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Jul 22, 2022
May 2021 Balance

Condition Berserker is a very strong based build with a fairly high skill ceiling.

While many people assume that Condition Berserker is a basic and easy class, there are a lot of factors that will quickly distinguish the good and the very good.

Condition Berserker has many great tricks you can use to increase your DPS; managing your uptime, utilizing Fire Fields and Leap Finishers due to , cleaving with in order to gain stacks.

Item Stat







Item Stat







Primary Weapon Set

Viper'sMain Hand

Viper'sOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Viper'sMain Hand

Other Items







Rotation Concepts

The idea of the rotation is mainly based around using one on Sword and two or three on Longbow depending on if is off .

On Longbow you want to use auto attack always, you add a third right after one of the when is off .

You want to use all of your Rage skills pretty much off (in order to upkeep ) to replace auto attacks. This is because you don't want to delay and on Longbow as mentioned earlier, because you only use one on Sword it doesn't really matter where you place it in the Sword portion of your rotation so you can prioritize Rage skills.

Outside of those 2 core ideas, you pretty much want to use your skills off , your good damaging weapon skills are , and . Use and off whenever you swap to Sword.

Because has half the of you should off and every other to Stun Break yourself.

Skills & Traits


If your team needs more Breakbar damage then you can swap for .


On fights where enemies get boons you will want to take instead of .


Under 50% of boss health you should use off . This also applies to enemies with low Armor (such as Vale Guardian.)

Players often interrupt and . can be interrupted with and . can often be interrupted by moving during the cast. Pay attention to both of these skills to make sure you don't cancel them.

In the rotation concepts it says you want to use your Rage skills 'pretty much off ', when is this not the case? Staying in is great for your damage as it means you can use your Burst skills ( and ), however you don't want to be in during a split phase if it means you can't reenter at the start of the next phase, because of this you will want to check how long you will remain in and if you are nearing the end of a phase where this situation would arise you would want to stop using Rage skills so that you will be able to reenter at the start of the next phase.

You want to pay attention to which direction you are firing your s, this is firstly so you don't hit something you shouldn't but also because it is a long AoE so you can cleave enemies far away from the boss. Cleaving enemies is great for you as it means you gain stacks which increases your damage.

Another thing to keep in mind is Leap Finishers and , you have 2 leap finishers: and . You want to use these Leap Finishers in Fire Fields in order to give yourself a Fire Aura that will proc . The easiest way to do this is to use them right after a Fire Field as follows: and .

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