Condition Soulbeast

is a condition based DPS class. This build has a simple rotation, is quick to pick up and has fairly easy gear to get.

Although this build can be easily beaten by more complex condition based DPS classes, it is absolutely ideal for those players who do not want to learn , or .

can support the by bringing a Spirit to free up a utility slot while losing minimal DPS. Typically, the Spirit of choice is or .

can also support its subgroup by sharing stance skills such as , and by using the trait .

Build Updated
May 28, 2021
Skill Floor
2 / 5
Skill Ceiling
4 / 5
Boon Reliance
4 / 5
May 2021 Balance
Item Stat Sigil / Rune
Primary Weapon Set
Main Hand
Secondary Weapon Set
Main Hand
Item Stat
Food & Utility
Infusion x18
Rotation Log
Build Template
Make sure you are in with your x 3 x 2 x 7

Precast One - Before starting the fight, you can precast in :

You can reset the of these skills in the golem area in order not to wait during practice.

Precast Two - You can go further with precasting: Go into with and use and swap to and go back into Now you can do "Precast One"

You can reset the of these skills in the golem area in order not to wait during practice.

Before swapping from Axe / Dagger to Dagger / Torch, the second must not be used off and must be delayed a tiny amount to ensure will be off . This can be achieved by using , or just before or after . If these abilities don't line complete the last Dagger auto attack chain before {Weapon Swapping} from Dagger / Torch to Axe / Dagger or simply add an extra to ensure the rotation works.

Use these skills off but not if you can use a weapon skill:

Sometimes you will have to add extra auto attacks on your Dagger as you won't have any F skills ready.

Utility Skills & Variations

is a very large heal that will also help you maintain a lot of boons.

will grant your subgroup and cause them to inflict . This utility will last nine seconds on you and three seconds on your subgroup. This is due to the trait in the . This skill is instant cast! It is important to note that this skill works differently compared to similar skills such as from in that it uses the stats of the player who has the effect, ignoring the stats of the . This means that condition DPS classes with high duration and fast attack speed like will benefit most from this skill. You can expect this skill to add around 1.5 - 3% overall damage to your condition DPS teammates depending on the fight and class.

is an instant cast "buff" that will cause you to apply with your next 10 attacks. You can use this utility during the cast of other skills as it is instant.

causes , is unblockable and creates a poison field.

causes you to strike an enemy an additional time after each hit with a 0.25 second interval. If you are running it will last 12 seconds on you and four seconds on your subgroup. This utility skill scales extremely well with classes that hit multiple times over short timeframes. Make sure you don't waste this skill as you should try to use it when your know your DPS classes are about to do their burst rotations.

can be taken instead of if you require the additional condition cleanses. This will be extremely useful on high pressure fights with constant condition application.

is your least damaging utility skill and should therefore be the first skill you replace if you wanted to use another skill. You can replace this skill with with minimal DPS loss. This will give you a long CC skill and can also be used to increase your burst DPS since it will trigger for 10 seconds.

, and can be replaced in that given order if you want to use other utility skills that will support your squad such as , , or .

Traits & Variations

increases your .

reduces the on your Torch and Dagger skills. It also causes you to gain + 240 while wielding a Torch or Dagger.

increases your damage by 25% and causes you to apply when you use an beast skill.

grants you a 33% chance to inflict on critical hits.

will cause your to do 33% more damage.

grants you 10% and 10% damage when flanking.

will allow you to use twice every loop and three times. This trait will trigger when you and will cause a 66% reduction on the next skill. Always use and under the effects of .

gives you and whenever you use .

causes you to do 15% more damage while under the effects of .

causes you to steal health whenever you apply and has no .

will increase your and physical damage for ten seconds after you disable a foe. You can trigger this trait by using , and .

causes your stances to be shared with your subgroup. Your stances will only last for 50% of their normal duration on your subgroup but will last for 150% of their normal duration on you. This applies to , , and .

will increase the duration of any boons you have on you by two seconds whenever you receive . This trait can be much more beneficial than for encounters with split phases or if you have interesting boon uptimes.

Gear Variations

This is the gear you will want to run if you are merging with : Full Viper Armor, Trinkets and Weapons. . and . and . Full .

Introduction to Soulbeast

Spirits offer unique 10 man buffs to your squad and allow you to significantly contribute to your squad.

Your spirits will lose 7.5% health every time their passive effect is triggered. Pay attention to where your spirit is, use the active skill to teleport it to you if it's far away. Keeping your spirit ontop of the stack will mean that it gets some heals and will stay alive longer.

For nearly all encounters, you can summon your spirits on the outside of the arena before the encounter starts. You can then use the active of the spirit and teleport them to your squad.

Spirit variation is really important to help maximise how beneficial you are to your squad. There are two reasons for you to take a spirit: You are helping your to free up a utility slot. You are playing without a but still maintain the title of spirit slave.

is taken for power damage based squads.

is taken for condition damage based squads.

is used to provide to your squad.

is used to provide to the boss. A boss that doesn't have 25 stacks of will result in a much slower kill time. There are a few situations in which you don't need to take this skill.

