Beginner Power Spellbreaker

Published Mar 19, 2023 Updated Mar 21, 2023 February 2023 Balance

Power Spellbreaker is a Power based DPS build with high burst, good single target damage and decent cleave.

This build does large amounts of Breakbar Damage with Hammer, and can provide itself with almost permanent Stability.

Power Spellbreaker has a fluent rotation that can take time to get into but is greatly rewarding.

Item Stat







Item Stat







Primary Weapon Set

Berserker'sMain Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Berserker'sMain Hand

Berserker'sOff Hand

Other Items




Step 1

Power Spellbreaker is an elite specialisation of the Warrior class, and uses the core mechanic of Adrenaline. It's primary purpose is to fuel burst skills, and Adrenaline can be gained by casting certain skills or dealing Damage to a target.

To being the rotation, start in Hammer, use to fully fill your Adrenaline, then use to start gaining stacks of . Use , being careful not to cancel by casting too early, and Weapon Swap.

Use immediately after weapon swapping. Auto attack the target to recharge Adrenaline, and use and Weapon Swap off cooldown. Use in Hammer off cooldown, and auto attack to recharge Adrenaline.

Pay close attention to your auto attack chains, as listed below:

These auto attack chains will be very important in future steps as much of the cooldown management in the Power Spellbreaker is trivialised by counting auto attacks.

Step 2

Power Spellbreaker is much more easily learnt when the rotation is split into multiple combos, with each combo being linked to the next through either Weapon Swapping or auto attack chains.

The first combo to master is:

And should be used immediately when Weapon Swapping off Hammer.

Take note that can be easily cancelled by casting too early.

Step 3

The next combo we will add is:

This combo should be used immediately when Weapon Swapping off Dagger / Axe.

can also be easily cancelled by casting too early, while has a very long aftercast which should be cancelled by spam casting during the animation of .

Step 4

We will now add the following combo to the rotation:

Count two full auto attack chains ( ) after completing step 3, then use this combo. Weapon Swap immediately when the combo is done.

Step 5

In this step, we will add the final two combos to the rotation.

The first combo:

Should be used after one full auto attack chain ( ) from step 2, while the next combo:

Should be used after two full auto attack chains ( ) from the previous combo. Weapon Swap immediately after the 2nd combo is done.

Step 6

Finally, some additional steps can be added to the opening rotation to maximise stacks of . Use and Weapon Swap after , taking care to cancel the aftercast of by spamming .

Add in a cast of between and , which will give you maximum stacks of for . Skip the next while maintaining all other steps.


This build is basically the full Power Spellbreaker rotation. There are still many optimisation steps that can be done to further increase DPS. For the complete guide, please visit the Power Spellbreaker page.