Power Weaver

Published Aug 8, 2023 Updated Apr 1, 2024
Open World - March 2024 Balance
Vertox ow team
Pros +
Good mobility Fluid rotation Strong bursts Lots of cleave
Cons -
High mastery curve Fast paced rotation Loses damage on moving targets
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Berserker's SwordMain Hand

Berserker's WarhornOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Berserker's StaffMain Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

Key Concepts

  • Use your Sword/Warhorn set for single target enemies and high damage. Use Staff to easily tag mobs and deal ranged damage.

  • is a very strong buff that we use to gain access to the following:

    • Attunement swap Cooldown is halved, down to two seconds.
    • Each attunement provides a specific "Woven" buff.
    • We care primarily about Woven Air, which provides +10% strike damage and +50% movement speed.
  • Here are some guidelines for how to use :

    • Use it only against bosses.
    • Always start in to instantly get Woven Air.
    • Perfect Weave is obtained when you attune to all four attunements. It's a very strong buff!

Dealing Damage

  • Here are some guidelines for when you're on Sword/Warhorn:
    • Cycle between and . Make sure to double-attune to both attunements.
    • Use all your damage skills off Cooldown as you cycle through attunements.
    • Use twice in . It hits hard!
    • Try to not interrupt Auto Attack Chains, especially in . They deal significant amounts of damage.
  • Here are some guidelines for when you're on Staff:
    • The Auto Attacks in and are both AoEs.
    • Double attune to as often as possible while cycling through your attunements.
    • Feel free to skip .
  • These are your big AoEs on Staff, use them to tag multiple enemies. Your biggest priorities are:
  • Cast off Cooldown, but prioritise casting it in .


  • Attuning to will grant you Superspeed due to . Use it to help you engage or run-away from enemies.
  • Dual attacks will inflict Weakness and grant you Barrier due to and .
  • On Staff you can use to stop enemies from getting close to you. You can also Knockback enemies with .
  • Alternatively on Sword/Warhorn you can use to Pull enemies together.

Crowd Control

Skill Defiance Damage Source
150 Sword:
150 Warhorn:
150 Warhorn:
150 Staff:
200 on contact Staff:
150 on contact Staff:
200 Alternate Utility:
150 Alternate Utility:
232 Alternate Utility:
200 on contact Alternate Utility:


To use Weapon Swap you need to get out of combat. You can do that by either:

  • Using Skyscale Combat Launch Mount Stealth.
  • Gliding off a ledge Jade Bot Glide Booster (optional) Stealth Gliding.
  • Simply running away from the action.

can be swapped to:

  • provides a highly potent heal with bonus Endurance, which can also heal nearby allies.

can be swapped to:

  • for a minor damage boost versus single targets.
  • for substantial Barrier. Works great for covering casts.
  • for Stability, Protection and a Stun Break.
  • for mobility.
  • for Condition Removal.
  • for a Block, Daze, five target Pull and three seconds of Invulnerability.
  • for higher damage on large hitbox bosses, also has a Launch and a Stun.
  • for a minor DPS increase at a cost of a cleanse.
  • for a slightly less minor DPS increase at a cost of your mobility.
  • for structure bosses without breakbars (ex. Prototype XJ-1 from Gang War meta); doesn't work on on non-defiant enemies.
  • for a decent gain in Vitality at the cost of significant Critical Chance.

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