Heal Alacrity Mechanist Gameplay Guide

Published Mar 23, 2024 Updated Apr 18, 2024
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Versatile Power, Stalwart Focus

Controlling Your Mech

Piloting and Automation

Mech Movement

Attack My Target, Return to Me, and the Guard/Avoid Combat toggle should be bound onto comfortable keybinds, as they are important to use for positioning your Jade Mech. Return to Me can be used during combat to nudge your mech closer to your position, then it can be commanded to resume granting Might with Attack My Target once in position.

Guard allows the Mech to automatically engage enemies when in combat, at its own discretion. This setting is a good default, but is imprecise. Use Attack My Target to correct the Mech if it selects the wrong target.

Avoid Combat disallows Mech targeting, only allowing it to engage an enemy with Attack My Target. This setting may be helpful around numerous enemies. Reuse Attack My Target when changing targets.

The Mech should be closely monitored at all times to ensure that it is not idle, is engaging the proper enemy, and most importantly that is near your squad.

is the most direct and immediate option for precise Mech positioning. In situations where the Mech must immediately be placed at a specific point, use this. Note that this will interrupt Mech Command skills, namely .

can also be used to precisely position the Mech, if you can afford to wait a few seconds. If casting to circumvent the Cooldown of , it will drop the Mech on top of an enemy.

Mech Commands

Mech Commands replace Toolbelt skills for Mechanist, and inherit most of the trait interactions that would normally apply to Toolbelt skills.

Mech skills can be cast manually, or placed on Autocast, where the mech will cast them automatically while it is in combat and has a target, regardless of circumstance.

causes the Mech to charge a foe and attack them. This skill can be safely placed on Autocast, since it simply causes the Mech to get into melee faster and triggers toolbelt traits.

grants Protection, Stability, Aegis, Alacrity, Cleanse, and Stun Break. Placing this skill on Autocast is ill-advised, since much of its proactive and reactive support value is lost when doing so.

grants Might, Fury, Barrier, and roots your Mech in place while it channels. This skill also grants Alacrity through . This should never be placed on Autocast.

If placed on Autocast, the Mech will cast this immediately when it has an enemy target, even if it is nowhere near your allies. Casting this far away from allies is highly detrimental, especially at the start of an encounter when Autocast is most likely to do so. Cast this skill manually; it is too important to leave up to your Mech.

Guaranteeing Might and Fury Coverage

Redundancy is Important

Might is granted by the Mech through and , and by the Mechanist through Elixir skills with :, , and .

Ignoring Elixir skills or managing the Mech poorly can lead to insufficient group Might stacks.

Fury is covered at full uptime with , but the timing is very tight. As a result, if the skill is delayed either intentionally or because of the recharge debuff, Fury will drop off your subgroup. Uptime may also be affected if allies are not present for all of the Mech's pulses.

In the event no-one else in your subgroup provides Fury, you will need to pad your own uptime with either , or with Inventions' trait.

When to Use Shortbow

A Convenient Quiver of Curative Combustibles

Short Bow has access to a different suite of supportive skills: , , , and .

While these skills are strong, they have their gaps. While Mace can provide Vigor and Regeneration with , Short Bow has no access to these extra boons. Furthermore, the Defiance Break capabilities of Short Bow are lesser than those of Mace/Shield.

This means that by taking Short Bow, the build ends up losing:

  • Vigor and Regeneration overcap
  • Better Defiance Break
  • A channeled Block
  • A personal Reflect
  • A Knockback

To gain:

  • A second source of Aegis
  • Comfier Protection uptime
  • Greater Healing output
  • An additional Cleanse
  • Ranged support for kiting mechanics
  • Additional Might ramp

Mace/Shield should be taken at fights with high-value Defiance Bars, fights where boons are often ripped from players, or when playing with allies who need high Vigor overcap.

Short Bow should be taken at fights where needs to be delayed to handle mechanics through Stability, Stun Break, or Cleanse. At fights like Deimos where Aegis is important, is a second source that can help make the build flexibily cover more threats.

