Beginner Power Vindicator

Published May 20, 2023 Updated Feb 15, 2024
Raids - January 2024 Balance
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Hand Kite Enthusiast
Pros +
High damage Easy to learn Strong bursts Lots of cleave
Cons -
No ranged DPS Low amounts of CC Relies on resource management Requires accurate positioning Forced movement
Power 3040
Toughness 1000
Vitality 1078
Precision 1947
Critical Chance 50.09%
Ferocity 1342
Critical Damage 239.4%
Condition Damage 0
Healing Power 0
Expertise 0
Condition Duration 0%
Concentration 0
Boon Duration 0%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Berserker's SwordMain Hand

Berserker's SwordOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Berserker's GreatswordMain Hand

Other Items




Why Dodge when you can Attack?

Instead of only avoiding damage, Vindicator's Dodge deals damage with ! Dodge also provides a +25% damage increase for 10 seconds with as well as +10% from for not having a full Endurance bar. Most of the challenge of Vindicator will be Endurance management to maintain these buffs.

Each Dodge uses 50 Endurance and, with Vigor, a character gains 7.5 Endurance each second. To ensure Endurance is never full, get in the habit of Dodging at least every 5 seconds.

In Step 5, will be introduced to help with Endurance management, but until then if you run out of Endurance replace the next Dodge with a full Auto Attack chain.

Step 1

For this step, stick to Greatsword and . has a very short Cooldown so maximize its usage along with upkeeping the buffs from and with the simple loop:

  • Dodge

Get used to the timing of both Dodge and Auto Attack animations. Complete each Auto Attack chain as canceling it will be a big damage loss. If timing isn't perfect, cancelling a is ok.

Step 2

Like all Power Revenant builds, is a major source of damage. The skill benefits from fast attacks, so whenever switching to also Weapon Swap to Swords for faster Auto Attacks.

From the Step 1 loop, after the fourth , swap to and Weapon Swap. Use three times and Dodge twice.

  • Fill Auto Attack:
  • Dodge
  • Fill Auto Attack:
  • Dodge
  • Weapon Swap

Learn your ping to know when to Dodge and queue , trying to not cancel Auto Attack chains.

Focus on fast and smooth transitions between Legend and Weapon Sets. This can be the hardest part of many Revenant builds, so do not move on until you can confidently perform the transition.

Step 3

Now that you can fluidly transition between and , its time to add in additional skills used with each transition by replacing the first loop of each Legend.


  • 3 x Loop: Dodge Fill Auto Attack
  • Weapon Swap


  • 2 x Loop: Auto Attack Dodge
  • Weapon Swap

Step 4

The skill that we added in the Step 3 is the most damaging skill available, so the full build will always aim to use it off Cooldown. In this Step, add in a second casting before leaving by replacing the final Dodge loop with the more efficient one below:


  • 2 x Loop: Dodge Fill Auto Attack
  • Dodge
  • Weapon Swap

Step 5

For our last step, cast twice in . It will increase the damage of the next Dodge and provide some extra Endurance. It has a short cooldown, so when it comes off Cooldown will be the new timing to finish the loop:

  • 2 x Loop: Dodge Fill Auto Attack
  • Dodge
  • Weapon Swap

Full Build Transition

You are now more than ready for the full build. In it you'll notice that the rotation is much tighter and will transition faster between Legends. There is also a simple opener which is worth learning as all the Vindicator skills have relatively short Cooldowns, so you will be able to use it nearly every phase of a fight.


When practing in a party, Endurance management can be a challenge if another party member grants bonus Endurance or if Vigor uptime is lacking. Chronomancer and Tempest supports often provide extra Endurance, so you will occasionally suffer a small damage decrease from having full Endurance. For now, do not worry about this as your next Dodge will only be a few seconds later. Other supports can struggle with Vigor uptime, so you might need to skip a Dodge by filling with Auto Attacks. You do grant yourself some Vigor with , but not enough to provide yourself 100% uptime.

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