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Zero To Hero Returns

Get involved in this community event for new raiders running from 29th March to 4th April.
Published Mar 24, 2024

New to raids and strike CMs? The raid training community is organising a massive event just for you!

GW2 Raid Academy and Raid Training Initiative are pleased to share that we will be co-hosting another cross-region Zero to Hero community raid training event for anyone interested in learning to raid in NA or EU, from March 29th - April 4th.

Everyone is encouraged to join - no prior experience or a particular build is required for this event, although we do suggest doing some preparation in advance, such as unlocking the elite specialization you are interested in.

If you are playing in the NA data center, the event will take place in GW2 Raid Academy,

If you are playing in the EU data center, the event will take place in Raid Training Initiative,

Raid training sessions and profession mentoring sessions will be happening throughout the week. For more information, feel free to join the server(s) and use the #ask-a-question channel (RA) or #ask_questions channel (RTI), or check out our reddit post.