Condition Scourge

is a relatively easy build to learn but can be tricky to master due to a heavy requirement of management and placement. The key to mastery is understanding the prioritization of your skills and why they are ordered as such.

This build will underperform in situations where skills like or supportive effects like and condition cleanse cannot be utilized but shines in situations where ranged damage is needed.

The damage that offers is 400, most coming from , but can be increased to 600 in a pinch by taking a Warhorn.

is a beginner friendly build but can only reach its true potential at a few encounters. Learning the order of skill priority is very important to mastering this class.

Build Updated
May 24, 2021
Skill Floor
2 / 5
Skill Ceiling
3 / 5
Boon Reliance
4 / 5
May 2021 Balance
Item Stat Sigil / Rune
Primary Weapon Set
Main Hand
Item Stat
Food & Utility
Infusion x18
Rotation Log
Build Template

doesn’t have to worry about keeping track of due to them all being visible at all times. As such, you want to use your abilities with the following prioritization in mind.

Use any weapon skill that is off with the following priority:

Complete your Scepter auto attack chain, this mainly applies to the final chain attack - . You can interrupt your auto attack chain if comes off .

Use as a filler skill and ensure you maintain three of them!

Use the combination of into if both skills are off .

Begin a new Scepter auto attack chain if you can't complete any of the above steps.

There are two key parts of your arsenal that you need to keep in mind whilst in a fight: Maintaining three of permanently. The skill combination.

You should use your skills with the following priority:

Remember that has an internal of one second!

If you continue to maintain these, you can use the rest of your abilities off with the above skill prioritization in mind.

Furthermore, without a formal rotation you are "punished" less for retaining skills that are needed for a given situation, like saving for CC.

Utility Skills & Variations

provides you with a decent heal and gives Barrier to your subgroup. It will also corrupt any boons on nearby foes into and . is your highest DPS heal but offers much more team support and overall value.

applies four stacks of to your target, two stacks of to you and two stacks of to you. These self-conditions can be instantly transferred to your target by triggering the trait .

can be used to resurrect a squad member, at range and it also helps you maintain high levels of which lets you spam your shade skills more!

is taken for the you can gain by using . This allows you to spam your shade skills more.

provides a large amount of pulsing conditions. It also applies and to you due to .

is by far your strongest utility. You will always take over , except for single target encounters.

can be taken if you already have enough due to large amounts of adds or you are at an encounter, like , where you minions can get destroyed by certain mechanics. If this is the case then you can take over .

can be taken when projectile destruction is required. This is extremely useful for encounters like and .

can be taken at a moderate DPS loss in exchange for a large amount of CC depending on hitbox size.

Traits & Variations

causes your critical hits to give and that your has a 20% longer duration.

causes you to transfer two conditions with your next attack when you enter . This is used to transfer the self-inflicted conditions from .

gives you + 180 which will help push you towards 100% .

reduces the on your and . It also causes your Corruption skills to give you conditions which can then be transferred via .

gives you a massive 20% , if you assume an average of 10 conditions. It also converts a percentage of your into .

is a game changer. This trait changes your Scepter Skill #3 into . It also causes you to have increased while on your Scepter set. Finally, any conditions that are applied by your Scepter skills have 50% more . provides more than if there are multiple enemies around.

increases the amount of you get by 10%. This is an amazing trait that will help you to survive the boss auras that tick away at your .

causes your sand shade skills to have a lower . This will allow you to spam them more freely.

causes you to do 10% more damage for 10 seconds when you enter or leave .

increases your by 20%. This will help you maintain high .

causes you to give whenever you use . If you have a shade placed and use any shade skill it will trigger . This trait has a one second when playing with the and will not constantly trigger with the pulses from .

reduces the of your Torch skills and gives you additional based on your .

causes you to gain 5% and 5% per shade.

causes your punishment skills to have reduced and for your to cause when used after a punishment skill.

causes your to do additional damage and to also cause .

