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Heal Alacrity Specter Gameplay Guide

Published Dec 11, 2023 Updated May 5, 2024
Heal Specter Enbyfriend
Healing and Boons

Your Initiative and Slot Skills are inaccessible when you .

The beneficial effects of all skills are granted to you, and to allies in your subgroup around your Shrouded Ally.

Every Shadow Shroud skill grants Alacrity on cast via . Most grant Healing and an extra effect if you hit an enemy:

  • grants Might
  • Cleanses condition
  • grants Barrier

grants instant Stability, then Stuns enemies after a delay.

and are your primary Alacrity sources thanks to their short cast times and Cooldown.

You cannot without some Shadow Force, generated by:

  • Spending Initiative
  • Shadowstepping near allies via
  • Casting on an enemy.

Shadow Shroud absorbs damage like normal health, so you can get kicked out in high pressure encounters.

Incoming damage pressure can be mitigated by Toughness, Protection, and Barrier.

When you , you convert any remaining Shadow Force into Healing/Barrier via .

Where your effects originate

When you , you will tether to another player within 1,200 range, your Shrouded Ally, with the following priority:

  1. Directly target an ally.

    Ideally use your Take Personal Target keybind; otherwise pray and use Next Ally or Nearest Ally.

  2. Cast on an ally to permanently designate them as your Shrouded Ally.
  3. Random ally within your subgroup.

Your tether, and the designation of your Shrouded Ally via , ends if you move 1,200 range away from your Shrouded Ally.

If you tether to a player outside your subgroup, boons are granted to your subgroup normally—this Shrouded Ally does not count in your target cap.

You can use ...

  • On an enemy (to trigger "when you Steal" effects like , , and ) without affecting your choice of Shrouded Ally.
  • To instantly change your Shrouded Ally during .
  • To tether the tank in many raid encounters, keeping your boon AoE near the boss if the tank cannot receive spread mechanics.

All Wells generate Resistance and Shadow Force on cast via .

All Shadowsteps generate Shadow Force and provide burst healing via and .

Applying Stealth to allies grants Barrier via and Protection via ; this guide uses the shorthand Stealth Support.

Healing Skills

Any Heal skill generates Barrier via .

a Shadowstep Well with sustained healing pulses and a Combo Field for .

Elite Skills

  • a Shadowstep Well that Pulls in an unimpressive Radius; useful for trait interactions and dealing Defiance Break to multiple enemies.
  • superior Defiance Break against a single target with a shorter Cooldown.

Utility Skills

  • a Shadowstep Well that first grants Stability, then 8 Might. Fury and Vigor overcap heavily with traits in the Trickery Trait Line traitline. Regeneration is valuable, combined with and Stealth for full uptime.
  • provides Stealth Support, Regeneration via , and a Blast for . The Stability is self-only. The Boons covered by this skill frees up your Initiative for other purposes.
  • a Shadowstep Well that Dazes enemies once, and cleanses conditions from allies on every pulse.
  • affects allies in the radius, instantly cleansing conditions and restoring 2 bars of endurance for Dodging.
  • places the exit of a portal. Cast near your allies to allow 5 players to teleport to that exit.
  • two Shadowsteps; take this for personal mobility to deal with certain mechanics.
  • a projectile-destroying Combo Field, marginally useful when blasting for and Stealth Support.
  • provides Stealth Support and revives Downed allies.
  • inflicts 300 Defiance Break. You can prepare this skill early for an upcoming Defiance Bar, getting double usage out of extended phases e.g. Cardinal Sabir.
  • applies rapid Vulnerability.

Scepter/Pistol provides the best combination of Healing, Boon output, and Defiance Break. Your second weapon set should be selected for utility.

  • another off-hand Pistol with , to buff most of your Defiance Break output.
  • main-hand Sword, for stationary burst Healing via (note: this competes with the burst Healing and Barrier of on Scepter). Don't overstay your welcome on this weapon, as you lose acess to Barrier and Regeneration!
  • Short Bow for personal mobility/Healing via , AoE Daze via , and blasting via .
  • Staff to reflect projectiles with (highly situational).

You will always want the Spectre, Shadow Arts, and Trickery trait lines, as only they provide Heal and Boon support.

Healing, Alacrity, and other Boons

will zero out your Shadow Force every time you . If the encounter has either:

  • low healing requirement
  • very high damage pressure which reduces the support provided by
  • excessive downtime between phases, where Alacrity will drop off

then consider taking instead.

Healing and Protection

Applying Stealth to your allies interferes with your allies' hands-off Auto Attacking. This is extremely disruptive for Deadeye, so always make sure they are in the other subgroup.

Boons and Initiative

  • allows you to Steal Boons, but don't delay using too long!
    • If the enemy has no Boons, you will apply 5 more Might to allies, allowing you to skip one cast of .
  • grants bonus Initiative to maintain Boons more easily. In certain scenarios you may prefer to boost the utility of : granting Swiftness, Stealing Boons, and dynamically prioritizing your Shrouded Ally.

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