Heal Quickness Scrapper Gameplay Guide

Published Jan 13, 2024 Updated Jan 13, 2024
Darshie meta team
Versatile Power, Stalwart Focus

Function Gyro

Multi-purpose support tool

Scrapper's unique profession mechanic, has several properties:

  • Creates a Lightning Field
  • Revives Downed players
    • This skill's Cooldown is increased by 50% for each revived player!
  • Performs a Blast Finisher thanks to

You can modify its effects with various traits:

  • Grant Superspeed to allies via
  • Daze enemies via
    • This trait also grants group Barrier every time you Disable enemies
  • Grant Stability to allies via

Fury and Relics

provides Fury; if that is already covered, you can use to Heal with every Blast Finisher.

If you want to use and still need to provide Fury, use with Inventions' trait.

Combo Fields

When determining which field your Combo Finishers will combine with, the game considers:

  • The location of the Finisher
  • The Field's owner, prioritizing your own
  • Which Field the caster has spent the most time inside of

Blasting a combo field grants support to your subgroup:

  • Fire: Might
  • Water: Healing
  • Lightning: Swiftness
  • Light: Condition Cleanse
  • Smoke: Stealth

Using a Leap Finisher in a Lightning Field will Daze your target.

Utility Skills

  • is a short Cooldown Blast Finisher
  • is a Knockback dealing 150 Defiance Break
  • creates a Fire Field

  • Toolbelt skill Launches enemies and acts as a Blast Finisher
  • is a short Cooldown Fire Field
  • Blinds enemies and provides a Smoke Field
  • inflicts brief Immobilize and Cripple

  • inflicts brief Immobilize and Cripple
  • blocks attacks, useful when tanking
  • a long range single-target Pull
  • , toolbelt skill from grants group Stability from 900 range
  • provides a Launch and Daze
  • provides subgroup Stealth and a Smoke Field

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