Should you ever need to run , keep in mind it is a 10 - 15% dps loss on average.

Running for the personal survivability will result in a 15% dps loss on average.

Spirit Vale

is useful here both to put conditions on most of the and to help keep them off of the group. The constant presence means that they are perfect targets for .

Be sure to take advantage of any that are close to the group to gain additional from hitting them with .

Also keep in mind that when the reset, they “die”, so you will constantly be getting throughout the fight. Spam those shroud skills accordingly!

Shades can be effectively placed here to help away the before they get too close with . This assumes that you don't have a to use .

You can use for damage mitigation but keep in mind that the is too long to barrier every green. If you have enough you can use as well.

off of the as soon as the is in range.

Be sure to utilize from and the from to help speed up breaking the guardians.

You can also take Warhorn as your other offhand, so you don't need to waste by using .

is effective for dealing with the Spirits that summons after he uses , the during the split phase (to spread around extra damage and additional and ) and the Spectral Orbs that spawn around the fight area.

can be taken to provide some for your subgroup for .

Be aware that if you get hit by the “egg” attack, , all of your active minions will immediately die, so be careful.

If your group’s DPS is fine but is lacking in CC, you can swap out for .

Try to place your on nearby Spectral Orbs that can’t quite reach to help out your team with orb clearing.

Try to use or , if you have enough , before his retaliation phase if your breaks are not instantaneous to help mitigate the damage.

returns once you phase a champion to 25%. Use on the champion to essentially “Epi bounce” with yourself.

You will be in charge of kiting. Make use of to kill the adds but only after they've thrown a .

When kiting, try to make sure you’re the one kicking bombs. If you’re having issues with and mobility in general AND your team has enough output you can swap out for for almost permanent .

If you are doing cannons you will need to remind the to take over as kiter. The following combo can be used to kill the cannons: combo for when you go up. Trigger as much as possible with your other shroud abilities.

Salvation Pass

You can use as an extra safety net to deal with the after the .

While you can use to deal with the that spawn, be VERY careful that you do not accidentally on to the player slubling.

Keep in mind will only bounce to 5 targets and only the 5 closest targets to will be affected. To Clarify - If there are 5 enemy closer to than the player you can without having to worry.

Be sure to place where your plan to pull to be able to DPS them down easily, should you be unable to use at the time.

Should you be doing mushrooms, keep in mind that your minions will die, so try to do either the first or the last mushroom to avoid this being an issue (that or just don’t use any minions).

While not impossible to hit, can be tricky to make use of in its entirety here; if you’re having problems swap it out for for a more consistent (though smaller) level of damage as well as better CC.

If you are struggling during the phase then you could swap in to help with uptime.

Keep in mind that as of the recent changes, cleansing from allies gives them !

You can place on any outlying Icy Patch to kill it with

You can place barrier on allies that are about to be sacrificed to give them an even larger health bonus whilst transformed. This is because barrier will dynamically change depending on your maximum health, so a minor barrier can increase enormously once a player “transforms” into the sacrifice and “gains” their 100k HP.

Stronghold of the Faithful

We recommend playing at this encounter.

You can use on the first of the two “pre-event” islands and have it back up in time for the start of the fight proper. You will only cast once per phase, so if it is not back up in time it is not an issue.

Note: mitigates the insta-kill from the pre-event pressure pads.

can be used to clear shards during the second phase.

Be careful using here. While it is extremely useful for shard clear, if you cast it on mobs standing in shards they will become fully buffed. Much like all adds standing in shards have their conditions converted into boons, so please use with caution.

Keep in mind that the white mantle that spawn in via the orb are "there" but and will eat projectiles.

Bastion of Penitent

You can take to provide so you can avoid having to go to the circles. You should drop for .

can be taken to destroy the projectiles from ! This may help with squad survivability.

Your can be handy in an emergency; for instance if players with go to the same green circle as the rest of the group.