It also performs better under extreme Healing pressure scenarios, such as a drawn-out Boneskinner encounter.

When using Mace/Shield, will need to be cast nearly off-Cooldown to provide full Protection uptime.

Utility Skills

A Toolbox Overflowing

  • is a short Cooldown Blast Finisher
  • is a Knockback dealing 150 Defiance Break
  • creates a Fire Field

  • is a short Cooldown Fire Field
  • Blinds enemies and provides a Smoke Field
  • inflicts brief Immobilize and Cripple

  • inflicts brief Immobilize and Cripple
  • blocks attacks, useful when tanking
  • a long range single-target Pull
  • Stuns, is a Blast Finisher, and Removes Boons
  • grants barrier and Blocks Projectiles
  • provides a Launch
  • provides AoE Knockback around you and your Mech (But cannot hit the same enemy twice)
  • can resummon your mech at encounters where it can become downed

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Cast toKnockback Seekers. If more control is needed, swap to Mace/Shield and use .

Cast as the circle first shows up. The green AoE indicator appears 5 seconds before the damage is dealt. Use if is on-Cooldown. Use plenty of Healing after the damage.

Cast before Defiance Bars, and then onto Vale Guardian during them.

If your squad has no Boon Removal, swapping to can remove Blue Pylon Power from the Blue Guardian.

Be cautious around , as your Aegis will nullify the screen border warning.

Spirit Run

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode
Avoid Combat

Manually Attack My Target Spirits near objectives to better control Mech positioning.

Use for Superspeed.

Use toto Cleanse Crippled.

Use for Stability and Aegis.

Use for Aegis.

Use to strip Spirits of Ethereal.

Gorseval the Multifarious

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Cast to prevent Knockback when Gorseval uses . Use if is on Cooldown.

Use shortly before the Defiance Bar. Use all other Defiance Break during .

Fire on top of Charged Souls, then combo it with for high Chilled output. also Cripples.

Sabetha the Saboteur

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode
Avoid Combat

Heal Alacrity Mechanist has strong ranged boon application, and is a strong kite for this encounter. Make sure to be on-stack whenever casting , or its Cooldown will be increased.

Manually Attack My Target whenever Sabetha, Kernan, Knuckles, or Karde enter the platform.

Cast during Sabetha's flamewall to prevent Bandit Thugs' Knockback. can be used to

Use lots of Cleanse during Karde if squadmates are eating flamethrower attacks.

Salvation Pass


Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Make frequent use of Cleanses to counteract , Poison Mushrooms, and Slublings.

Avoid knocking away Slublings with ; delay or discard the flip skill if you must.

Use shortly before the Defiance Bar. Use all other Defiance Break during Narcolepsy.

Cast to grant Stability during Narcolepsy, to negate the Fear when Slothasor wakes. Cleanses can be used in an emergency where it is still on-Cooldown.

may be swapped for for additional Barrier if your group is struggling with survivability. It can also Block Projectiles of Slublings, until Evolved Slublings begin spawning.

Bandit Trio

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode
Avoid Combat

If handling Mortars, use , + , , or + Chain Reaction to break their Defiance Bars.

Manually Attack My Target bandits near objectives to better control Mech positioning.

Use for mobility while moving bundles. Use to Pull far-away bandits.

Use and when Narella's tornadoes show up to keep your subgroup from being Pulled and Downed.

Matthias Gabrel

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Output a Cleanse whenever Matthias puts Chilled, Burning, or Poisoned onto the squad.

Make sure allies are Healed to full before every spread.

If allies are Knocked Down, can be used to Stun Break them. Make sure to save this skill so it's available 40%.

Cast during Matthias's transformation at 40%, to Aegis the kick's Knockback, and to Stability through the Fear.

Save your Defiance Break when Matthias is about to cast Blood Sacrifice to free your squadmate. This occurs every 45 seconds. Use as a clock, since its 24-second Cooldown will roughly mirror Blood Sacrifice's timing every second cast, with Alacrity.

