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Heal Quickness Scrapper provides permanent by applying in combination with to a single group of five players, while supporting the squad with large amounts of both burst and sustained healing. Heal Quickness Scrapper is known for its versatility and arsenal utility, having access to almost anything ever required on any boss and therefore is an excellent choice for almost every encounter.

Heal Quickness Scrapper can fully cover , , and with or for five players. Additionally it provides a high uptime on , , and with and has access to both projectile destruction and reflection, area , , and heavy CC. While this might sound like a lot, it only describes the versatility of the class - is NOT able to bring all those things at the same time, therefore the setup has to be adapted and chosen wisely depending on the encounter it is about to face!

For more advanced groups, this build can be adjusted to grant , which however will noticably reduce your healing output and versatility.

Heal Quickness Scrapper is easy to pick up for just healing and providing , however most of its advanced utility is gated behind a high skill ceiling and it therefore easy to learn but hard to master.

Item Stat







Item Stat







Primary Weapon Set

Harrier'sMain Hand

Off Hand

Other Items






Quickness Rotation

In order to guarantee perfect uptime, the following skills have to be cast off :

If is swapped with another Gyro, has to be cast on in order to make up for the lack of .

Healing Rotation

is able to generate immense amounts of healing. However, most of the time the following healing skills provide enough sustain:

  • in combination with
  • from and
  • Any Toolbelt skill in combination with
  • Any Blast Finisher inside a Water Field

Damage Rotation

When is not needed, should be cast for damage instead. Furthermore, the following skills can also be used to deal a little bit more damage and/or increase the amounts of conditions on the boss, which benefits DPS and DPS :

Skills & Traits


While there is a default skill-setup, to be utmost efficient uses different setups for different encounters.

However, it is advised to always use two utility Gyros at all time to guarantee perfect uptime.


can be switched to in order to provide .


Heal Quickness Scrapper does not have a regular rotation. This is due to using Kits instead of a , thus having access to all skills at any given time. This enables a fluent adjustment depending on the current situation.

Built with and in Australia, Spain, & Canada
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