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SC Community Call

Published Sep 27, 2022 Updated May 4, 2023
Hodge admin
Perverse Instantiation

Calling all writers! We're embarking on a new quest to boost the quality and diversity of community content here on the Snow Crows site. The goal of our new Community Call program is to build a reliable and trusted source of information for players of all experience levels and interests.

"Why now?" I hear you ask. It's no secret that we've been slowly chipping away at improving the look and feel of our site guides. We feel we're now in a position to launch our guides features fully, with better resources and support for writers.

What are you looking for?

We're looking for writers of all topics across the Guild Wars 2 spectrum. Our aim is to create walkthroughs and explainers on a wide range of topics from raids and builds, through strikes and dungeons, to useful information about the game generally. Our focus to start with will be on the below topics, but feel free to submit proposals for guides in other areas.

  • Raids: From beginner walkthroughs to experienced strategy guides, challenge players to play at their best in Raid Encounters.
  • Strikes: Help groups defeat small and mighty encounters in Strike Missions and their Challenge modes.
  • Game Progression: Provide a guiding voice for new players to the game as they begin their Guild Wars 2 journey.

We aren't able to accept articles which already exist elsewhere on the internet due to copyright and legal stuff.

What's the process?

The following process is being rolled out across all of our content. Our aim with this is to ensure it's easy for everyone to do their best work, while keeping our guides similar to each other and easy to read.

  1. Apply - submit your proposal for review by our publishing team. Please don't write a guide before doing this! We can only accept original works, and depending on the volume of proposals we receive at any one point we may not be able to accept yours right away.
  2. Collaborate - work with other writers and our editors to decide on your final guide structure.
  3. Draft - bring your guide to life.
  4. Review - work with our editors to fine-tune your guide before publishing.
  5. Publish - share your final product with the Guild Wars 2 community.

How can I apply?

If this sounds like it is up your alley and you have a guide in mind, we'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch with Hodge or Harry via Discord.

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