Sorrow's Embrace Story

Published Jul 31, 2023 Updated Dec 10, 2023

Sorrow's Embrace (often shortened to "SE") is a legacy Dungeon available in the base game. The Sorrow's Embrace Story needs to be completed once in order to be able to open the Exploration Mode for this dungeon on a character. Your objective is to rescue Zojja, who went missing after exploring the Sorrow's Embrace.

Once completed, this dungeon path will reward you with:

  • 20 Silver
  • Experience

Way and events of Sorrow's Embrace Story

Sorrow'S Gate and Mechanisms of Production

Beginning and Way to Inspector Snik

Talk to Eir after her dialogue is finished. Down the path are some Elite Dredge Soldiers after the bridge. Up the stairs to the left is a room filled with Elite Dredge enemies.

You can either fight all of these enemies or Stealth past them, although the last set of them needs to be pathed if you do so.

Go down the slope and to the right to meet Inspector Snik.

Inspector Snik

For the first 50% of the fight, Snik is stationary, wields two pistols and has the following attacks:

  • Unload: Fires around 15 Pistol shot that hit for a bit of damage each. Eating all of the bullets can add up to a lot of damage. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Body Shot: Fires a shot that deals a mediocre amount of damage and Vulnerability.
  • Kick: Deals some damage and does Knockback. Only happens when within melee range.

Reflections or projectile destructions are extremely effective in the first part of this fight.

Below 50%, she will swap to a flamethrower and gain different attacks, which are:

  • Flame Jet: Resembles . Deals some damage up to 9 times while within the cone. He won't change the direction of the attack, so simply walk through him once he starts it.
  • Backdraft: Pulls, deals some damage and applies Burning.
  • Napalm: Resembles . Summons an AoE on the ground that does Burning and damage each tick. Simply walk out of it to avoid. Only happens when ranged.

Next to Snik are the Inquest Advanced Defense Golem and Elite Overseer Kolt. They can add some pressure via damage and CC and cast a projectile reflect as well as heals. Try to cleave them passively or even actively.

Snik is immune to any Breakbar that would alter his position.

Inspector Snik together with the Inquest Advanced Defense Golem

After his death, pull the chain in the room highlighted by the red gear and return to where you came from and walk through the newly opened gate that you see in the unskippable cutscene.

Mechanism Depot

Golem Specialist Noko

Head down the slope and avoid hitting the Dredge Workers to meet Golem Specialist Noko. Noko is a stationary boss with the following attacks:

  • Whirling Assault: Reflects projectiles. If you are within melee range, causes Knockback and Bleeding. Keep in mind the reflection starts before his animation and ends way after it.
  • Well of Emfeeblement: Summons a red AoE around him, dealing more damage the longer the AoE lasts strips boons every tick. Move out of it as soon as you it since the later ticks deal an insane amount of damage.
  • Chain Lightning: Throws multiple electrified projectiles to the nearest player, dealing some damage. If not negated, these will bounce between players up to 6 times, damaging them even more. Can be reflected or destroyed. Stay away from people if you cannot Dodge it.

Do not break his line of sight or he will actually start moving, making the fight less predictable.

Golem Speciliast Noko in the Mechanism Depot

Killing Noko unlocks .

Fixing the Mechanism

After killing Noko, fix the gate by bringing 3 Cogs to the mechanism Zojja and and Caithe are standing next to. The Cogs are found at the south of the big room after a small parkour. Getting close to it spawns a Dredge Cart with some enemies, so either burst them quickly or use Stealth to avoid.

Once you arrive at a narrow hallway, there will be Crushers at the ceiling dropping down regularily. These will instantly Down you if you get hit, so figure out their timing. Next to the slope are several Elite Dredge enemies waiting for you as well as a Champion Dredge Resonator next to the machine where you receive the Cogs. After receiving one, simply jump down the slope and bring it to the mechanism, the enemies will not follow you.

A 5000-range portal skill is barely enough to create a portal between the two mechanisms. This massively speeds up the process of this event.

The place you need to pick up the Cogs from

Dredge Square

Up ahead is a huge room with tons of enemies in there. You do not need to kill anything, just traverse the room while staying alive and enter the hole on the opposite site of the room. At the bottom of the room, a whole army of enemies will spawn as soon as you enter.

You can walk down the slope on the right, stay on that floor and then jump down to the hole to avoid almost all of the enemies in the room. You only need to avoid some Mortar AoEs and sneak past a few enemies, but it is way easier than stepping straight in.

Follow the red line through the Dredge Square to encounter as few enemies as possible

Lockpicking Event

Your goal for the next event is protect Zojja while she lockpicks the next door. There will be enemies, normal and Elite ones, spawning at the curve of the tunnel. Since they do not tend to spawn near Zojja, get away from her and fight the enemies where they are spawning to relieve Zojja.

