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Published Jun 20, 2021 Updated Aug 18, 2023
QueenNamorita writer

Deimos is the fourth and final boss in Bastion of the Penitent. The fight requires specialty roles, an NPC to protect, and group coordination. Watch your feet so you don't slip in oil!


Before Fighting Deimos

  • Required Masteries and Mounts

    • No masteries required
    • No mounts required
  • Special Roles

    • 1 tank: Deimos attacks the player with the highest Toughness. He does very little damage.

Check that the tank’s Toughness is higher than the hand kiter’s.

  • 1 optional oil kiter to keep (Oils) off the ward during .

    • is put on the person closest to Deimos (not including the tank), so the job of the oil kiter is to keep oils dropped away from the ward.

    • Oil kiting can be done by anyone, but because they must stay out of the ward during , they need Aegis or blocks. This can come from the kiter or the tank.

    • The oil kiter goes down with the group during pre-event and at 75%, but remains upstairs for the rest of the fight. If an oil kiter is not used, the hand kiter has to kite oils while the group is downstairs for the 50% and 25% phases.

  • 1 hand kiter: responsible for keeping very damaging stacks off of the group and away from Deimos.
    • The kiter stays furthest away from Deimos in order to aggro (Hands). Each stack that touches Deimos gives him Devour stacks, granting an additional 2% damage increase to him.
    • Hands spawn in groups of 5, one spawning each second. There is a 6 second cooldown before the next group of hands 5 begin spawning. Typically, the hand kiter tries to keep all 5 hands stacked together while avoiding taking damage from the 5th tick of hands, either through a block or by Dodging.
    • Hands are typically kited on the north side of the platform. The banner provided by Saul grants 5% max HP healing every second and lasts for 20 seconds.
Saul’s Banner and stacks of Hands


Deimos’ platform with four chains attached to four gargoyles with Saul in the center

Players glide down to a platform floating in mist with 4 gargoyle statues. In the middle is Saul D’Alessio (Shackled Prisoner), being weighed down by chains attached to a mantle.

Approaching Saul in the center of the arena starts the fight.

Greeds and Prides spawn at the edge of the platform and walk directly toward Saul in the center of the platform. If they reach him, Greeds deal a small amount of damage to him and Prides deal a lot of damage.

If Saul reaches 0 health at any time during the fight, the fight instantly ends. During the pre-event, he cannot be healed.

Saul takes a significant amount of healing to regain health so avoid damage to him as much as possible.

Demonic Realm (Downstairs)

A few seconds after the fight begins, a message pops up saying “The Eye of Janthir has chosen [player]”. This player has a large green AoE under their feet that slowly fills up over 5 seconds. Standing in the AoE when it completely fills teleports you to the Demonic Realm. Typically the hand kiter and a healer stay up to Chill, Cripple, and Immobilize the Prides.

In the Demonic Realm, you gain stacks of which decreases movement speed.

In the Demonic Realm, Deimos stands in the middle and can only rotate. One player is chosen at random and Deimos fixates on them, occasionally hitting the ground with his mace, knocking anyone off the platform who is standing in the large triangle AoE (Pizza). This attack can only be avoided with Aegis, blocks, Evades and Dodges.

There are 4 pillars at the edge of the platform. After breaking a pillar, all players in the Demonic Realm are teleported back and a chain disappears from the upper platform. After a short delay, a new player is chosen to receive the large green AoE and can teleport the squad down again. Multiple pillars can be broken at once. When all 4 pillars are broken, Deimos spawns.

Phase 1 (100%-75%)

When the players return upstairs after killing the 4th pillar downstairs, Deimos lands on the platform. The group should stand in the ward during the entire first phase.


Stand the slightest bit south of the ward. Deimos is animation locked during so run into the ward and then move immediately back to the same spot.

Save your burst for Signet. Saul puts Unnatural Signet (Signet) on Deimos roughly 4 seconds after Deimos spawns and every minute thereafter.

Annihilate - (Pizza)


Roughly every 20 seconds, Deimos uses (Pizza) which is telecast by him freezing, raising his arms with maces up over his head, and a large circular AoE with triangles appearing around his feet.

He hits in front of him and the attack ripples around to the sides and behind him. Being hit by flings you backwards. This attack can only be avoided with Aegis, blocks, Evades and Dodges.

Being hit by multiple slices counts as individual hits, causing the first one to remove the Aegis and the second to fling you. Standing inside of Deimos’ hitbox during this attack typically flings you into the air and Downs you simultaneously.

Mind Crush

Beginning at 90% and occurring every 35-40 seconds thereafter, Deimos casts . This attack is telegraphed by Deimos freezing and spinning his maces on either side of him.

Saul places a ward in the middle that all players, excluding the hand kiter and oil kiter, should stand in. Players receive the buff Form Up and Advance! from Saul, making them run faster. can be avoided with Aegis and blocks.

If players are not in the ward when pops, they receive a debuff called Weak Minded that deals 7% of their max HP every second for 10 seconds. If you are not in the ward and do not block or Aegis , you are instantly Downed.

Blocking does not stop the ticking damage debuff from being applied.

Faint blue ward for Mind Crush

Special Phase (75% Saul the Thief)

At 75% health, a player is chosen by the Eye of Janthir again and given a large green AoE, identical to the AoE in the pre-event. Neither the tank nor the hand kiter can be chosen. Standing inside the green AoE teleports you below (be careful not to take the tank).

