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Introduction to Warrior

Published Sep 1, 2022 Updated Jan 3, 2024
SaintMighty meta team
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The Introduction to Warrior will help you understand the basic mechanics of this profession. Additionally, you will learn the specific specialization perks that each Warrior build has.

Warrior Mechanics


Warrior has access to Adrenaline as a resource. This can be gained from dealing Damage and being in combat. You can then spend that resource on Burst Skills that are unique to each weapon the Class can equip, this will also deplete all Adrenaline.

We can store up to 30 Adrenaline at once and this also corresponds to different levels for strength for our Burst Skills.

  • Level 1 = 10 Adrenaline.
  • Level 2 = 20 Adrenaline.
  • Level 3 = 30 Adrenaline.

Weapon Burst Effect
Sword Multiple hits inflicting Bleeding & Immobilize.
Axe Leap and strike the target , Grants Might.
Mace Strike the target & Stun them.
Dagger Leap and strike the target & remove Boons, Unblockable.
Greatsword Strike foes around you, Grants Fury , deals increased Damage against enemies with lower health.
Hammer Ground-Targeted Jump & AoE Stun.
Longbow Ground-Targeted AoE , Applies Burning.
Rifle Fire a piercing shot that deals Damage.

Berserk Mode

Berserker grants us access to a Burst Skill called . While in this state we get a new set of Primal Bursts for each weapon. This further enhances and changes their previous effects.

We will need 30 Adrenaline to enter . In this state we only have 10 Adrenaline.

Weapon Primal Burst Effect
Sword Multiple projectiles inflicting Burning & blocks missiles.
Axe Strike the targets infront of you, Grants Might & resets Cooldown if it strikes a target.
Mace Inflicts Blind, Cripple, Bleeding, Confusion & Daze on the target.
Dagger Strike foes around you & remove Boons, deals increased Damage to enemies with no Boons, gain Adrenaline.
Greatsword Strike foes around you for a big burst of Damage.
Hammer Ground-Targeted Jump & AoE Daze, Immobilize.
Longbow Creates a long trail that applies Burning.
Rifle Fire an explosive shot that applies Burning & Daze.

Full Counter

Spellbreaker gains access to a second Burst Skill called alongside your regular weapon specific ones.

We will have up to 20 Adrenaline.

Skill Effect
Grants Stability, blocks the next attack then deals Unblockable Damage & Daze targets around you.

Dragon Trigger

Bladesworn replaces Burst Skills with , and Adrenaline gets replaced by Flow, which works in a similar way. This time we will be spending our resource on entering , while in this form Flow slowly gets drained to generate Ammunition. We also gain access to a new set of Skills.

We will have 100 Flow. On top of this while we are in depending on our Grandmaster Trait we have different amounts of Charges for our skills.

  • = 10 Charges.
  • = 10 Charges.
  • = 5 Charges.

Skill Effect
Dragon Slash—Force Strike foes infront of you , consumes all Ammunition & ends .
Dragon Slash—Boost Dash forward while dealing Damage in your path, consumes all Ammunition & ends .
Dragon Slash—Reach Shoot a projectile in a line infront of you to strike foes, consumes all Ammunition & ends .
Triggerguard Grants Aegis
Flicker Step Blink to a location

Using or ending with one of the skills, leaves you in a new weaponset that replaces your Weapon Swap during combat with Gunsaber Mode.

  • Swift Cut Steel Divide Explosive Thrust Ranged Auto Attack chain. Last hit counts as an Explosion.
  • Blooming Fire Deals multiple hits of Explosion Damage infront of you.
  • Artillery Slash Fire a projectile that counts as an Explosion, applies Cripple/Daze/Stun based on Ammunition Skill charges.
  • Cyclone Trigger Slash foes around you and fire projectiles to enemies at range, block missiles & grants Aegis.
  • Break Step Dash forward dealing Explosion Damage, grants Fury.

