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French Translations

Announcing the launch of our French translations.
Published Apr 2, 2023

Hi gamers! Today we're announcing the launch of our French builds. Adding translated site content is a piece of work which has been often requested, and we chose to progress efforts on this front over the past quarter. After a mammoth effort by our translation team, we're now in a position to release the first of our new languages.

For the time being this primarily affects Builds and the overall website template. There's a lot of content yet to be translated, and select areas of the site we're likely to leave in English. If you're navigating the website in another language and stumble across a page that's currently expected to be English-only you'll see a banner at the top of the page letting you know.

Maintaining the translated content is a big effort, so if you're sitting there and keen to get involved please shout out to Harry or myself in Discord and we'll be happy to have a chat. Last but not least, if you've noticed any issues please check out our issues thread in Discord, there's some known-issues which we're in the process of resolving.

That's it for today's update - there are more languages on the way so continue to watch this space.