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Power Reaper

Published Jan 7, 2024 Updated Apr 1, 2024
Open World - March 2024 Balance
Zargholl editor
Pros +
High damage Plenty of CC Provides self boons Strong bursts Defensive options Lots of cleave
Cons -
Relies on resource management Requires accurate positioning Loses damage on moving targets
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Berserker's GreatswordMain Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Berserker's DaggerMain Hand

Berserker's SwordOff Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

Key Concepts

  • Utilize your strong damaging abilities. Enter for passive bonuses, good Auto Attacks, and to allow your other abilities to recharge. and cast weapon skills to replenish Life Force. Repeat.
  • Cast to generate the most crucial boons of: Quickness, Might, Fury, and Stability

Dealing Damage

  • A good defense is a good offense - avoiding damage while in can prevent an untimely
  • Regularly switch in and out of to maintain and Life Force
  • When possible, cast your pulsing skills: , and immediately before entering to deal quick bursts of damage with the passive bonuses from your traits
  • All weapon skills and Auto Attacks are reliable sources of damage
  • Offhand Sword skills provide a lot of additional damage and utility at the cost of your own Health


  • A good offense is a good defense - deal damage to nearby enemies while not in to heal with
  • Utilize 's damage reduction to protect your Second HealthBar™. ( ends the damage reduction effect early)
  • Use or in groups to generate large amounts of Life Force quickly
  • is a short cooldown Stun Break

Crowd Control

Skill Defiance Break Source
150 Greatsword
200 Sword
150 per projectile, up to 750 Alternate Utility
200 or 300 in melee Elite
500 - 900 on average Alternate Elite
150 Profession Mechanic
100 Profession Mechanic

Defiance Break values stated on both 's and tooltips are inaccurate, while other skills such as or do not list any.


can do marginally more damage than Shroud Auto Attacks, but it forfeits the Life Force gain and trait synergies from , and . Save for Mobility instead.

Alternate Weapons

  • Staff provides decent AoE tagging. Slot in a to further leverage this
  • Torch offers Defiance Break and Might
  • Mainhand Sword for Range and very high mobility. Dagger offers higher damage and sustain.
  • Focus for sustained healing and Life Force in high pressure scenarios

can be replaced when needed:

  • to group up enemies or as Defiance Break
  • or for condition removal. These can double as either Damage or Stun Break.

to have access to very high amounts of Defiance Break via .

can be replaced with for condition removal.

  • is one of the best (and sparse) sources of Fury and Quickness. Always slot it when you're alone and don't have Jade Protocols or .
  • when you'd like to go fast.
  • when you need more survivability.
  • offers fast Vulnerability due to not having an Internal Cooldown and its synergy with . Use this when fighting groups of enemies.

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