Utility Skill Types


Power damage abilities with decent Breakbar damage.

  • Deals damage and Knockback. Has 3 Ammunition Charges.
  • Projectile that deals damage, applies Immobilize. Has 2 Ammunition Charges.
  • Charge at a foe, Evade, deals damage & Knockdown.
  • Ground-Targeted AoE jump, grants Stability & Launch foes.
  • (Elite) Transforms you and gives you a new set of skills, grants Swiftness, Stability every 3s interval, 50% reduced Damage & 33% reduced duration to Immobilized,Chilled,Crippled.

Skill Effect
Auto Attack chain, applies Cripple Vulnerability Daze.
Deal damage and Knockback.
Charge at your foes dealing damage.
Throw a damaging projectile, applies Stun.
Ground-Targeted AoE leap, Knockdown foes.

Grants you 10% increased Damage for 6s after using a Physical Skill.


Signet Skills have a passive and an active effect, passive effects do not work while the specific signet is on Cooldown.

Signet Passive Active
Regenerates health Grants Resistance & Heal.
Increases Power Grants Might & attacks become Unblockable.
Increases Precision, Gain 30 Adrenaline & Precision,Ferocity for 4s.
50% increased Endurance regen Remove 14 conditions, gain Endurance.
Increases Toughness Grants Stability, Stun Break & Heal.
(Elite) Grants more Adrenaline in combat Grants Fury, Might, Swiftness.

Grants a stacking Ferocity bonus after using a Signet Skill, cast when striking a foes below 50% health.


Stance Skills grants temporary passive effects to the player.

  • All incoming damage turns to a self Heal.
  • Grants Quickness, Might & Stun Break.
  • Grants Stability, Swiftness every second, immunity to Critical Damage & Stun Break.
  • Become immune to Power damage & Stun Break.
  • Gain extra Adrenaline & Resistance every 1s.

makes Stance Skills gain increased durations, Grants Vigor & Barrier after casting them.


Shout Skills usually act as instant cast supportive abilities to allies or they can add negative effects to enemies.

  • Heal, refill all your Adrenaline & grant Endurance to nearby allies.
  • Grants Fury & Might. Has 2 Ammunition Charges.
  • Applies Vulnerability & Revealed to an enemy, Unblockable. Has 2 Ammunition Charges.
  • Removes conditions from you and your allies, Stun Break. Has 2 Ammunition Charges.
  • Applies Fear & Weakness to targets around you, Unblockable.

Grants Shout Skills a Heal to allies after you use them.

Banner Skills are unique stationary summons, they pulse boons and special effects to allies or enemies.

  • Applies Daze on enemies when placed, Grants Might to allies while active.
  • Grants Barrier & Aegis when placed, Grants Regeneration to allies while active.
  • Grants Superspeed & Stability when placed, Grants Resistance to allies while active.
  • Applies Bleeding & Cripple on enemies when placed, Grants Fury to allies while active.
  • (Elite) Revive Down Allies & Finishes Down foes when placed, Grants Might, Fury, Swiftness to allies while active.

Increases the duration of boons applied by Banner Skills and grants them Resolution when they are placed.


Berserker's Rage Skills deal strong Power damage while also helping you with maintaining and extending . They also grant you Adrenaline on use.

  • Heal, reset Primal Bursts Cooldown, a precentage of damage dealt will be recieved as healing.
  • Ground-Targeted AoE leap, Grants Aegis, Applies Cripple, Vulnerability on enemies.
  • Stun Break, gain even more Adrenaline & duration to when there is an enemy nearby.
  • Grants Stability, Blocks the next attack and reflect missiles if timed correctly, applies Bleeding.
  • Deals guaranteed Critical Damage, Grants Fury, removes Blinded, Slow, Weakness, Knockdown the enemy.
  • (Elite) Dash a small distance and deal damage to the target, Stun Break Stun both the enemy and player.

