Condition Reaper

is a fairly straightforward rotation to learn. The rotation loops perfectly, provides decent CC and a solid amount of .

This build, similarily to , is strong at cleaving large groups of mobs through direct damage and condition damage.

offers a very simple condition based DPS class, which is easy to pick up, however comes with a fairly expensive gearing pathway.

Build Updated
Aug 19, 2021
Skill Floor
2 / 5
Skill Ceiling
4 / 5
Boon Reliance
4 / 5
May 2021 Balance
Item Stat Sigil / Rune
Primary Weapon Set
Main Hand
Secondary Weapon Set
Main Hand
Item Stat
Food & Utility
Infusion x18
Rotation Log
Build Template
x 2 x 3

Use off .

You can early to cancel the aftercast of .

When using and you only need to do two auto attack chains. If is on and you only use then you must do three auto attack chains.

After 50% you should use twice instead of .

Utility Skills & Variations

is your highest DPS heal skill. It will constantly tick healing to you and can be sacrificed for a bigger heal.

is taken for the flat damage, the application, as well as the additional uptime.

is taken for the flat damage and additional conditions. This can also be swapping out freely if you require something different.

applies four stacks of to your target, two stacks of to you and two stacks of to you. These self-conditions can be instantly transferred to your target by using .

provides a large amount of pulsing conditions. It also applies and to you. This will also sync up with your meaning that you can transfer these conditions with .

is a viable heal skill choice if you feel that condition cleanse will be needed.

is another viable heal skill choice if you are starved for .

can be taken if you find you need additional on demand boon removal. The best way to use this skill in your rotation when the boon removal is not needed is .

is a strong choice if you need additional mob cleave. You will not have access to this skill during the part of your rotation and the self inflicted could potentially interfere with the condition transfer parts of your rotation so be wary. The best time to use this skill is the start of the Scepter part of your rotation.

can be taken at a moderate DPS loss in exchange for a large amount of CC depending on hitbox size.

Traits & Variations

causes your critical hits to give and that your has a 20% longer duration.

will cause your to apply which in turn will do damage due to . This trait has a three second cooldown.

gives you + 180 which will help push you towards 100% .

reduces the on your and . It also causes your Corruption skills to give you conditions which can then be transferred via .

gives you a massive 20% , if you assume an average of 10 conditions. It also converts a percentage of your into .

is a game changer. This trait changes your Scepter Skill #3 into . It also causes you to have increased while on your Scepter set. Finally, any conditions that are applied by your Scepter skills have 50% more . provides more than if there are multiple enemies around.

increases the amount of you get by 10%. This is an amazing trait that will help you to survive the boss auras that tick away at your .

causes you to do 10% more damage for 10 seconds when you enter or leave .

increases your by 20%. This will help you maintain high .

causes you to give whenever you hit with .

makes your critical hits against enemies cause an explosion that applies more to surrounding enemies. This will, in turn, cause due to the trait . This trait has an eight second .

causes your to also inflict . This is the reason for using . Again, any that is applied also applies due to .

causes you to deal 10% more damage to foes within 300 range. It also causes you to heal for 5% of the damage dealt.

causes your to last 20% longer and causes you to inflict 10% more damage to enemies.

causes any you apply to also inflict two stacks of .

Spirit Vale

You may need to swap out for to maintain decent levels of due to .

Make sure you don't accidentally in with . Try to aim them to the side of or, if you are tanking at the wall, you can aim them into the wall.

If it's convenient, use to help CC .

If you have no one to strip the you can use . This will strip the debuff and allow you to DPS.

will help apply some quick .

You can use all your on the as they will be ready again by the time you are back at .

Use to help CC the and . You also have .

Try not to use during as you will probably kill yourself.

Remember that you have to give yourself to prevent the from .

You don't need to skill save during the split phase as all of your skills will be back off by the time you are back at .

You can use to the if they are getting close to .

Use the end of the split phase to build up your a bit!

You can help CC with , .

Remember that will drain extremely quickly during the ! Luckily, after each adds will spawn. This will help replenish your .

You can aim to in adds if they aren't under control.

You can help CC with and .

Salvation Pass

You can aim to in . Once they are in, you can them with .

If your subgroup lacks a or some way to prevent the after each , you can take . This is a personal and will convert conditions to boons.

You can help CC with and .

If you're scared about the after each , you can use to grant yourself .

We recommend playing at this encounter.

