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Condition Firebrand

Published Sep 28, 2022 Updated Mar 22, 2024
Raids - March 2024 Balance
Iskarel editor
Somehow, Qadim returned
Pros +
Plenty of CC Provides party boons Access to healing & support Plenty of utility Short ramp-up Lots of cleave
Cons -
High mastery curve Fast paced rotation Complex rotation Relies on resource management Easy to cancel skills Loses damage on moving targets
Power 2241
Toughness 1000
Vitality 1297
Precision 1726
Critical Chance 39.57%
Ferocity 150
Critical Damage 160.00%
Condition Damage 2056
Healing Power 0
Expertise 676
Condition Duration 60.06%
Concentration 0
Boon Duration 0%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Viper's AxeMain Hand

Viper's TorchOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Viper's PistolMain Hand

Viper's PistolOff Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core


  1. Fully charge
  2. During the following skill casts, use all Charges of as quickly as possible.
  3. Weapon Swap
  4. Epilogue: Ashes of the Just Chapter 2: Igniting Burst Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath
  5. continue as Axe Loop

Tome of Justice

usage is desynched from your Weapon Swap rotation.

You'll always pair Epilogue: Ashes of the Just; the former's Cooldown is always visible, and the latter lets you spot and mentally track the remaining Cooldowns of Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath and Chapter 2: Igniting Burst.

Periodically, all skills should align together if you've been using them at least roughly off Cooldown. Chapter 2: Igniting Burst will frequently align with other skills.

You can fill a gap between two skills with Chapter 1: Searing Spell, thanks to .

Axe Loop

  • Cast twice, delaying the 2nd until right before Weapon Swap.
  • Cast once.
  • Use all Charges of without delaying Weapon Swap. Use the last Charge right before Weapon Swap.
  • Fill time with Tome skills and complete Auto Chains.
  • Weapon Swap to Pistol as soon as possible.

Pistol Loop

  • Cast twice, then multi-hit your target. See notes. Use the following combo:
    • if at 2 Charges.
    • .
    • Last Charge of .
  • Fill the gap between your 1st and 2nd with Tome skills and fully charged .
  • Recharge off Cooldown, but not while is active. Spend all Charges as quickly as possible.
  • Weapon Swap to Axe as soon as you finish your second combo.


Casting during other skills will not interrupt them. Queue from your current skill into Tome skills (e.g. Steps 6 through 9 in the Opener). during your final skill cast, then queue your next skill.

Using the final Charge of any mantra will grant two Pages; this is necessary to sustain the rotation.

can be interrupted early by any other skill; wait until all 5 bullets have hit.

For maximum damage, must pass through the enemy before using .

Symbol of Ignition

Striking an enemy standing inside will Burn all enemies inside the symbol. Projectiles fired through the symbol to strike enemies outside the symbol will apply Burning to all enemies struck by the projectile. Both of these effects share a 1/4-second cooldown—there is no double dipping.

The Symbol can be Ignited by overlapping the pulsing effects of , , and Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath, and .

The final Charge of grants Aegis to you and allies.

Opening while it is NOT Dormant grants Aegis to you and allies in a large 600 Radius.

Replace with a different utility skill when needed:

  • for Breakbar Phases
  • for extra Aegis
  • when Epilogue: Unbroken Lines is not enough Stability
  • when Chapter 3: Valiant Bulwark is not enough projectile reflect

Replace with a different elite skill when needed:

  • to supplement subgroup Quickness
  • for temporary Invulnerability and page recovery to dip into your /

is worth about 100 DPS. or provide low-effort group support; the latter is triggered by all disables, including , , and in rotation.

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