Beginner Power Boon Chronomancer

Published Jan 8, 2024 Updated Feb 17, 2024
Raids - Secrets of the Obscure
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Hand Kite Enthusiast
Pros +
Plenty of CC Provides party boons Substantial ranged DPS Plenty of utility
Cons -
High learning curve Fast paced rotation Easy to cancel skills Requires enemy target
Power 2605
Toughness 1000
Vitality 1297
Precision 2471
Critical Chance 75.05%
Ferocity 1035
Critical Damage 218.93%
Condition Damage 0
Healing Power 0
Expertise 0
Condition Duration 0%
Concentration 0
Boon Duration 0%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Berserker's DaggerMain Hand

Berserker's SwordOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Berserker's GreatswordMain Hand

Other Items




Jade Bot Core

Infinite Versatility

Power Chronomancer can change between pure damage and generating either Quickness or Alacrity by swapping a single trait in the Chronomancer grandmaster trait line :

  • for Alacrity
  • for Quickness
  • for Pure Damage

In this guide, the focus will be on laying the groundwork for the Full Boon Build, but it can easily be used as an intro to Power DPS Build as well.

Please see the Trait Notes for some suggestions on which traits to pick while learning.

Step 1: Generating Quickness/Alacrity

Ready? Ok! This is going to be tough ... In Greatsword, use and off Cooldown. Then, use off Cooldown. Phew! That was a lot of work to generate Quickness/Alacrity for your subgroup.

Why do these three skills generate all the uptime we need? Let's review Phantasms and Shattering Clones.


Each Phantasm summoned generates 3 seconds of Quickness/Alacrity for your subgroup. Thanks to , generates two Phantasms and with it will be cast every 9 seconds or so.

Shattering Clones

Each Phantasm, when done with it's attack, will turn into a Clone and skills like will create a Clone as well. Each Shatter skill used generates 1 second per Clone shattered of Quickness/Alacrity, plus 1 second since you always count as a Clone. If used off Cooldowns, will generate 4 seconds of boon uptime every 9 seconds or so.

Combined with Phantasms that's 100% boon uptime!

Step 2: Signet of Ether Combo

To take advantage of the extra Phantasm from , cast as often as possible. How can you cast it more often? ! Using this skill resets the Cooldowns of Phantasm skills, so you can do a cool combo:

is a priority skill, so will interrupt . Practice the timing since losing two Phantasms invalidates the whole combo.

Start your rotation with , then when it is available again, use the combo. The Quickness/Alacrity uptime for your subgroup will be about 120%, but your personal uptime for Alacrity will only be about 80%.

Step 3: Add in Dagger/Sword

To create a more consistent Shatter Clone rhythm, add in the second Shatter, . With this in your rotation, use when you have 3 Clones, then about 5 seconds later when you have at least two Clones. The goal will be to use two Shatters between each Weapon Swap.

To formalize the Greatsword loop we have been doing, make sure to use the following before Weapon Swap:

  • 1 x
  • 3 x
  • 1 x Combo

In Dagger/Sword, we have a similar priority of generating Clones/Phantasms. Make sure to use the following before Weapon Swap:

  • 2 x
  • 3 x

There are many way to use all of these skills efficiently. A fluid rotation might look like this:

  • Fill Auto Attack
  • Fill Auto Attack
  • Weapon Swap
  • Fill Auto Attack
  • Fill Auto Attack
  • Weapon Swap

Do not move on until you can reliably complete a full loop in under 30 seconds (ideally ~25 seconds). A full loop generates over 35 seconds of Quickness/Alacrity for your subgroup, but will make your personal Alacrity uptime much lower. If your Alacrity suffers, you subgroup's boons and personal damage will suffer too.

Step 4: Weapon and Utility Skills

To generate some extra boons and increase damage, replace Auto Attack with the following when available:

  • in Dagger/Sword
  • in Greatsword

will interrupt other skills, so make sure to not interrupt or .
For , never use the last charge of .

Remember to always prioritize generating Phantasms/Clones and shattering them.

Step 5: Continuum Split Opener

is the main mechanic of the Chronomancer. Activating it creates a rift at your current position that saves your current Health, Endurance, and Cooldowns. When the skill ends, you were rewind to the prior saved state. Therefore, you want to cram as many skills as possible in before ends.

Since you can back into a lethal situation, do not use it outside of the opener or start of a phase until you are comfortable with both the build and encounter.

The opener is important to learn as it provides a comfortable boon buffer. The first few casts before are to generate Clones to maximize the time you have in , getting the most value from the skill.

Start each encounter in Dagger/Sword, casting:

  1. Weapon Swap
  2. while casting
  3. As many Shatters as possible before ends

Make sure is cast before finishes casting so that is off Cooldown when ends.

With all your Cooldown reset, use your Wells, and Combo, then Weapon Swap following the prior rotation.

Mastering the opener can be very complicated and fast paced. If you need, remove and , then add them back in one at a time.


You are now ready for the the Full Boon Build and the Power DPS Build. Both have more complex openers which you should master, and the DPS Build prefers to use to use an extra instead of .

In this guide, we ignored and which provide Breakbar and Invulnerable respectively. They will be a big help in real fights as staying out of Downstate is essential. If you do use one, skip using .

can also be used off Cooldown for damage while benching, but it has been excluded from this guide to be used for big Breakbar damage.

Thanks to , it is easier to practice on the Kitty Golem using and generate your own Alacrity. This will help you better track the goal of a personal Alacrity uptime of 100%. The faster your skills come off Cooldown, the more boons you can generate and the more damage you can do!

As you practice in PvE content, it is easier to select and provide Quickness for your subgroup. You will generate some personal Alacrity thanks to and most Healers will overcap Alacrity due to their need for high boon duration.

Make sure when practicing on the Golem that you turn off whatever boon you are generating.

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