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Heal Quickness Firebrand

Published Aug 4, 2022 Updated Aug 25, 2023
Secrets of the Obscure
Antina writer
Stand Your Ground!
Pros +
Plenty of CC
Easy to learn
Plenty of utility
Defensive options
Tanking build
Cons -
High mastery curve
Relies on resource management
Easy to cancel skills
Requires accurate positioning
Frequent animation locks


Power 1972
Toughness 1409
Crit Chance 5%
Vitality 1297
Crit Damage 150%
Healing Power 1451
Condi Damage 130
Boon Duration 93.73%
Condi Duration 0%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Harrier's AxeMain Hand

Harrier's ShieldOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Harrier's StaffMain Hand

Other Items




Generating Might

  • is a large source of Might. Use this immediately when starting an encounter, and off Cooldown as often as possible.
  • helps ramp up Might. Use two charges immediately.

Generating Quickness

  • is the primary source of Quickness. It is recommended to use charges off Cooldown while saving the final charge. The final charge of can be used if there is a need to leave the group for a longer period of time. Make sure to Recharge the mantra as soon as possible.
  • grants Quickness through . You can use two charges right away, and then once every time it Recharges. Keep in mind that has a Cooldown of 7 seconds.
  • should be used off Cooldown.
  • grants Quickness upon applying Aegis or Stability. This also has a Cooldown of 7 seconds.

Fury, Swiftness & Protection

  • Fury is generated exclusively from and .
  • Swiftness is generated from , and .
  • Protection is generated from using , , and .

Burst Healing

  • and are strong heal skills.
  • has all of your go-to healing options.
    • Buff allies with Epilogue: Eternal Oasis, which increases incoming healing.
    • Chapter 1: Desert Bloom for the most healing.
    • Chapter 4: Shining River for a Water Field that can be blasted with .
  • has a large area of effect and is an optional utility that can extend your reach to allies far away.

Select utility skills depending on the encounter:

  • for Breakbars
  • for Stability
  • for Regeneration and Cleanse
  • for more healing
  • for Aegis
  • to Revive and heal allies

can be replaced with:

  • if even more Stability is needed. This is also a Stun Break for allies.

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