Condition Quickness Firebrand

Published Jul 20, 2022 Updated Mar 25, 2024
Raids - March 2024 Balance
Iskarel editor
Somehow, Qadim returned
Pros +
Access to healing & support Plenty of utility Lots of cleave
Cons -
Easy to cancel skills Requires accurate positioning Frequent animation locks Loses damage on moving targets
Power 1040
Toughness 1000
Vitality 2474
Precision 1120
Critical Chance 10.71%
Ferocity 150
Critical Damage 160.00%
Condition Damage 1940
Healing Power 0
Expertise 676
Condition Duration 60.06%
Concentration 606
Boon Duration 40.4%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Ritualist's PistolMain Hand

Ritualist's TorchOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Ritualist's PistolOff Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

Use all Charge of and as quickly as possible throughout the rotation.


  1. Tome Combo: Epilogue: Ashes of the Just Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath Chapter 2: Igniting Burst
  2. Weapon Swap

For your first few loops:

  • Use as soon as possible before offhand Pistol's combo
  • Chapter 2: Igniting Burst when is halfway off Cooldown
  • When is off Cooldown, use your Tome Combo

You'll otherwise follow roughly the same pattern as the regular loops below.

Offhand Pistol Loop

  1. Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath Epilogue: Ashes of the Just Chapter 2: Igniting Burst
  2. Weapon Swap

Torch Loop

  1. Chapter 2: Igniting Burst
  2. Weapon Swap


Maintain Quickness via:

  • , 360 Radius; use when you recover a Charge
  • , 180 Radius/450-Range Cone; use all Charges then recharge the skill
  • , 600 Radius; use off Cooldown

Cast as soon as it's off Cooldown.

only Burns on the last damage tick and can be interrupted early by any other skill.

can be interrupted early by any other skill; wait until all 5 bullets have hit.

For maximum damage, must pass through the enemy before using .

Tome of Justice

Casting during other skills will not interrupt them, but doing so will replace any skill you already have queued. You can queue from other skills into Tome skills (e.g. Steps 4 through 6 in the Opener).

during the cast of your final skill in .

Using the final Charge of your mantras will grant two Pages.

Review Tome utility in the Introduction to Guardian.

Opening while it is NOT Dormant grants Aegis to you and allies in a large 600 Radius. Opening cleanses 3 conditions in the same Radius.

Replace with a different utility skill when needed:

  • for Breakbar Phases
  • for Aegis
  • when Epilogue: Unbroken Lines is not enough Stability
  • when Chapter 3: Valiant Bulwark is not enough projectile reflect

provides very little damage; keep for more group support.

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