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Condition Willbender

Published Mar 3, 2022 Updated Apr 20, 2024
Raids - March 2024 Balance
Pros +
High damage Good mobility Plenty of CC Fluid rotation Strong bursts Lots of cleave
Cons -
High mastery curve Fast paced rotation Easy to cancel skills Forced movement Loses damage on moving targets
Power 2159
Toughness 1000
Vitality 1297
Precision 1842
Critical Chance 45.09%
Ferocity 150
Critical Damage 160%
Condition Damage 2133
Healing Power 0
Expertise 451
Condition Duration 30.06%
Concentration 0
Boon Duration 0%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Viper's PistolMain Hand

Viper's TorchOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Viper's PistolOff Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

Rotation Concept

  • Use off Cooldown to gain Justice. Every 3 strikes, inflict AoE Burning.
  • Strike enemies while you are buffed by , , and to rapidly reduce your weapon Cooldowns via . This behavior stacks per Virtue!
  • Multihit enemies that are inside to inflict Burning.


  1. Precast twice
  2. Weapon Swap
  3. Weapon Swap without interrupting

Priority List

Prioritize these skills at all times:

  1. at least twice per Weapon Swap.

Use nearly off Cooldown; you can delay it by a second or two to put weapon skills on Cooldown to take advantage of .

Use / as filler between other skills; each active Virtue you trigger activates .

On off-hand Torch:

  • Use three times; Weapon Swap right after the last cast.
  • Occasionally when you have nothing else to do, fully channel .

On off-hand Pistol:

  • Use three times; Weapon Swap right after the last cast.
  • Every loop, use after your other Pistol skills are on Cooldown and after casting any high priority skills.


To simulate the assumption that your allies will maintain the Bleeding threshold required to trigger , apply Bleeding 5 times to the training golem via the console, (repeatedly select the option) and do not apply Burning via the console.

Striking an enemy standing inside will Burn all enemies inside the symbol. Projectiles fired through/within the symbol will Burn all enemies struck by the projectile. Both of these effects share a quarter-second cooldown—there is no double dipping.

Activate instant-cast off Cooldown, but put other skills on cooldown before throwing .

has a long cast time and only applies Burning on the last tick. Don't interrupt it, and only use it during long gaps in your Cooldowns.

Rather than using your defensive Virtues to trigger , you can save and to avoid danger through their Evade and shadowstep/Aegis/Stability respectively.

can be replaced with:

  • for large infrequent Breakbars.
  • for smaller more frequent Breakbars.

While buffed by multiple Virtues every strike (including ) increments progress for e.g. and at the same time. After 15 strikes, you will have applied Burning 5 times (every 3 strikes thanks to ) and gained Aegis/Stability 3 times (every 5 strikes).

In that scenario, would reduce Cooldowns 8 times for a total of 2-seconds reduction.

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