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Condition Alacrity Mechanist provides its subgroup with permanent Alacrity and 25 stacks of Might whilst dealing as much Condition Damage as possible.

Condition Alacrity Mechanist is additionally able to passively generate a small amount of Barrier as well as decent uptimes on other boons: ~80% Fury, ~30% Protection as well as access to Stability once every 24 seconds.

The rotation of Condition Alacrity Mechanist is sadly very unforgiving and requires the user to focus on using your mech abilities: and off Cooldown.

On high pressure fights where your mech might get destroyed, you want to swap for to quickly get your mech back as soon as possible. Your mech is responsible for all the boons you provide so keeping it alive is your priority!

Item Stat







Item Stat







Primary Weapon Set

Ritualist'sMain Hand

Off Hand

Other Items





Mech Priority List

Besides your own rotation, you also have to manage the mech's skills. Make sure to use them off Cooldown in the following order:


  1. - blast for Might
  2. - blast for Might
  3. - until is off Cooldown

First Loop

  1. (difference to third loop)
  2. (difference to third loop)
  3. - until is off Cooldown
  4. (difference to third loop)

Second Loop

  1. (difference to fourth loop)
  2. - until is off Cooldown

Third Loop

  1. (difference to first loop)
  2. (difference to first loop)
  3. - until is off Cooldown
  4. (difference to first loop)

Fourth Loop

  1. (difference to second loop)
  2. - until is off Cooldown
Skills & Traits


Your rotation will look like this:

  • Opening
  • First Loop
  • Second Loop
  • Third Loop
  • Fourth Loop
  • Repeat from the First Loop

In order to be ready to use your CC for Breakbars, you can skip in your rotation. should also be avoided if pushing adds is unwanted.

Keep in mind that both and will cause the mech to interrupt , ultimately causing boon issues unfixable for the next 28s! Always wait for the mech to finish casting ! Unlike the player, the mech is unable to queue skills!

Remember to reposition your mech with the corresponding skills before sharing boons.

Built with and in Australia, Spain, & Canada
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