Sorrow's Embrace Path 2

Published Jul 31, 2023 Updated Dec 10, 2023

Sorrow's Embrace (often shortened to "SE") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. In Sorrow's Embrace Path 2, you help Rasolov free the Dredge workers from the growing tyranny of their leaders.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 60 Silver
  • 100 Tale of Dungeon Delving
  • Experience

Way and events of Sorrow's Embrace Path 2

Sorrow's Gate and Mechanisms of Production

Beginning and Way to General Volkov

After path selection, the bridge in the south is opened and on the other side are 4 Elite Dredge Reverberant in front of Dredge Blockages. You can either kill all the Reverberants or just quickly destroy the left Blockages and quickly move on to the left.

The bridge with the Elite Dredge Reverberants and the Dredge Blockages in the back

Up the slope are 3 Elite Dredge Bombers, these either need to be killed or pathed with Stealth because they will follow you around. Go straight and up the stairs. Up ahead are 4 Elite Dredge enemies. Either kill them or make sure that every party member is in Stealth and interact with the chain to the left.

The chain you want to pull and enemies guarding the door

Citizen's Co-operative

Foreman Kreutzerova

Go through the gate and meet Foreman Kreutzerova. He has 3 main attacks:

  • Mace Smash: His auto attack. Deals high power damage.
  • Shield Bash: Smashes his shield into you. Deals high power damage and a Knockback.
  • Shock Wave: Casts a shockwave on his target. Deals high power damage and a Knockdown. Can be sidestepped if you are far enough away.

Occasionally, he will put up his shield and regenerate health. Either CC him to interrupt or Poison him to reduce his healing.

Foreman Kreutzerova in the Citizen's Co-operative

If you struggle to fight him, you can just jump on top of the kegs next to his spawnpoint. This will make all of his attacks miss and the fight unfailable. The spot you can jump on to cheese the fight

Make sure that the path NPC Rasolov is alive when Kreutzerova dies or the path can bug out.

Four Foremen

Down the hall are 4 niches with a Champion Foreman hiding in each of them. Look at the minimap to see their exact location. Every Foreman is guarded by some Elite enemies. Focus these first to reduce pressure and to make sure the path does not bug out.

Killing all Foremen without killing the Elite enemies can cause the path to bug out.

Using an AoE CC on every Foreman can make it easier to kill the Elite enemies, since their burst can easily kill you if you don't pay attention.

Here are some details about every Foreman:

  • Foreman Zeleoniy: The Elite Bomber does a lot of damage with Burning and Bleeding while the Oscillator does a Knockdown and some power damage. Zeleoniy auto attacks with some power damage and Bleeding and occasionally uses tunnels into the ground to perform a Knockdown and some power damage to ranged players only.
  • Foreman Korov: The Elite Bomber does a lot of damage with Burning and Bleeding while the Resonator does high power damage and Knockback. Korov hits with an attack that causes some power damage, Knockback and Burning.
  • Foreman Tomak: The Elite Bomber does a lot of damage with Burning and Bleeding while the Reverberant does some power damage with his auto attack and even more damage with his charged Sniper Shot. Tomak has a low damage projectile attack that Cripples and a high damaging Knockback to melee players when he raises his staff. The animation is easy to see and Dodge though.
  • Foreman Webarov:The Elite Bomber does a lot of damage with Burning and Bleeding while the Reverberant does some power damage with his auto attack and even more damage with his charged Sniper Shot. Webarov does Confusion and Bleeding with his auto attacks. He also gives himself 6 Might and Protection regularily while spawns 2 Dredge enemies. Sometimes he puts up his shield, blocking all attacks and reflecting all projectiles. Dazes sometimes.

Killing all the Foremen unlocks .

Escort Tarleov

After the Foremen died, Tarleov spawns next to the newly spawned . You need to escort him to Kreutzerova's base, but several groups of Elite Dredge enemies spawned along the way and need to killed. They respawn after a while. Once the point is reached, Tarleov picks up some ore and slowly walks back to the waypoint to open the gate next to it.

A Pull can be very advantageous while fighting the groups of Dredge enemies.

Tarleov dead next to some enemies

Try to keep Rasolov alive as much as you can because there is potential to bug the path if he is dead at some points.

Zalten Mines

Directly after the door, ther are 4 Elite Dredge Reverberants and a Disaggregator waiting on the left. Either kill them or Stealth past. Head down the slope and drop down to the left when it ends.

The Taskmaster

There are a lot of Elite Dredge enemies wandering through the mines. Around you, you should see the Taskmaster. The Taskmaster has 3 main attacks:

  • Impale: He Pulls you to him, does some power damage and applies 3 Bleeding.
  • Slashing Spike: Hits you with some power damage and 3 Bleeding.
  • Shield of Earth: Gains Shield of Earth, goes Invulnerable and deals Bleeding each second you are in his bubble. Can only be broken by the crusher visible in the picture below.

The crusher will instantly Downstate you if you are hit.

The Taskmaster and the crusher next to him

Gathering Glowing Ore

Once the Taskmaster is dead, head south-east. You need to bring 11 Glowing Rocks to Rasolov, he waits next to a big Dredge cart. Groups of Elite Dredge enemies will wander around the area, try to avoid them since they can kill you quickly. A Glowing Rock respawns after roughly 45 seconds.

Mobility or survivability skills can help completing this event fast.

Rasolov waiting for you to bring him the rocks

Completing the event unlocks .

Dredge Square

Completing the event breaks down the door to the next room. Behind it are 6 Elite Dredge enemies. Either kill them or Stealth past. Head into the lowest pit of the room.

There are 5 Mortar Cannons pointing into the final pit, each guarded by some Elite Dredge enemies. You can choose to kill them first to reduce pressure for the final fight or skip them. There is no need to kill the enemies around the mortar, just quickly kill the mortar and move on.

In the final room after 5 Elite Dredge Mining Suits. These spawn some Dredge enemies if uninterrupted and also hit quite hard.

Two of the Mining Suits in the Dredge Square

Use AoE-CC to control the Mining Suits and prevent them from summoning Dredge enemies.

Champion Mark Golems

Shukov ports into the pit and summons the Champion Mark I and II Golem. Shukov will cast the Energized effect on one the golems, making them immune to any damage. He will alternate this effect between the golems, meaning you can only damage one of them at a time. The golems have the following abilities:

  • Mark I: Does Knockback and mediocre power damage.
  • Mark II: Throws a lot of Static Fields that deal power damage very frequently if you stand in them.

Make sure to not kill one of the golems if they have low HP, wait until the second one has low HP as well. Not killing them at the same time will cause them to regenerate. Make sure to avoid that.

The Champion Mark I and II Golem in the Dredge Square

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