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Power Bladesworn

Study the blade and embrace the meditative Dragon Trigger with our Guild Wars 2 Power Bladesworn build.
Published Feb 10, 2024 Updated Apr 1, 2024
Open World - March 2024 Balance
hvaren meta team
secretly a brazilian
Pros +
High damage Strong bursts Lots of cleave
Cons -
No ranged DPS Requires accurate positioning Frequent animation locks
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Berserker's SwordMain Hand

Berserker's PistolOff Hand

Other Items




Key Concepts

  • has access to ranged skils that can be useful to tagging, like Cyclone Trigger that shoots up to five nearby enemies.
  • gives you access to your most powerful attacks:
    • Dragon Slash—Force is a frontal melee cleave
    • Dragon Slash—Boost moves you in a line towards and through your target
    • Dragon Slash—Reach is a ranged attack.

All of these can be used for tagging up to five enemies and bursting damage when needed, these consume Flow to deal higher damage.

  • For mobility, you can use , , Break Step, Dragon Slash—Boost, Flicker Step.

Dealing damage

  • Dragon Slash—Force is your bread and butter, it will deal most of your damage and should be used off Cooldown as soon as you have enough Flow.
  • should be used off Cooldown, as it generates both Flow and Fury.
  • is your main source of Might but you can always gain more with .
  • Consume Ammunition periodically to increase the damage via .
  • and Artillery Slash consume all Ammunition on use. Try to use them at maximum charges.
  • Auto Attacks and Cyclone Trigger deal more damage at melee range.
  • and usually should be paired together as they allow the use of the Double Dragon burst, check the Power Bladesworn guide for more information.


  • is a very powerful healing skill. It initially heals a small amount and is then followed by a big chunk after five seconds. Do not use it twice because the second use will only grant boons.
  • , Cyclone Trigger and Triggerguard grant Aegis on use.
  • grants Stability whenever any movement skill is used, while grants it whenever is used.
  • grants passive life regeneration whenever getting Might.

Crowd Control

Skill Defiance Break Source
Artillery Slash 200
Dragon Slash—Force 500
Dragon Slash—Boost 500
Dragon Slash—Reach 500


  • Use off Cooldown.
  • Keep one charge of Flicker Step for when you charge Dragon Slash—Force after to close the gap.

Use one charge of Triggerguard during Dragon Slash—Force to better maintain stacks.

can be swapped for when doing group content.

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