If you have a or then they will produce enough due to . If you have a or they will cover due to .

Merging with a pet will give you access to your F1, F2 and F3 skills. It will also grant you additional stats depending on the Archetype of your pet.

For this build you will always merge with a , , or which means you will get the buff. This will grant you + 150 and + 100 . You also gain access to , your F3 skill, that causes and .

Your has a 10 second . When you get you will and be forced to wait 10 seconds until you can merge again. This is affected by and begins the second you go .

Whenever you are in you will gain the benefits of any weapon skill, utility or trait that normally affects your pet. I said "any" but you'll probably still find some traits that interact pretty weirdly with or don't interact at all.

Let's take a look at some of your weapon skills and traits to see how they interact with : will cause your next three attacks to cause . will cause your next next two attacks to cause .

pets are split into five different archetypes: grants you + 200 and + 100 . grants you + 150 and + 100 . grants you + 200 and + 225 . grants you + 150 and + 100 . grants you + 100 and 25% outgoing healing.

As this build is a condition focused, the archetype for this build is .

You will always be merging with a , , or . Any of these four pets will give you the buff and the differences between them will be explained below.

is your standard pet to merge with due to allowing for higher uptime of . Due to the low of , you need to be careful about not interrupting your auto attack chains.

should only be used for precasting and on certain bosses where it will be the best DPS option. This is because the F1 skill can be used in a similar fashion to ’s . It will send three projectiles to up to three targets in 600 range. This means that staying inside the hitbox of your main target while there are two other targets in range will send up to nine projectiles to your main target. As a rule of thumb, if you can reliably hit your main target with five to six of these projectiles on average while not delaying the skill by more than five to six seconds you should pick as your DPS pet. This is possible to achieve at the following bosses: . . . . .

should be used on bosses that have a high skill activation rate and therefore take considerable amounts of damage. Please note that in order to use to its full effect you’d ideally need to swap your gear around to in order to increase your overall . should be used at the following bosses: . . .

The specialization has access to stances. With the build, you will probably only come into contact with three out of the six possible options.

is a heal skill that can be used as a condition cleanse.

grants and can be used in situations when you're lacking .

grants you , , and while increasing the duration of boons you grant.

is your elite and grants a significant DPS increase.

You can precast , and before you start the fight, but make sure you have active to gain the pet-effect of the skills. You can push it one step further by merging with , using and then swapping back to your main pet.

Prioritize your weapon and utility skills and use skills like to fill the gaps.

Always ensure that you are flanking. This will give you extra and 10% damage from .

, and will not only help you CC your target but also increase your personal DPS due to . Try to save these skills if you know there is an upcoming , but try not to delay them too much in order to not lose DPS.

Use to help you with mechanics, cover distances or evade.

Try to fit five allies within the 360 radius of your stance buffs. This is from the trait in the .

Don't waste or if you know that a split phase is about to end. These skills have a long and you want them when the main phases restart.


= 300 damage.

= 232 damage.

= 100 damage.

Spirit Vale

has a small hitbox, so make sure you are very close before using . This will ensure that all projectiles hit.

Use instead of to a set if needed. Keep in mind that this will be a DPS loss for you and your squad.

Use to avoid if the of this skill lines up with this attack. If the doesn’t line up, try to simply move out from the AoE and continue attacking.

Use to get back to the group if you do get ported by .

Don't waste if is about to phase. During the third phase, you should wait until stops moving before using .

If you have phase times faster than 25-30 seconds, replacing with will increase your boss DPS.

Use to help maintain boons during the split phase.

Always go to the during the split phase and remember to use to help CC.

The will spawn , so make sure that you don't waste any skills during this time frame.

Do your normal rotation during the split phase as you will have all your skills back off for the main phase.

Swap out for if your is slow and your squad has trouble surviving.

Use to avoid if you know that you won't get .

Don't waste if is about to phase. The same applies to the split phase; don't waste it if the final is about to die.

If CC is covered by your teammates, can be used as a pet to increase your DPS. In this case, you’d want to use once at the start of each boss phase and save the second use for when the adds appear around after the . Make sure you stay in its hitbox to ensure you hit with 9 projectiles.

Use to help maintain boons during the split phase.

Use to quickly get between the .

Use and to help slow down the with and .

If you are still struggling with killing the before they reach , you can take instead of . Keep in mind that this will be a DPS loss for you and your squad.

Don't waste on the final add or if an add is about to die.

Use , and to help break .

You won't need to hold back during as you don't hit fast enough to kill yourself.

has a small hitbox, so make sure you are very close before using . This will ensure that all projectiles hit.

Don't waste if you see that is about to phase.

The Champion adds will spawn , so make sure that you don't waste any skills during this time frame.

's hitbox is rooted during the Flamewall mechanic. Her "back" will not move from the original position where she started the Flamewall.