Cast whenever the alert for Blood Sacrifice displays, and cast on top of the altar.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Siege the Stronghold

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode
Avoid Combat

Manually Attack My Target White Mantle enemies near the group to better control Mech positioning.

If escorting Glenna, use to grant her Superspeed to progress efficiently. Make sure your subgroup has boons when clearing adds. Cast on Warg Bloodhounds, and combo it with for high Chilled output.

If tasked with completing towers with a small group, swap to Mace/Shield, and take instead of . Apply Swiftness and Barrier to navigate the Tunnel of Respite, and use to Knockback white mantle out of the control points.

Keep Construct

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Cast for Stability when Keep Construct is about to deal a Knockdown with .

Cast , , and during , to Cleanse Torment and Confusion, and prevent damage from the attack.

Twisted Castle

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode
Avoid Combat

Manually Attack My Target White Mantle enemies to better control Mech positioning.

are capable of completing a skip after the second portal. If someone else is handling this skip, bring for an additional Launch.

Watch your allies and cast for Stability and Aegis when they are near white mantle or Haunting Statues.

Use , , and to Knockback or Launch Haunting Statues if they are obstructing the path.


Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

If tanking, when Xera casts , use to Cleanse the Confusion. If Xera has boons from Bloodstone Blessed, Block this instead with , or Dodge, avoiding the stack while doing so.

Save if the laser is coming soon. If allies become Floated, cast it to Stun Break them.

Use to help Remove Boons from Xera, deal Defiance Break, or as a Blast Finisher.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Cast on the stack when Cairn the Indomitable casts .

If targeted by , position such that the red ring is not touching the group. Use Return to Me and Attack My Target to wiggle it into the boss. can be done to more precisely place it. Refer to Controlling Your Mech on how to keep the Mech near the stack while kiting .

Mursaat Overseer

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

When Jade Soldiers are on the group, cast to Cleanse the Slow. Cast before they explode.

If you trust your other healer, consider playing Condition Alacrity Mechanist and letting them solo-heal if your subgroup can reach 25 Might.


Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Use , , , , , , and to ensure speedy Defiance Break when Samarog casts .

should be used after other Defiance Break skills. This skill will transform you into either:

  • :
    • Use , , and , then Leave Transform.
  • :
    • Use and . Do not cast or . Remain a and touch Samarog until the Defiance Bar is gone, then Leave Transform.

Use to Launch Rigom into position underneath Samarog during the split phase. Manually Attack My Target Guldhem.


Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Delay . Cast it for Aegis if your group cannot stand inside Saul's ward when Deimos casts . Use to Block it if you cannot Aegis yourself, or if a Greed strips it.

can be timed to grant Aegis for , if necessary.

Prioritize Healing Saul, especially while allies are away fighting one of his Vices if you are the tank. Use to Immobilize Prides as they approach Saul.

Help out with the Defiance Bars of Saul the Thief and Saul the Drunkard. and have 1200 range.

At 10% phase, cast to Aegis the first Launch from Deimos's , then use to Aegis and Stability the second and third. Use to Block for yourself so you can place pools close to Deimos.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Heal Alacrity Mechanist will probably end up tanking this encounter, as it is a survivable healer.

Cleanse conditions you receive with , , and .

Do not cast ; Soulless Horror's will corrupt Stability into Fear. If casting it, apply boons over it so Soulless Horror's will strip those instead, and be sure to side-step .

When at high stacks of Necrosis, use and to pad the heavy incoming damage, and use high Healing skills like and .

When Soulless Horror's Defiance Bar is up, cast , followed by any other Chain Reaction skill, , and .

Equip and Mace/Shield if you are tasked with Knocking Back Tormented Dead.

River of Souls

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode
Avoid Combat

If put on forward group, there's not much to be done; grant your subgroup boons, Superspeed, Healing.

If escorting Desmina, use and to grant her Aegis before every Hallowed Bomber attack.

If you fail to Block the Hallowed Bomber, Heal Desmina back as quickly as possible.