Saul the Thief stands in the middle. He has a Breakbar of 300 every 10 seconds. If this bar is not broken within 4 seconds, all of your boons are stolen. When Saul the Thief reaches 50% health he is teleported upstairs along with all players currently downstairs.

Phase 2 (75%-50%)

When players are teleported back upstairs, the hands along the edge of the platform are pulled toward Deimos for 5 seconds before disappearing. Kill Saul the Thief before turning attention back to Deimos. The Breakbar still occurs every 10 seconds and must be broken or the players’ boons are stolen.

Demonic Tears - (Tears)

Demonic Tears begin spawning every 15 seconds. They are small white AoEs labeled “Demonic Tear” with a flag. These throw unblockable projectiles at the players periodically.

Demonic Tears can be closed by a player touching the AoE. The player receives Tear Instability for 60 seconds and has a green skull over their head that cannot be seen by other players. The debuff prevents that player from closing another tear until it is gone.

Demonic Tears are unblockable and do not strip Aegis.

Neglecting to pick up Demonic Tears in the Demonic Realm (downstairs) has no impact on the upper platform.

Demonic Tear

Rapid Decay - (Oils)

Beginning at 60%, (Oil) spawns every 15 seconds. The player closest to Deimos (excluding the tank) is targeted by oils. This is when the oil kiter stacks on Deimos for the rest of the fight to prevent oils from being placed on the ward.


Deimos is incredibly slow to reposition so move around 65%. Keep him away from the center so the group doesn’t drop (Oil) on the ward.

They appear on the ground as large orange AoEs and turn into black AoEs with a red border after 3 seconds.

The oil checks every 1-2 seconds to see if a player is inside and expands incrementally if so.

The oil can be Dodged out of and the ticks can be blocked. It is highly not recommended to try standing in it.

It stops expanding once there are no players within its radius or it covers roughly 80% of the platform.

A player who is Down inside the AoE does not cause it to expand, but it does expand if they die. Summons, pets, minions, and Saul do not trigger its expansion.

Fully expanding an oil is highly likely to cause a group wipe so avoid them at all costs.

Orange AoE Oil indicator

Two Oil AoEs with red rings around them

Special Phase (50% Saul the Gambler)

At 50% health, a random player is chosen just as at 75%. Players within the green AoE are teleported downstairs and encounter Saul the Gambler.

Three shadowy Saul clones with gargoyle wing staffs; one shadowy Saul with a spiked teardrop-shaped staff

Every 10 seconds, Saul the Gambler summons 3 clones. The original version of Saul the Gambler must be killed in order to destroy the clones and continue damaging him. Saul the Gambler wields a staff with a spiked teardrop shape on the top while the other 3 hold staffs with a gargoyle wing, similar to the wings of the statues on the upper platform.

Stay out of the middle or you will be hit by all of their attacks.

When Saul the Gambler reaches 50% health, all players are teleported upstairs with him. As before, the hands at the edge of the platform are pulled toward Deimos for 5 seconds before disappearing. Saul the Gambler should be killed before turning attention back to Deimos.

Phase 3 (50%-25%)

All mechanics from Phase 1 and 2 are still active.

Beginning at 40%, Prides and Greeds begin spawning and walking toward Saul. When they reach him, they explode and deal damage to both Saul and the players. Greeds damage 2% max HP and Prides damage 25%.

Players either need to dps down the Prides or Immobilize them to prevent them from reaching Saul.

Special Phase (25% Saul the Drunkard)

At 25%, players once again are teleported downstairs by standing in a green AoE from a selected player. In the Demonic Realm (downstairs), they encounter Saul the Drunkard.

Every 10 seconds, a Breakbar of 300 must be broken within 2 seconds or all players downstairs are randomly teleported. When Saul the Drunkard reaches 50% health, all players downstairs are teleported upstairs along with him. As before, the hands at the edge of the platform are pulled toward Deimos for 5 seconds before disappearing. Kill Saul the Gambler before turning attention back to Deimos.

An option for dealing with Saul the Drunkard is to “sacrifice” the person who is selected to be teleported. They go downstairs by themselves and attempt to survive until the rest of the group is teleported at 10%. This is not recommended for non-advanced groups.

Phase 4 (25%-10%)

All mechanics from Phases 1, 2, and 3 are active. There are no new mechanics.

Phase 5 (10%-0%)

At 10%, Deimos and Saul completely stop the fight to yell at each other. All 10 players are teleported downstairs to finish the fight.

Demonic Realm Deimos

Deimos appears as the size of a stage prop off the edge of the platform. Shortly after appearing, he uses (Slam) and hits the platform with either his right or left arm (it is random which one is first), then the other arm, then both arms in the middle. This same pattern will repeat after 18 seconds until he is dead.

Players caught in this attack are flung backwards, typically only a short distance. If a player is too far off to the side of the platform, they are likely to be hit off. The attack is telegraphed by Deimos raising either or both of his arms but there is no AoE placed on the ground indicating where the attack will hit.

This attack can only be avoided with Aegis or a block.

Hands must still be kited downstairs, but there is a limit to the range the kiter can be from Deimos - roughly 80-90% of the platform away. Oils continue to spawn. Deimos dies when he reaches 0% health and players are teleported back upstairs.

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