Since the majority of your rotation can be done from range and you are fairly defensible with your , consider intentionally taking to make life easier for your more melee oriented allies.

Using here makes dealing with the and Soldiers a very safe affair. Be sure to time it to get the best ratio of earliest possible cast to most targets hit. Also be aware that the bounce window is very small, so be sure to communicate accordingly.

You can make use of your to further apply damage to the . Use this to damage the furthest , as the center two will be killed by .

To elaborate on good timing for , assuming is kept very slightly off center you will be able to hit three of the at any given time. Typically you will have five strategic casts of in an optimal scenario.

Note: This assumes little to no movement of at all When the approach your group for the first time, cast just before the cross the line between the first and second row of panels. Cast again as the northernmost is about to cross the line between the second and third row of panels. Cast for a third time as the first (created by the southernmost ) approaches the group. This is not applicable if your group dedicates DPS to deal with it. Cast for a forth time as the center two become active again. Cast for a fifth time as the northernmost becomes active again.

Use when come to the group to clear off your squad members. If you have the spare you can use to alleviate any incoming damage pressure.

We recommend playing at this encounter.

You can take advantage of the Prides, Greeds and “fake” Sauls here for bouncing. Just keep in mind that pretty much everything in this fight can “eat” projectiles. The hand AoEs, the black oil AoEs, even the statues on the outside of the area can be targeted by despite not being “valid” targets.

Be sure to place your accordingly to help kill the Prides as they approach Saul.

Hall of Chains

You can take Warhorn on your offhand set if your team is really slacking on CC. You can also swap out for if you still need more!

Use to help reduce the pressure from the Wurms.

bouncing is a vital skill to have here and requires impeccable timing due to the small window that the Tormented Dead and Flesh Wurms stay alive after being hit by it.

If your group is using knockout strat for the Tormented Dead, try to use as soon as it is parallel to the group to both ensure it hits and also to give time for your allies to reposition to knock it away and off the platform.

Unless you’re doing the Challenge Mote, has little to no use here.

You can also take to make it easier to deal with and . If you take you can bait out by standing inside ’s hitbox. As it leaves a portal behind you can near instantly be in and out of the group to break the shackles allowing the other player to continue DPS.

can be helpful for ensuring stacks are removed from your allies during . In the event an ally is hit by the fissures attack and are feared off in a random direction, you can “rescue” them by placing a shade on them and cleansing the .

also means you can afford to be out of position before due to being able to cleanse the off of yourself.

Take if you have no one else to deal with the boon strip after . You should drop if needed.

During the final 10% try to stack up shades on your group to provide some extra barrier to allies before moving out of the bubble to “push the buttons”. will still take damage during the final 10%, even when he is untargetable.

Should you be kiting, you can use to help mitigate the damage from the bombs, . You can also use a combination of Scepter auto attacks and Shade placement to grab aggro from the Messengers without a problem.

If you're having issues with whilst kiting and your team has enough output, you can swap out the trait for . This as well as will provide near permanent .

Mythwright Gambit

We recommend playing at this encounter.

will gain boons when it hits a squad member with . You can take , instead of , to deal with this and also use to finish clearing all of its boons.

If you still need more CC then you can take instead of .

Use to remove conditions if your party members are hit by a water twister.

You can use and to provide Barrier to your subgroup if they are taking too much ticking damage from . This will only occur on the final platform.

Use to stop the from reaching .

Spread out your so you can cover more of the spawns.

If you have to clear for a second time in one phase you can use to the Magma Elementals. This will stop them from protecting the .

Take Warhorn offhand if you need more CC.

You can use on the to help cleave the adds. Just be a little bit careful as it might kill the lamp.

You can use between the and the if they are on platforms next to each other.

Use and when you are jumping from platform to platform during the final phase. This will help mitigate some of the incoming damage.

Key of Ahdashim

We recommend playing at this encounter.

