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Hand Kite Soulbeast

Published Sep 22, 2022 Updated May 11, 2023
Secrets of the Obscure
Pros +
Easy to learn
Capable kite
Cons -
Lacks utility


Power 2010
Toughness 1380
Crit Chance 17.61%
Vitality 1428
Crit Damage 150%
Healing Power 1603
Condi Damage 0
Boon Duration 100%
Condi Duration 0%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Magi's AxeMain Hand

Magi's WarhornOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Magi's GreatswordMain Hand

Other Items





Merge with any pet that is of the Stout archetype.

The best choices would be Black Bear or Blue Moa.

The Stout archetype is important to gain access to .

When using , you can swap between your two equipped pets to gain access to both sets of skills without leaving .

You can optionally select one pet of the Supportive archetype, like Jacaranda or Brown Bear, to access for more healing.

This makes unavailable until is ready again. Therefore only use it right after to ensure the skill will be off Cooldown in time.

Hand Kiting

  • Stack two hands
  • Move to your right
  • Stack two more hands
  • Move to the original stack*
  • Dodge to the right

*This will leave the fifth hand on the first original stack. Allowing you to Dodge clear and start again.

Additionally, you can use skills to mitigate damage while standing on hands.

  • if merged with a Bear
  • or

Mind Crush

Use to give yourself a four second Invulnerability frame.

will be up for every .

Always save this skill for . If you somehow do not have it up, pray that is available for a block.


The recommended gear for this provides you with no Toughness, the only Toughness you will receive is from:

  • with your Black Bear or Blue Moa. This is due to the Stout archetype that grants + 200 Toughness and + 100 Vitality.
  • will give you another + 180 Toughness.

If you feel like you can't survive with 1380 Toughness then you can always trade in some Minstrel pieces instead of Harrier trinkets.

For this build to work, you will need Regeneration and Protection.

Get Regeneration from:

also provides you with pseudo Regeneration when under the effects of Protection.

Get Protection from:

Use in combination with and to maintain long-lasting boons on yourself.

Use to slow down Prides if you are near one.

Replace with if you need to lower your Toughness.

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