Use to correct movement errors, or if the Mech does something weird. Don't use Attack My Target.

Statues of Grenth

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Tank Broken King, using Aegis and Barrier to catch any green circles that are inside Broken King's autoattack range. Be sure to spread your healing and triage your allies - give ranged Healing to the ones catching , not the ones on stack.

Tank Eater of Souls, and Attack My Target whatever the stack is fighting, like the Twisted Spirit.

Use Flare to stun the Eyes of Grenth for your split group. With a installed, the Stun duration on Flare is increased. Don't cast .


Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

If playing on stack, cast whenever the group is moving. Take the third green since you have a high overcap of most of your boons.

Before , use Return to Me. After , use to Cleanse Torment on allies. If a player was not hit by the field, use . Use and so the subgroup can outrun the inward pull of . Use to rip boons from Dhuum.

If kiting, use and to outrun Messengers, and use ranged heals like and . can be taken instead of if Boon Removal is covered.

During Ritual, just before the group moves to interact with the Seals, cast: + . Use to return to the center, and cast on anyone low on health as they run back.

The Mythwright Gambit

Conjured Amalgamate

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Use on the stack location, then Manually Attack My Target on Conjured Amalgamate before each collection phase to better position the Mech.

When Conjured Amalgamate casts , use or alternatingly for Aegis to negate the Knockdown.

Cast before each second , and use along with your other Defiance Break on Conjured Shields.

Sorting and Appraisal

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Try to outheal the damage of Ectoplasmic Conglomeration. Manually Attack My Target while breaking each Defiance Bar.

If fighting minipets, use to Pull them into position.

Twin Largos

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Heal Alacrity Mechanist will almost always have to tank one of the two sides. As stacks accrue on the final platform, cycle through Barrier and Healing to survive.

At Nikare, use to free any allies Floated by . Either Block or Dodge the Launch. Use after to Cleanse conditions.

At Kenut, Dodge the wave and Cleanse her Torment from . can be used to Block if moving through one.


Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

If tanking, cycle between and side-stepping, and Cleanse conditions the Imbued Hydra manages to apply to you.

Cast before each Defiance Bar, so is can be used alongside other Defiance Break skills. Failing these Defiance Bars can wipe the raid.

While at Qadim, use to Stability through the Knockback from .

Make sure not to drop Swiftness; moving around the arena without it eats a lot of time.

The Key of Ahdashim

Cardinal Adina

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode

Cast and for Superspeed and Barrier as Cardinal Adina casts and forces the squad to hide. Use to quickly restack and resume after each split.

While fighting Hands of Eruption, can be used to negate an incoming . Use Attack My Target sure the Mech is stacked properly.

If forced to solo Reflects, use , drop and , and take and .

Cardinal Sabir

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode
Avoid Combat

Use Attack My Target at the start of each phase.

All skills with Defiance Break should be used during Cardinal Sabir's Electrical Repulsion.

Cycle through Healing and Barrier when Cardinal Sabir has Ion Shield stacks and deals increased damage.

Use Return to Me during so your Mech can pulse boons inside the corner Eye of the Storm. Use Attack My Target afterward.

Cast to Block Missiles when Paralyzing Wisps are active during the final phase.

Qadim the Peerless

Skills Weaponset Mech Mode
Avoid Combat

Break Pylon Defiance Bars with , Chain Reaction, and . Use and other available Defiance Break after each phase to re-control Pylons.

Attack My Target Qadim the Peerless at the start of each phase.

If tanking, make sure the Mech is positioned to pulse boons on the group. Return to Me and Attack My Target can be used to wiggle it into place. Frequently Cleanse Vulnerability to tank repeated . Use and cast Healing skills on yourself to survive.

When Qadim the Peerless destroys a pylon, use to grant the group Aegis and Stability. Make sure the Mech on stack when doing so.

Entropic Distortions' Defiance Bars can be handled by using Chain Reaction, and either or . If no Chain Reaction is ready, use .

If a kiter is struggling to survive, put , , or on them.

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