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Condition Scourge Gameplay Guide

Published Jun 9, 2021 Updated Apr 13, 2024
Aphrodite meta team

General Scourge Tips


  • Condition Scourge uses the Curses Trait Line minor trait to transfer the self-inflicted conditions from to a target.
  • and have slightly different Cooldowns, but make sure you use off Cooldown.
  • The effect of lasts for the duration of the shroud, which is 6 seconds for and 3.5 seconds for .

Finally, be aware that could transfer the less harmful self-inflicted conditions from , so be sure to avoid the skill immediately before using this combo, try to cleanse them with , or wait for them to expire or be cleansed by an ally.

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian

Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

Be sure to take advantage of any Seekers that are close to the group to gain additional Life Force from hitting them with .

Also keep in mind that when the Seekers reset, they “die”, so you will constantly be getting Life Force throughout the fight. Spam those shroud skills accordingly!

Shades can be effectively placed here to help Fear away the Seekers before they get too close with .

You can use for damage mitigation but keep in mind that the Cooldown is too long to Barrier every green. If you have enough Life Force you can use as well.

Split Phase

Be sure to utilize Fear from and the Knockdown from to help speed up breaking the guardians.

You can also take Warhorn as your other offhand, so you don't need to waste Life Force by using .

Gorseval the Multifarious

Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

can be taken to provide some Stability for your subgroup for .

Be aware that if you get hit by the “egg” attack, , all of your active minions will immediately die, so be careful.

If your group’s DPS is fine but is lacking in CC, you can swap out for .

You can use to help clear Spectral Darkness.

Sabetha the Saboteur

Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

can be used between Sabetha and the mini-bosses.

If you are doing cannons, use the following combo:

  1. combo for when you go up.
  2. Trigger as much as possible with your other shroud abilities.

You can also drop and take if you're doing cannons to come back instantly. Only do this if you aren't struggling with Life Force.

Salvation Pass


Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

You can use as an extra safety net to deal with the Fear after the Breakbar Phases.

Be sure to place where you plan to Pull the Slublings to be able to DPS them down easily.

Should you be doing mushrooms, keep in mind that your minions will die, so try to do either the first or the last mushroom to avoid this being an issue (that or just don’t use any minions).

While not impossible to hit, can be tricky to make use of in its entirety here; if you’re having problems swap it out for for a more consistent (though smaller) level of damage as well as better CC.

Feel free to take if you don't need the additional Life Force from .

Matthias Gabrel

Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

If you are struggling during the Downpour phase then you could swap in to help with Stability uptime.

Keep in mind that as of the recent changes, cleansing Chilled from allies gives them Alacrity!

You can place on any outlying Icy Patch to kill it with

You can place Barrier on allies that are about to be sacrificed to give them an even larger health bonus whilst transformed. This is because Barrier will dynamically change depending on your maximum health, so a minor Barrier can increase enormously once a player “transforms” into the sacrifice and “gains” their 100k HP.

Stronghold of the Faithful


Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

You can use on the first of the two “pre-event” islands and have it back up in time for the start of the fight proper. You will only cast once per phase, so if it is not back up in time it is not an issue.

Note: Barrier mitigates the insta-kill from the pre-event pressure pads.

Bastion of Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable

Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

You can take to provide Stability so you can avoid having to go to the circles.

is taken to provide you with more Life Force.

Your Barrier can be handy in an emergency; for instance if players with go to the same green circle as the rest of the group.

Since the majority of your rotation can be done from range and you are fairly defensible with your Barrier, consider intentionally taking to make life easier for your more melee oriented allies.

Mursaat Overseer

Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

Use when Jade Knights come to the group to clear Slow off your squad members.

If you have the spare Life Force you can use to alleviate any incoming damage pressure.


Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

Be sure to place your accordingly to help kill the Prides as they approach Saul.

You can also use to help kill off any adds. You can also use it between Saul and Deimos.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror

Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

You can take Warhorn on your offhand set if your team is really slacking on CC.

You can also swap out for if you still need even more CC/

Use to help reduce the pressure from the Wurms.


Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

You can also take to make it easier to deal with and . If you take you can bait out by standing inside Dhuum’s hitbox. As it leaves a portal behind you can near instantly be in and out of the group to break the shackles allowing the other player to continue DPS.

can be helpful for ensuring Torment stacks are removed from your allies during . In the event an ally is hit by the fissures attack and are feared off in a random direction, you can “rescue” them by placing a shade on them and cleansing the Fear.

also means you can afford to be out of position before due to being able to cleanse the Torment off of yourself.

Take if you have no one else to deal with the boon strip after . You should drop if needed.

During the final 10% try to stack up shades on your group to provide some extra Barrier to allies before moving out of the bubble to “push the buttons”. Dhuum will still take damage during the final 10%, even when he is untargetable.

Kiting Tips

Should you be kiting, you can use to help mitigate the damage from the bombs, . You can also use a combination of Scepter auto attacks and Shade placement to grab aggro from the Messengers without a problem.

If you're having issues with Swiftness whilst kiting and your team has enough Vulnerability output, you can swap out the Soul Reaping Trait Line trait for . This as well as will provide near permanent Swiftness.

Mythwright Gambit

Twin Largos

Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

Kenut will gain boons when it hits a squad member with . You can take , instead of , to deal with this and also use to finish clearing all of its boons.

is taken to provide you with more Life Force.

If you still need more CC then you can take instead of .

Use to remove conditions if your party members are hit by a water twister.


Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

Spread out your so you can cover more of the Lava Elemental spawns.

If you have to clear Lava Elementals for a second time in one phase you can use to Fear the Magma Elementals. This will stop them from protecting the Lava Elementals.

Take Warhorn offhand if you need more CC.

Use and when you are jumping from platform to platform during the final phase. This will help mitigate some of the incoming damage.

Key of Ahdashim

Cardinal Sabir

Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

Use in the final 60% - 0% phase. This will help you with some projectile destruction and reduce incoming pressure.

When using your combo, make sure you don't have any pre-existing conditions. The adds during the final phase can frequently apply conditions to you. If you see that you have conditions on yourself, you can spam to remove them.

Help break the adds during the split phase with and .

Breakbar Phase

Use and to help provide some CC during the large, uncoordinated Breakbar Phase.

Qadim the Peerless

Skills Weaponset

General Scourge Tips

Make sure you bring a Warhorn in your offset to help with CC.

combined with either or will break a Anomaly’s Breakbar. All of these skills are ranged with low Cooldowns making you a great candidate to break them.

Try to use before Qadim the Peerless uses any Knockbacks to make sure nobody gets pushed into the fire.

You can bring to assist with the Anomaly's and Qadim the Peerless’s Breakbars. Every hit of ’s charge should land on Qadim the Peerless due to the nature of his hitbox.

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