You can use to evade if you are in the range of a .

If you are the target of a , move out of the squad and use to jump back in.

Salvation Pass

We recommend playing at this encounter.

has a small hitbox, so make sure you are very close before using . This will ensure that all projectiles hit.

Use to help cleanse the during the phase. You will share this stance due to .

You can use to mechanics. If you need to drop , you can use Instinctive Engage to quickly get back to the group after moving away.

During , you can continue to attack as your conditions will still apply.

Save your to help CC a sacrificed squad member.

If CC is covered by your teammates, can be used as a pet to increase your DPS. This is because you can reliably hit with more than six projectiles using by standing in his hitbox. There will always be targets like Icy Patches or Fiery Tornadoes in 600 range.

Stronghold of the Faithful

We recommend playing at this encounter.

has a small hitbox, so make sure you are very close before using . This will ensure that all projectiles hit.

Use only if there are 2 or more targets in 600 range and make sure all projectiles hit Xera to get the most out of this skill. This can be achieved by standing in her hitbox or placing Xera between yourself and the targets that are further away. During the main fight 3 adds will spawn constantly on the platform that will come into 600 range. Try to make use of this and delay using the skill if necessary.

If you are ported during the second phase, you should use to help upkeep some boons.

Bastion of the Penitent

is static which will ensure that and will hit all of their pulses if timed correctly.

You can keep attacking with your axe skills and while he is moving.

Flanking can be hard. Keep an eye on your kiter, this will help you to determine which way is facing.

Use the "Special Action Key" to reposition yourself if you need to.

You can use to . If you do get ported, you can use to get back to your squad.

is fairly life changing on this encounter and will destroy your DPS.

Don't waste if you need to go to a green circle. You should delay it and use it as soon as you get back to .

has a small hitbox, so make sure you are very close before using . This will ensure that all projectiles hit.

The apply . If necessary, you can replace with to help your squad cleanse it.

Don't waste if you suspect that the tank is about to move .

After its first use at the start of the fight, use only if there are one or more in 600 range and make sure all projectiles hit to get the most out of this skill. This can be achieved by standing in his hitbox or placing between yourself and the . You can calculate the range between yourself and the by using the floor tiles. The length of each tile is around 600 units.

is a DPS golem so just try to keep up a decent rotation.

We recommend playing at this encounter. We recommend playing at this encounter.

Hall of Chains

Make sure to use and when is static. Check if any walls are coming, because this will indicate if the tank is going to have to move or not.

has a small hitbox, so make sure you are very close before using . This will ensure that all projectiles hit.

Use to help cleanse conditions from your subgroup.

Use to and if its lines up, because this will help you maintain a higher DPS uptime.

Use after the to help cleanse the from your subgroup.

Camp your Axe until the has finished.

Use to quickly cover distance if you have to deal with mechanics.

Don't waste if the mechanic is about to happen. Delay it until the DPS phase begins again. The same applies for the smaller .

Mywright Gambit

We recommend playing something different at this encounter because does not work!

Don't rush into using or . Delay them until you know that or will be static for a while.

If your subgroup is tanking mechanics and is soaking up a lot of conditions, consider swapping to .

Don't waste your , , , or if you know that the boss is about to phase.

Use to avoid mechanics. Don't use it to avoid as you may still get hit. It's much easier to just jump it.

Use to get back to the boss if you've had to drop .

We recommend playing at this encounter.

Key of Ahdashim

We recommend playing at this encounter.

The first two phases are extremely easy to flank on. During the final phase, 60% - 0%, you will need to try and flank as much as possible but make sure you aren't too close to the tornado of death.

If you are on your Dagger set after the , you can use to return to .

will always send six projectiles to during the first two phases as has a second hidden hitbox lying somewhere. You can use this skill off . On the third platform, you can place between yourself and the big Tornado of Death which will send nine projectiles to making this skill deal even more damage.

Don't waste if you have to run to deal with mechanics, it's just a waste of a very powerful buff.

Use during the split phase to maintain some boons.

Use to help provide some CC during the large, uncoordinated . Use this skill towards the end of the CC phase so that the skill can still do some damage after the phase ends. You will have a few seconds of the buff on yourself this way.

Try to use skills that apply very long lasting conditions like during the since will have which will negate all damage for the entire phase. Avoid using skills that apply conditions that will disappear quickly, like , and use them after the has ended.

Use to help CC the Pylons at the start. You can also use this skill to CC the and quickly get to them if necessary during the fight.

is static and has a very large hitbox. This means you don't need to worry about being very close to him while using since all the projectiles will hit him regardless.

You can use to get from the Pylon to quickly.

Move quickly away from the group when you get targeted with . Use to get back in.

Use after each Pylon CC. This will help you maintain some boons.

When moves away to destroy Pylons, to Axe so that you can continue hitting him from distance. You can also put a trap in the middle of the arena after moves out which will trigger when it teleports back in after destroying a Pylon.