Stronghold of the Faithful

We recommend playing at this encounter.

You can aim to in adds if they aren't under control. Once they are in, you can them with .

can be used in the second phase to help strip boons if manages to get into any shard AoEs.

You can help CC with and .

Bastion of the Penitent

You can use to provide yourself with to skip .

If you get ported by , use to get back to quickly.

is just a DPS golem. Take this as an opportunity to practise your rotation.

We recommend playing at this encounter.

You don't have access to any blocks with this build. This means you will always have to run to the middle for every .

You can use on the Prides and Greeds. Try to cleave and them at the same time. If one of the adds is under 50% health, it will reset the on .

You will need to use more frequently for the first 50% of the fight, to maintain decent levels of as there are no adds. Once the Prides and Greeds start spawning, you should have enough . The hands will also give you at the end of each split phase.

If Saul manages to steal boons from your squad. You can use to remove some of them.

You can use all your at the split phase as they will be ready again by the time you are back at .

The at each of the split phases are very small. Don't waste all your CC immediately on a single . You have access to , , and .

Hall of Chains

We recommend playing at this encounter.

If you have no access to boon strip, you could drop for . If still has boons, you can use to remove the final few.

Take advantage of the Enforcer that spawns with . You can use it to reset the of your .

You can use to deal with mechanics. It has a low and can be used to get back and forth from

Mythwright Gambit

We recommend playing at this encounter. We recommend playing at this encounter. We recommend playing at this encounter.

Key of Ahdashim

We recommend playing at this encounter.

You can drop just before the end of each . This will ensure that your subgroup gets healed up before occurs.

After each , you can use to quickly get back to .

Make sure that you don't waste your burst if a is about to occur.

In the final phase, you can go and deal with the adds. You have a lot of damage and can quickly burst them down.

You have no way to avoid the one-hit shockwave. You are forced to take the Tornados to avoid it.

You can help CC with and .

We recommend playing at this encounter.

Introduction to Reaper

is a second health pool that you can dip into when you want to gain access to your .

You gain through the death of enemies or allies that surround you.

You can also gain through a selection of different skills: - 8.75% , additional 1% per condition (Max 5) and an additional 2% per enemy. - 2.25% per hit per target. - 4.5% per target. - 1.75% per target.

Your biggest source of is: .

Your ticks down by 5% for every second that you are in . When you are in and take damage, that damage will remove your . The damage you take in is, however, reduced by 50%.

You have two traits that help you with generation and size: increases the amount of you gain from skills by 10%. increases your maximum pool by 20%.

You need all the help you can get when generating . Boss auras, that tick every three seconds on almost all encounters, will quickly chip away at your when you enter . You need to get that back up as high as possible before you next enter .

issues are reduced on encounters with adds or split phases. These breaks or adds will help you top up your .

Minions are specific to the class and can have many uses in the build.

Minions have high base health and will not easily die, unless specifically targeted by an enemy.

Once a minion is summoned, you will gain access to a secondary skill. This skill will vary depending on which minion was summoned.

You will encounter three minions with the builds: is your heal skill. This minion will siphon health to you with it's auto attack. The secondary skill for this minion is . This skill will heal you for a more significant amount but it will destroy your minion. deals fairly high physical damage and inflicts . The secondary skill for this minion is which inflicts . is an elite skill that deals fairly high physical damage and inflicts . The secondary skill for this minion is . This skill deals 232 damage.

gives you access to five additional skills. When you enter your will decrease by 5% per second. This means that you will only have a limited time in before you need to exit to recuperate your .

Let's take a look at your skills and see what they do: is your auto attack chain while in . Your final attack, , will give you . is a strong movement skill that destroys projectiles and gives to nearby enemies. Use this skill for mobility when moving during split phases. . grants you reduce incoming damage by 20% and grants you for six seconds. causes a one second . is one of your heavy hitting skills. It does direct damage, applies and is a whirl finisher. Make sure to use this skill inside of a boss so you know all the projectiles from your whirl finisher actually hit. is a CC skill that also leaves behind an ice field that applies . This skill is used to ensure that we apply plenty of through .

Feel free to use as soon you enter for the damage reduction.

Cleaving adds is extremely beneficial for generation. , , and all your other generating skills all scale off the amount of targets hit.

has a huge aftercast that can be canceled near instantly by either swapping weapons or entering .


= 150 damage.

= 200 damage.

= 232 damage.