Heal Alacrity Specter

Strike from the shadows with our Guild Wars 2 Heal Alacrity Specter build.
Published Aug 7, 2023 Updated Dec 14, 2023
Secrets of the Obscure
Heal Specter Enbyfriend
Pros +
Good mobility Plenty of CC Plenty of utility Capable kite
Cons -
High learning curve High mastery curve Relies on resource management Requires accurate positioning Forced movement
Power 1000
Toughness 1409
Vitality 2166
Precision 1000
Critical Chance 5%
Ferocity 0
Critical Damage 150%
Condition Damage 932
Healing Power 1093
Expertise 150
Condition Duration 10%
Concentration 798
Boon Duration 88.2%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Plaguedoctor's ScepterMain Hand

Plaguedoctor's PistolOff Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

Build Concept

  • to Heal allies and apply Alacrity.
    • Generate Shadow Force by shadowstepping near allies, using (enemy-targeted), and spending Initiative.
  • Boons
    • Might and Protection - Initiative skills.
    • Protection and Regeneration - ally-targeted
    • Might, Fury, Swiftness, Vigor, and Regeneration - (enemy-targeted) and .
    • Stability - and . does not grant Stability to allies.
    • Resistance - Well skills.
  • Heal allies outside Shadow Shroud with shadowsteps.
  • Cleanse Conditions with , , and .
  • Grant Barrier with (), (), Scepter skills, and Shadow Shroud.
  • Blast Wells or ally fields with , , and to heal via .

Suggested Opener

While targeting the enemy:

  • x4
  • x2
  • with 5 Stacks of
  • ally-targeted


Might - AoE around the Spectre when striking an enemy with . Cast twice every time you cast .

Ally-targeted skills apply their effects in a small 240 Radius around your target, with 50% duration; consider each skill as applying only half the listed duration.

Use custom keybinds for Set Personal Target and Take Personal Target for an ally you know will remain close to group (doing no fight mechanics).

  • Protection - Between each cast of , spend Initiative on roughly 3 casts of ally-targeted .
  • Burst Heal - (gap closer). Flips over to...
    • Barrier - provides redundant boons, but decent barrier.

ABC: Always Be Casting! Your Scepter auto-attack grants free Barrier when targeting allies!

If you don't know what to do with your Initiative, do not let it fill to max. Spend it on ally-targeted .

Shadow Shroud

Every Shadow Shroud skill grants Alacrity on cast, and most grant Healing and an extra effect if you hit an enemy:

  • - Might
  • - Condition Cleanse
  • - Barrier

and are your primary Alacrity sources thanks to their short cast times and Cooldown.

When you , you convert any remaining Shadow Force into Healing/Barrier via trait.

See the gameplay guide for more details.

will Stealth your allies, applying Protection and Barrier, but interfering with your allies' hands-off Auto Attacking. This is extremely disruptive for Deadeye, so always make sure they are in the other subgroup.

After entering Stealth, cast on an ally to grant Regeneration. This will Reveal you!

The strike damage from , , , and can Reveal you prematurely when they strike an enemy. If any of these skills are about to do so, adjust when you cast .

Your other Wells will never Reveal you, even when affecting enemies!

If you need another utility skill and don't need condition cleanse, swap out . Otherwise, swap out (cover the missing Protection and Regeneration with and ).

See the gameplay guide for options.

See the gameplay guide for trait variations.

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