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Release Notes: July 18, 2022

Recent updates we've made to the website,
Published Jul 18, 2022

Hey gamers, we've made some slight changes over the past few weeks to the website, in addition to our benchmark and build updates for the latest Guild Wars 2 balance patch. Below is an outline of what's changed.

There'll be additional changes coming over the next few weeks, while our focus shifts to the Guides and Explore features. As always, if you've any feedback on the website don't hesitate to jump on Airtable and submit some feedback.


Site Wide

  • Implemented gw2-armory for sitewide embeds.
  • Updated markdown heading styles.


  • Updated the build listing filters.
  • Added tag support to the search box.
  • Implemented tags converting several of our old fields.
  • Added an option to view Legacy Builds.


  • Due to new benchmarking standards removed the hitbox titles.
  • Removed golem set up details and moved them into our golem set up guide.