Inflicts Burning on nearby enemies when using a Rage Skill

Let's you use Rage Skills to detonate a Fire Aura and this applies Burning on enemies.


Spellbreaker's Meditation Skills are situational supportive abilities. We mostly take the skills that help with boon removal on foes.

  • Remove boons and conditions from yourself, Heal.
  • Grants Superspeed, Resistance, Stun Break.
  • Remove Blinded, apply Revealed to an enemy, your next attack is guaranteed Critical Damage. Has 2 Ammunition Charges.
  • Apply Taunt to enemies around you, grants Adrenaline for each foe hit.
  • Deal damage and remove boons from foes around you, deals more damage if a boon was removed Unblockable.
  • (Elite) Creates an AoE bubble on the player, removes boons from foes withing the bubble, blocks projectiles Unblockable.


Bladesworn's Armament Skills are extremely important in helping with Explosion damage, Ammunition Skill charges and Flow.

  • Heal and grant [Stim State], after a delay Heal again, using the skill while [Stim State] is active grants Quickness, Fury, Vigor. Has 2 Ammunition Charges.
  • Gain Flow. 2 Positive Flow, Grants Fury, if you already had Fury you gain extra Flow instead. Has 2 Ammunition Charges.
  • Increases the next 5 Explosion damage attacks, if you still had charges of the buff this skill casts instead. This removes the rest of the buff, deals Explosion damage, Launch. Has 2 Ammunition Charges.
  • Creates a wall that blocks missiles, applies Cripple, Immobilize on enemies passing through it. Has 2 Ammunition Charges.
  • Evade backwards, while placing a Explosion damage, applies Cripple, refreshes , Stun Break.
  • (Elite) The next charges faster, reloads 1 Ammunition to every Ammunition Skill.

Trait Lines


Grants access to a lot of Might generation, some Critical Chance synergy and Power damage traits.

Power builds will be mostly looking for combined with as it grants a lot of % damage increases.

is a main source of consistent Might whenever we deal Critical Damage, the bonuses double while using a Greatsword.

makes the Might we gain stronger. It also grants a small Critical Chance boost.

paired with , & from the Tactics Traitline combines very well to grant might and sustain.


Mostly synergizes well with builds that want Critical Chance and Fury. It will be also a good source of Bleeding, Condition Damage & Condition Duration.

Power and more Critical Chance can be gained from and .

Condition Damage oriented builds can look to a very strong combination of traits. + + will be the main source of value, with 2 minor traits , and for an even further damage boost.

The Arms Traitline and its main focus of Condition Damage can make it work really well with the Berserker Traitline.


Handful of survival utility in the form of Resistance, Resolution, Barrier, and strong Power damage options for Hammer.

provides an incredible amounts of self Heal, as a minor trait this comes passively when using Defense.

(With a Shield) and can provide good survivabilty against Projectiles and Condition Damage. Also helping with Adrenaline.

Hammer paired with & will increase your Power damage significantly.

Defense has a lot of synergy with Spellbreaker thanks to & alongside & , removing Boons from foes while also granting you Breakbar damage with Hammer & Dagger.


A mix of Power and utility with some Heal support options and more Might generation.

Power builds can help their damage with as this increases your damage to foes that are movement-impaired, it also applies Immobilize to foes you Cripple.

Can be utilized to help your initial burst to targets.

& are some of the strongest Might generating traits you can take. also helps with this.

Increases our damage based on Boons we have, in group content this will be consistently active.

& from Strength pairs really well with Tactics for any Power build.

Heal support oriented setups may look towards and with a handful of Shouts and Banners to cover boons.

If you wish to try this also pair it with from the Discipline Traitline & from Bladesworn Traitline.


Nice options for Power builds and synergy for Weapon Swap. Also some boon access like Quickness or Swiftness.

Power setups can use for more movement speed and a nice damage increase.

and are interchangable and very good utility options, swap between these based on encounters.

while using an Axe for more Power damage or if you need more Ferocity, otherwise is a good alternative.