Use in the final 60% - 0% phase. This will help you with some projectile destruction and reduce incoming pressure.

When using your combo, make sure you don't have any pre-existing conditions. The adds during the final phase can frequently apply conditions to you. If you see that you have conditions on yourself, you can spam to remove them.

Help break the adds during the split phase with and .

Use and to help provide some CC during the large, uncoordinated .

Don't waste any during the as they that has will void your damage.

Use and after you have broken the . This will help prevent any squad member from going to the following AoEs.

Make sure you bring a Warhorn in your offset to help with CC.

combined with either or will break a ’s . All of these skills are ranged with low making you a great candidate to break them.

Try to use before ’s to make sure nobody gets pushed into the fire.

You can bring to assist with the 's and ’s . Every hit of ’s charge should land on due to the nature of his hitbox.

You will need to take Focus to be able to keep up with the costs of pressing and off . will supply you with ample .

Make sure to not move during the cast of or the skill will cancel itself.

cannot reach the boss while kiting, do not step out of your Pylon to land it. Losing the boss debuff/self buffs, even momentarily, is a DPS loss.

During the last phase you can use: , , , and to boonstrip .

Introduction to Scourge

is consumed in order to use any of your skills.

You gain through the death of enemies or allies that surround you.

You can also gain through a selection of different skills: - 8.75% , additional 1% per condition (Max 5) and an additional 2% per enemy. - 3.25% per enemy. - 11% . - 4.4% every three seconds.

Your biggest sources of are: and .

Your reduces for every sand shade skill that you use.

You have two traits that help you with generation and size: increases the amount of you gain from skills by 10%. increases your maximum pool by 20%.

issues are reduced on encounters with adds or split phases. These breaks or adds will help you top up your .

Minions are specific to the class and can have a few uses in the build.

Minions have high base health and will not easily die, unless specifically targeted by an enemy.

Once a minion is summoned, you will gain access to a secondary skill. This skill will vary depending on which minion was summoned.

You will encounter three minions with the builds: is a utility skill that deals physical damage. The secondary skill for this minion is . This skill will grant you 11% and will not destroy your minion. are a utility skill that cause minor physical damage. They can be detonated with to grant you a decent amount of to all in range. is an elite skill that deals fairly high physical damage and inflicts . The secondary skill for this minion is . This skill deals 232 damage.

has three charges with a eight second for a new charge. Each lasts 20 seconds and will give you a bonus 5% and 5% per shade. Using will trigger and . Always use a punishment skill before placing your to get the benefits from .

Shade skills only affect one ally/enemy per cast. If an ally/enemy is close to multiple shades it will not receive damage/buffs multiple times.

will convert a single condition on allies into a boon.

will grant to allies that are close to any shades.

will give to enemies your shades.

will give you and pulse around your shades for seven pulses.

With the amount of you get from your build, you need to maintain three to ensure your conditions exceed 100% bonus duration.

As such, a major part of playing is maintaining three shades as much as possible.

Somewhat directly linked to usage, you should aim to always have a punishment skill up when you need to place a new shade to ensure you trigger on each placed shade. As such, avoid using your punishment skills unless your team requires the Barrier from .

These are all the punishment skills that you will likely see:

can be considered as a second health bar. The that you produce will be displayed as a yellow number above your health value. Regardless of how much you apply, it will dissipate after five seconds. is also capped at 50% of the recipients health.

Here are your sources of :

Try to avoid cancelling casts for your important combo skills: Punishment Skills to trigger . to transfer the two self inflicted conditions, and to your target with .

Combo: uses the minor trait to transfer the self-inflicted conditions from to a target. While and have slightly different , allow them both to come off before using either.

Finally, be aware that will potentially transfer the less harmful self-inflicted conditions from and , so be sure to avoid using these immediately before using the combo. If necessary, try to cleanse them with or wait for them to expire or be cleansed by an ally before using the combo.


= 200 damage.

= 200 damage.

= 232 damage.