Condition Tempest

Published Jan 20, 2024 Updated Apr 1, 2024
Open World - March 2024 Balance
Vertox ow team
Pros +
High damage Fluid rotation Provides party boons Lots of cleave
Cons -
Low amounts of CC High learning curve Loses damage on moving targets Lacks burst damage
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Viper's PistolMain Hand

Viper's WarhornOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Viper's ScepterMain Hand

Viper's WarhornOff Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

Key Concepts

Pistol/Warhorn set serves as your main DPS set, aganist bulkier targets like champions or meta bosses.

Scepter/Warhorn serves as a weapon set for tagging mobs, having much faster damage ramp-up while still having AoE damage.

Pistol skills other than Auto Attacks spawn Elemental Bullets of their respective attunement.

Elemental Bullets are consumed when using Pistol skills, giving them additional effects, either offensive or defensive.

These are the skills that we want to use Elemental Bullets for:

  • : +5% Condition Damage.
  • : Five stacks of Bleeding and an Ice Field
  • : -33% Recharge on the next Pistol skill; used to reduce the Cooldown of .
  • : Three stacks of an effect dealing one stack Bleeding for five seconds base when striking an enemy.

Use your other skills in each attunement to generate Elemental Bullets to ensure the above skills are empowered.

Dealing Damge

Use your Overloads in and .

  • provides you with Might.
  • for Protection and Stability.

For single target damage, use your Pistol/Warhorn set. Remember to (S)pend your Elemental Bullets on the right skills and (G)enerate them with others. Here are some guidelines for what skills to use in each attunement:

  • (G), (S) and in .
  • (G), (S) and in .
  • (G) and (S) in .
  • (G), (S) and in .

and create large AoEs. Be careful how you place them to maximise their effects.

When you need to tag mulitple mobs, you should use your Scepter/Warhorn set. Here are some tips:

  • Use , and for ranged single target tags.
  • Use , , and for AoE ranged group tagging.

Use to maintain Might and to tag nearby enemies.


will cause your Overloads to grant Protection. This Protection lasts longer and is more potent than normal.
The Earth Trait Line gives you passive damage reduction from and .

Keep casting and heal up naturally from . Cast in for a large Heal and Condition Cleanse with .

will grant you Auras based on the Overload used. Use this to get Magnetic Aura for projectile reflection.

can be used to provide yourself with Stability but also to Immobilize nearby enemies. Use this to escape if needed!

Use and to control packs of enemies.

Crowd Control

Skill Defiance Damage Source
150 Pistol
150 Warhorn
150 Warhorn
150 in
200 Alternate Utility:
150 Alternate Utility:
200/Charge Alternate Utility


Use in before you get into combat.

should be used in unless you need the Blind from .

Cast , , and off Cooldown.

can be swapped to:

  • for three Blocks and a Stun Break.
  • for Stability, Protection and a Stun Break.
  • for mobility.
  • for Condition Removal.
  • for a Block, Daze, five target Pull and three seconds of Invulnerability.
  • for Defiance Damage without the need to use a Conjure, as well as some added mobility

can be swapped to:

  • for group Protection, Aegis, Magnetic Aura. It also Immobilises nearby enemies.

can be swapped to:

  • for one-time Downstate entry prevention for you and nearby allies.
  • for personal Stability at a cost of lower damage.
  • for group Alacrity at a cost of lower personal damage. For more information on required changes, refer to the Gameplay Guide.

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