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Beginner Power Berserker

Published Jan 8, 2024 Updated Feb 16, 2024
Raids - January 2024 Balance
hvaren meta team
secretly a brazilian
Pros +
High damage Good mobility Fluid rotation Easy to learn Sustained damage Lots of cleave
Cons -
No ranged DPS Lacks utility Relies on resource management Easy to cancel skills Frequent animation locks Requires enemy target
Power 3068
Toughness 1000
Vitality 1572
Precision 2140
Critical Chance 64.28%
Ferocity 1885
Critical Damage 275.6%
Condition Damage 0
Healing Power 0
Expertise 0
Condition Duration 0%
Concentration 0
Boon Duration 0%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Berserker's GreatswordMain Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Berserker's AxeMain Hand

Berserker's AxeOff Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

Step 1

The goal of the Berserker rotation is to quickly cast and maintain it as long as possible. While in this state, your damage is amplified and you gain access to Primal Bursts: more powerful versions of Burst skills.

There are a few ways of extending the duration of :

  • Hit with Primal Burst skills, via .
  • Use Rage skills, like , and .

Because of that, the basic rotation consists of:

  1. Build up 30 Adrenaline, often by using .
  2. Use .
  3. Attack with Rage and Weapon Skills until you build 10 Adrenaline Primal Burst.

Step 2

For the second step, we introduce the basic Axe rotation and a couple special interaction with Berserker.

First, the Primal Burst of Axe is , which resets its Cooldown whenever you hit an enemy with it, allowing for a fast-paced rotation of building 10 Adrenaline .

Not only that, but we have the Rule of 3 Hits. Thanks to , generates 2 and all other critical Axe hits generate 3. So, every 3 hits after will always generate at least 11 which is enough to cast it again. As many skills hit twice, we'll mostly need to use two attacks in a row to max Adrenaline.

Also, because of , Weapon Swapping will generate 5. Summing up, this is a table with skill combos we'll be using to generate 10 :

1st Skill                 2nd Skill                
or Weapon Swap         

In the last combo, should be used in place of every other loop! Also, Auto Attacks are only used to fix mistakes in the final rotation but can be used as training wheels. The combo of also leads to10!

Step 3

Now that we know the basic rules of playing with Axe, we can learn how to play with Greatsword! Luckily, it is the easiest part of the rotation, as follows:

Moving forward, the number inside parenthesis is the minimum current Adrenaline after executing that attack. The values might differ slightly from procs, but will not affect the rotation at all!

  1. Weapon Swap from Axe (10) (0)
  2. (10) (0)
  3. (9) (10) (0)
  4. Weapon Swap (5)

is easy to cancel! If you don't hit all 9 times, use other skills to fill your bar up to 9 before continuing

Because the loop is so short, we should not be spending too long on Greatsword and should Weapon Swap quickly. Based on the combos learned on Step 2, a simplified rotation is:

  1. Greatsword loop
  2. Weapon Swap to Axe
  3. Rule of 3 Hits using:
    • 3 times
    • 2 times
    • once
  4. Weapon Swap to Greatsword

Step 4

Once you are feeling good with the simplified rotation, it is time to make Axe beefy! To maximize damage, we will be adding utility skills and ordering the weapon skills to better align Cooldowns.

To make it easier to learn and memorize, we can split the Axe rotation into 3 parts:


  1. Weapon Swap from Greatsword (5)
  2. (10) (2)
  3. (8) (10) (2)

While training this part on the golem, you can replace Weapon Swap with the Auto Attack combo to build enough Adrenaline to continue.


  1. (10) (10) (2)
  2. (8) (10) (2)
  3. (10) (2)


  1. (8) (10) (2)
  2. (replace with on every other loop) (5) Weapon Swap (10)

Finally, the full rotation will look like:

  1. Greatsword loop
  2. Weapon Swap PART 1
  3. PART 2
  4. PART 3 Weapon Swap

It is important that during the combo, the second skill should be used to Stun Break the Self-Stun applied by .

Step 5

Finally, we'll learn the opener which should be executed at the start of fights and after downtimes. It allows a quick build up to 30 Adrenaline and proper alignment of Cooldowns:

  1. (10)
  2. (0) (10)
  3. (0) Weapon Swap (5)
  4. (10) (2)
  5. (8) (10) (2)
  6. (10) (2)
  7. (5) (10)
  8. Weapon Swap to Greatsword (10)


If even after repeating the rotation perfectly your damage is somewhat low, it means you are not pressing the buttons fast enough. This is a fast-paced rotation, skills should be aggressively queued to reduce downtime.

A suggestion is to disable Auto Attacks in both weapon as these are not used in the final rotation and can lead to mistakes when learning this specialization.

For the final rotation and guide, please check the Power Berserker guide!

can be replaced by to provide Quickness and Fury to your subgroup while keeping the same gear and rotation. Check Power Quickness Berserker guide for more information.

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