Using Pulls or any other CC skills can drastically help to fight the enemies.

If you wipe and Zojja ends up dying, her process is not lost. Simply revive her and continue with the saved progress.

Defeat all the enemies that spawn here to make Zojja succeed the event

After Zojja is done, all enemies die and you can progress through the door.

Inquest Base KD-4


On top a podium in the next room, Kudu is waiting for you. He has 4 attacks:

  • Snap Shot: His auto attack. Fires a single projectile that deals a some power damage, which is more than doubled if you have any condition on you. Can be reflected or destroyed. Try to cleanse regularily to lower the impact.
  • Shield Bash: Resembles . Jumps up a bit and dashes towards its target, applying Knockdown and some power damage. Only happens when within melee range.
  • Glue Shot: Just like . Shoots a projectile that Immobilizes everyone in a sticky AoE if it lands, but deals no damage. Can be reflected or destroyed. Dodge away as soon as you see the glue flying.
  • Dart Volley: Fires 4 projectiles, each one dealing a high amount of damage and Burning. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Grenade Barrage: Resembles . Throws a bunch of grenades, dealing some power damage. Can be reflected or destroyed.

Reflections or projectile destructions are extremely effective against Kudu.

Kudu never restores any health, even if you wipe.

Every 25%, Kudu goes Invulnerable, ports up to an unreachable platform and keeps shooting you after spawning an Elite golem that needs to be killed:

  • The 75% golem copies the Chain Lightning attack from Noko, occasionally Stuns and applies Weakness top allies within melee range and gains Unstable Shield, taking no damage but dealing a tiny amount for each hit.
  • The 50% golem shoots projectiles that either apply Burning directly or spawn an AoE that does. Both can be reflected or destroyed. Regularily, he cleanses all of his conditions.
  • The 25% golem can throw projectiles which Pull you and also unleash projectiles that deal up to 20 Bleeding and 10 Poison. All of his attacks can be reflected or destroyed, making skills that do so extremely effective against him. He also leaves behind a trial that does Poison and Vulnerability.

If you struggle with killing the golems, you can go back into the tunnel you came from every time a new golem spawns in order to stop Kudu from attacking you during the Golem phases.

Kudu in the Inquest Base KD-4

Upon his death, a cutscene plays after a few seconds, opening a door in the south after. Some Elite Mark Golems spawn on the portal next to Kudu's area. Also is unlocked.

If everyone moves south quickly after Kudu dies, the Elite Mark Golems will not target you.

Volcanium Pit

Head through the newly opened door and follow the only way over the bridge. On that way, you will meet some Inquest enemies as well as Elite Mark Golems guarding the bridge. Either fight them all or Stealth past, directly to the next boss.

You can also rush through the enemies and head straight to the boss if you manage to survive.

Champion Sentry Golem Mark S-IV

The Golem regularily gains Shocking Aura, Stunning you if you hit him during that time. Other than that, he has 3 attacks:

  • Gatling Fists: Launches a projectile that deals a bit of damage 10 times. Eating all 10 projectiles can be a huge amount of damage. Can be reflected or destroyed.
  • Launch Fist: Throws his fist at his target, dealing a decent amount of damage. Dodge as soon as you him aiming with his right arm.
  • Golem Rockets: Spins and fires a rocket for every enemy on the island. Can be reflected or destroyed.

The Champion Sentry Golem Mark S-IV on his island

After the Sentry Golem dies, head down the southern bridge and head through the cave to meet the endboss.

Forgeman Chamber

Iron Forgeman

Head down the bridges and up to the boss arena. The arena is an iron framework around the boss with 4 iron walls, blocking line of sight. The Iron Forgeman has x attacks:

  • Iron Bath: Tilts the lava buckets over the iron walls, spawning Flame Jellies behind every single one. Staying in the stream of lava results in taking a lot of damage and Burning. Move away from the iron walls to not take any damage.
  • Iron Beam: Casts a beam from left to right, pausing in the middle to ray the middle bridge. After completing the rotation, rays the middle bridge again and goes to a random direction and casts the ray to any end of the framework. Hide behind the iron walls to evade. Standing inside of it deals heavy damage and Burning, killing you in seconds. The deadly trail can be Dodged.

Even though the whole middle bridge gets rayed during Iron Beam, the lower part of it will not damaging at all.

The Flame Jellies, which deal damage and Immobilize, drop a Boulder upon death. Throwing this Boulder at the Iron Forgeman removes about 7% of his HP.

The Immobilize of the Flame Jellies can become extremely deadly in combination with the Iron Beam attack.

You can also damage the Iron Forgeman with ranged attacks, but using the Boulders from the Flame Jellies is probably more effective.

The Iron Forgeman in his chamber

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