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Heal Alacrity Tempest

Published Oct 17, 2022 Updated Nov 9, 2023
Raids - Secrets of the Obscure
Dánmander meta team
Monke go ook ook
Pros +
Fluid rotation Strong bursts Plenty of utility Capable kite Tanking build
Cons -
High learning curve High mastery curve Fast paced rotation Complex rotation
Power 1689
Toughness 1440
Vitality 1170
Precision 1170
Critical Chance 13.1%
Ferocity 0
Critical Damage 150%
Condition Damage 0
Healing Power 1533
Expertise 0
Condition Duration 0%
Concentration 1281
Boon Duration 100%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Harrier's DaggerMain Hand

Harrier's WarhornOff Hand

Other Items





Generating Might

  • Might primarily comes from . It's important to use after as you'd otherwise be spreading low duration Might which results in party members dropping Might.
  • If party members are not properly stacked inside your 180 Radius you will need to use and to Blast your Fire Fields for additional Might.
  • On moving bosses or whilst tanking take to blast more Might before using or take to provide additional Might outside of your 180 Radius .

Generating Alacrity

  • Alacrity is given in a 360 Radius when using any overload due to .

Generating Fury, Swiftness & Protection

  • Every quickness build will provide some Fury which can then be doubled using and extended using . If you need more Fury you can use and to generate a lot of self Fury which can subsequently be shared with others using .
  • Swiftness comes from entering due to and can be further padded using . also has the side effect of providing a lot of Swiftness, but you'll never want to use it just to upkeep Swiftness.
  • Protection comes from using , and entering due to . It can be further padded using .

Sustain Healing

  • Regeneration provided by , and entering due to .
  • which is strengthened by and can be provided by entering . This effect will linger for 10 seconds so don't camp .

Burst Healing

  • , the heal will happen around yourself and does not have a cast time which means you can cast it during any other skill without interrupting them.
  • Entering due to .
  • Dodging in due to which can be combined with the previous point as only checks your attunement at the end of the dodge. This allows you to swap to during the Dodge to proc both and .
  • Using Blasts inside with one of the following skills
    • Dodging in due to
  • Proccing inside any Combo Field with one of the following skills
    • Dodging in due to


Skip and if you need to save them for a Breakbar. Try to still enter as to provide Swiftness due to .

In , freely use and .

will extend every boon on your party members by 3 seconds. For stacking boons like Might it will extend every stack by 3 seconds.

For a full list of viable utilty skills check the Gameplay Guide.

For a full list of viable traits and traitlines check the Gameplay Guide.

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