Condition Damage builds that use Longbow can utilise

Thanks to giving us faster Weapon Swap, the Berserker Traitline has great synergy with Discipline.


Gives us Primal Bursts, Critical Chance and options for both Power or Condition Damage alongside an option for party wide Quickness.

Power builds have a straight forward option to increase their damage with . For some more Critical Chance and help with duration we can consider pairing it with .

and gives us huge bonuses to both Power & Condition Damage at the same time, making them excellent for either build type.

is one of the strongest traits for a Burning focused Condition Damage setup, pairing it with and a handful of Rage Skills for maximum effect.

Classes such as Elementalist that can provide consistent Fire Aura for a Condition Damage Berserker, will skyrocket their damage thanks to how works.

can be used with either Power or Condition Damage with some Boon Duration to become a Quickness support build.


Grants access to , Boon removal and CC skill synergy for Power Builds. Also helps increase some important stats like Power, Precision, Ferocity.

and being minor traits and 2 of the strongest ones in the traitline helps with Power, Precision, Ferocity as you disable foes or remove their boons. Efficiently stacking up will be where most of your damage will come from.

combined with the above mentioned minor traits grants us more Critical Damage.

is our main trait if you would like to play with Dagger, otherwise can be a good choice as well.

can be situationally taken if you need large amounts of Unblockable AoE boon removal.

is a very reliable damage increase after you hit the enemy with a Burst Skill.

Works really well with Hammer and , from Discipline.


Changes our Adrenaline to Flow, gives us and . Helps with Flow and damage modifiers for skills. Access to Alacrity.

Power builds can take to boost their damage a bit and increase Flow generation.

can be taken to help with damage further as most of our skills will be an Ammunition Skill. Ammunition Skill as a minor trait will naturally work alongside this for more Ferocity.

is going to be our main damage source as this makes Dragon Trigger stronger.

on the other hand will make for an easy choice for an Alacrity support setup.

For the Heal build option mentioned in Tactics, with will be a good choice here. It is also recommended to fill the role of Alacrity support in this case.

Breakbar Skills

Specialization Skill Name Skill Type Breakbar Damage
Warrior Sword Burst 150-300 Immobilize *
Warrior Hammer 150 Knockback
Warrior Hammer 300 Knockdown
Warrior Hammer Burst 100-200 Stun
Warrior Longbow 100 Daze
Warrior Longbow 150 Immobilize*
Warrior Mace 100 Daze
Warrior Mace 300 Knockdown
Warrior Mace Burst 100-300 Stun
Warrior Shield 200 Stun
Warrior Rifle 150 Knockback
Warrior 100 Daze
Warrior 200 Stun
Warrior 200 Knockdown
Warrior 150 Knockback
Warrior Utility Skill 200 Daze
Warrior Utility Skill 100 Fear
Warrior Utility Skill 150 Knockback
Warrior Utility Skill 300 Immobilize *
Warrior Utility Skill 300 Knockdown
Warrior Utility Skill 232 Launch
Berserker Rifle Primal Burst 100 Daze
Berserker Mace Primal Burst 100 Daze
Berserker Hammer Primal Burst 100 Daze
Berserker Utility Skill 300 Knockdown
Berserker Elite SKill 300 Stun
Spellbreaker Dagger 100 Daze
Spellbreaker Burst Skill 100 Daze
Spellbreaker Utility Skill 75 Taunt *
Bladesworn Dragon Slash—Force 100-500 Stun with
Bladesworn Dragon Slash—Boost 100-500 Stun with
Bladesworn Dragon Slash—Reach 100-500 Stun with

  • Immobilize, Slow, and Taunt apply Breakbar Damage over their duration, scaling with Condition Duration.
  • adds 3s Slow and 3s Cripple to .
  • gives us an additional 150 Breakbar Damage Pull.

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