Condition Scourge

Published Feb 1, 2024 Updated Apr 1, 2024
Open World - March 2024 Balance
Zargholl editor
Pros +
Fluid rotation Substantial ranged DPS Access to healing & support Easy to learn Plenty of utility Defensive options Simple rotation
Cons -
Relies on resource management Loses damage on moving targets Lacks burst damage
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Viper's ScepterMain Hand

Viper's TorchOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Viper's PistolMain Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

Key Concepts

  • Utilize to extend the area of effect and Target Cap of your Shade Skills, and to activate traits such as , or many others
  • Spend Life Force on Shade Skills (F1-5) to deal damage and gain boons or other utility
  • Gain Life Force by striking enemies with your weapons skills or various other means

Dealing Damage

Despite not being listed on the tooltip, using any Shade Skill deals a strike around yourself and any manifested Shade. This strike applies Torment and triggers any traits related to your 'Shroud Skill 1' ability like and

  • All of your weapon non-Auto Attack skills are relatively strong. Remember to Weapon Swap to access more of them so that you can avoid having to Auto Attack
  • and are the most efficient skills for spending your Life Force. gives Alacrity and procs . Avoid using as a strictly damaging ability if Life Force is not abundant
  • Try to use whenever available to maintain uptime on boons and
  • Use Well utility skills to give yourself Quickness via


  • Use your Range and Mobile Casting to avoid hard hitting attacks
  • When fighting multiple enemies, spread your conditions equally across the group rather than focusing on a single target to gain the most benefit from
  • All Shade Skills can be cast while moving without the need to face a target, and with the exception of also while casting other skills
  • , and grant Barrier, which will in turn Condition Cleanse and grant Might and Alacrity to allies (, )

Crowd Control

Skill Defiance Break Source
500 to 900 on average Elite
150 per projectile, up to 750 Utility
100 Pistol
200 Torch
100 Profession Mechanic

Defiance Break values stated on 's tooltip are inaccurate, while other skills such as do not list any.

Your utility choices are very flexible. Choose your skills to suit your specific situation. Try to have at least two Wells total to help upkeep Quickness with .

For Utility

  • is a Stun Break which also grants Stability
  • instead of another Well for a Stun Break when you cannot afford to use up your free slot. Note that the brief Stability is only personal
  • to help group up enemies for cleaving or as another source of Defiance Break
  • for passive Life Force while fighting tougher enemies
  • Replace with to have access to very high amounts of Defiance Break via . See notes

For Damage

  • coupled with the traits and for high single target damage at risk of personal peril
  • for lower-risk, lower-reward single target damage
  • or for area of effect damage
  • when you need additional Swiftness. Note: this would be replacing your main source of Vulnerability
  • and can greatly increase your single target damage when paired with the appropriate skills. Beware the increased personal risk when using these

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