everyone in front of him. The animation is not easy to see, but try to avoid it by standing behind him.
  • Eaten: Shakes his head and body, his head will glow before eating a player. The player will be Dazed 7 times for one second each and damaged for a tiny amount. After that, you will get teleported to Bane's Teeth and receive Knockback. Dodge or block as soon as you see the charge-up.
  • Regurgitate: Spits in front of him, creating a long-lasting AoE after a second that deals medium damage and inflicts Poison each hit. Simply walk away as soon as you see the green spit.

You can attack Bane's Teeth and then move to where you fought Kodan's Voice to fight them seperated and have an easier time.

Kodan's Bane and his pet, Bane's Teeth

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