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Published Jan 5, 2024 Updated Apr 4, 2024
Open World - March 2024 Balance
Vertox ow team
Pros +
Provides party boons Defensive options Lots of cleave
Cons -
Low amounts of CC High mastery curve Relies on resource management
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Berserker's HammerMain Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Berserker's HammerMain Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

Key Concepts

  • Quickly rotate through Attunements to upkeep and generate Energy for your Jade Spheres. A full rotation should take about 20 seconds.
  • Generate tons of boons for , many of which can be shared to a group. Generate boons by:
    • Switching Attunements via and .
    • Deploying Jade Spheres via and .
    • Use Finishers in the Combo Fields of your Jade Spheres.
  • Maximize stacks and uptime for even more damage. Gain stacks passively every 15 seconds, using Combos via , and CCing or immobilising an enemy via .
  • Deploy Jade Spheres two at time since you cannot gain Energy while a sphere is deployed. You need 10 Energy per Jade Spheres and gain it by striking enemies.

Dealing Damage

  • Cycle between Attunements quickly, never spending more time than needed in any one. Every other Attunements, use Jade Spheres before and after the swap. A suggested flow is:

      • Auto Attack as needed to have enough Energy for Jade Spheres.
  • Before tougher encounters, fill up your Energy on easier enemies and cast all 4 of your Hammer Orbs. Then use in and wait about 10 seconds before engaging in .

  • In every Attunement use:

    • Hammer 3 and 5 to create a Hammer Orb and Combo Finisher respectively.
    • Hammer 4 in every Attunement except .
    • Hammer 2 and swap to the next Attunement, deploying Jade Spheres as appropriate.
  • Use these skills in the respective Attunement:

    • In use and Hammer 3 again for .
    • In use (if taken).
  • Use in to inflict Vulnerability or for Blind.

  • Use in , as well as off Cooldown.


  • Quickly cycling Attunements provides many passive defenses:
    • provides Healing.
    • reduces Strike Damage.
    • reduces Condition Damage.
    • pulses Weakness.
  • Auras will help negate damage, specifically Magnetic Aura and Frost Aura.
  • Using in provides you with a personal, high-health tank. Use off Cooldown.
  • provides a Waterfield. Blast / Leap Finishers such as will provide bonus Healing from a Waterfield.
  • to Cleanse Conditions.
  • Use for a Block then Barrier and an Aura.

Crowd Control

Skill Defiance Damage Source
200 Hammer:
150 Hammer:
200/Charge Alternate Utility
200 Alternate Utility:
150 Alternate Utility:


Mounting up makes several things disappear, namely:

  • Hammer Orbs
  • stacks
  • Elementals from

can be swapped to:

  • for passive Healing.
  • for a pulsing Heal and Condition Removal
  • for a channeled Heal and Condition Removal.
  • for a Blast Finisher that scales Healing by the amount of enemies hit.

can be swapped to:

  • for three Blocks and a Stun Break.
  • for additional Defiance Damage without the need to cast a Conjure, as well as some mobility.
  • for additional damage and Chill.
  • for mobility.
  • for Condition Removal.
  • for a Block, Daze, three target Pull and three seconds of Invulnerability.
  • provides a three second channeled Block with Barrier at the end of the channel.

can be swapped to for up to 12% restored Health on Block, dependent on certain factors. This comes at a moderate dps loss.

If using Jade Tech Protocols, take and .

can be swapped to one of two other Arcane Trait Line Grandmaster traits, those being:

  • for additional bonuses when using Arcane skills
    • If taken, default to and
  • for additional utility when Dodging at a moderate DPS loss:
    • : Condition Cleanse and Healing.
    • : Blast Finisher with Cripple/Bleeding.

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