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Condition Deadeye

Published Jul 20, 2022 Updated Mar 27, 2024
Raids - March 2024 Balance
Pros +
High damage Provides self boons Simple rotation
Cons -
Low amounts of CC High learning curve Lacks utility Fast paced rotation Forced movement
Power 2173
Toughness 1000
Vitality 1297
Precision 1633
Critical Chance 35.14%
Ferocity 0
Critical Damage 150%
Condition Damage 1960
Healing Power 0
Expertise 853
Condition Duration 71.86%
Concentration 180
Boon Duration 12%
Item Stat







Item Stat








Primary Weapon Set

Viper's AxeMain Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Viper's DaggerOff Hand

Other Items





  1. Precast and reset its Cooldown with Mushroom King's Blessing.
  2. Weapon Swap
  3. x2


  1. x2
  2. Filler
  3. Stealth

Fill time with while Revealed ends. Cast once before and twice before a Stolen Skill. Skip filler when using .

Generally alternate between and /Stolen Skills for Stealth.


Use your Venoms off Cooldown when allies are near, after the start-of-fight boonstrip.

Use off Cooldown when the enemy will spend at least 7 seconds in one spot.

Weapon Swap off Cooldown without interrupting any skills to trigger .

The Strike Damage from can Reveal you if you are in Stealth. Time the skill's activation so that this pulsing damage occurs before/after your Stealth Attack.

Every Axe skill leaves a Spinning Axe on the ground, with a maximum of 6. Higher priority axes can overwrite lower priority:

When pulls Axes to your target, most of their effects occur again.

Recalling will trigger Stealth traits, but does not consume Malice to inflict Poison.

Disable Auto Attack on ; this will allow you to smoothly queue .

At your own discretion, it is possible to use instead of for a considerable increase in damage potential, while massively increasing the skill requirement to achieve that damage. A benchmark can be found here, but it should not be rote-memorized. Capitalizing on requires a great sense of timing: the Spinning Axes from must stop flying before you use , or you won't actually recall them. Playing the rotation poorly will be a DPS loss over the rotation presented on this page. The rotation also does not work anywhere that the Spinning Axe from clips through world geometry—without the recall, you will run out of Initiative.

On fights with chaotic boss movement, swap to . This swap is otherwise a DPS loss, especially in scenarios where you can pre-cast .

You can swap to to recover from mistakes that ruin your rotation.

If you need Defiance Break:

  • Swap to and rely more on for Stealth; use instead of if your Initiative reserves run low.
  • Swap to ; this skill still has pulsing Strike Damage, so it can Reveal you. You can pre-cast it early.

in the Deadly Arts Trait Line Poisons enemies every time you Immobilize them. The trait's listed Cooldown is the automatic Immobilize against Low Health targets.

grants you a bit of personal Quickness.

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