Condition Daredevil

is a heavy condition DPS build focused on , and . Its rotation involves really frequent "Whirl Combo Finishers" which can add and .

Support wise it can do quite a lot with stolen skills. can give 11 boons to five people which makes it extremely strong for boon scaling classes. can teleport allies to your location which is very useful on bosses like where people can die far away.

has a relatively low learning curve due to the short and basic rotation. It must be acknowledged that only excels on certain encounters.

Build Updated
May 25, 2021
Skill Floor
1 / 5
Skill Ceiling
3 / 5
Boon Reliance
4 / 5
May 2021 Balance
Item Stat Sigil / Rune
Primary Weapon Set
Main Hand
Secondary Weapon Set
Item Stat
Food & Utility
Infusion x18
Rotation Log
Build Template

Precast up to 5 minutes before the fight, as it recharges while armed.

Precast and and engage as late as you can to apply the venoms before they expire.

Precast .

If not already in combat, to get in combat, otherwise skip during x 3 and activate during the third and use during the cast

From there, the basic loop is to , , and do either one or two auto attack chains as you are limited by either or .

and your venoms are used on

is used on , but if you are using it, make sure to use it on a loop with only 1 auto chain. Using it on a loop with two auto chains will lead to downtime.

Utility Skills & Variations

will causes you to gain 25 per pulse for a maximum of three pulses. So you, that means one and a half . Use this when you are beginning a new phase or if you had to run away to deal wit a mechanic to ensure that you begin your rotation with full .

leaves an AoE on the ground under where you use it, after a small arming time. This AoE can then be triggered by using which will pulse , , and .

causes you and four allies to apply for the next six attacks. Make sure you have four other people inside the relatively small AoE before using this skill.

causes you and four allies to apply for the next four attacks. Make sure you have four other people inside the relatively small AoE before using this skill.

provides you with some DPS but you should only take this utility when there are no in the encounter.

should be taken over if there are any in the encounter. Faster breaks will lead to better kill times. Make sure you have four other allies close to you before you use to ensure that all five charges are applied.

can be taken to help CC if you know that adds might cause to be wasted.

Traits & Variations

causes your to apply .

causes you to inflict when you strike an enemy with a dual-wield skill. You also gain + 120 .

causes you to apply to a target if you strike them when their health is below 50%. This part of the trait has a 20 second . This trait also causes your to apply with an internal . This works in great synergy with .

causes you to do 2% more damage per unique condition on your target. Typically, you will have between 10 - 11 conditions on a target. This only applies to physical damage.

is a flat 33% modifier for your damage and 33% for your duration. It also causes your other traits in the to apply one more stack of . This applies to , and .

causes you to gain two whenever you . The more you , the more you can use and the more you apply with .

will cause you to leave from the position in which you from.

increases your by three. This allows you to use more than you usually would.

causes your to grant you and your subgroup . You can also steal up to three boons and grant those to your subgroup aswell.

causes you to gain one stack after each skill that uses is completed. You will not gain a stack of if the skill is not completed. Each stack of increases your phyiscal damage and by 1% with each stack lasting 10 seconds. This trait also reduces the of your by 15%.

causes your to inflict . It also causes your to inflict 25% more damage.

causes you to inflict after . You take 10% less damaged from foes with and you deal 7% more damage to them.

causes you to deal 5% more damage per bar that is missing. This only applies to phyiscal damage.

causes you to gain an 50 whenever you use your . This will allow you to keep up the constant .

causes your to hurl daggers at surrounding mobs and grants you 15% increased for four seconds after each . can affect up to three enemies and you can hit one target multiple times if the other targets are standing behind. The daggers are not all thrown simultaneously; is thrown first followed by and .

Spirit Vale

We recommend playing at this encounter.

The skill you get from is . You can use this to the during the split phase.

Try to inside of his hitbox, particularly if the adds have been pulled close enough to get off more hits.

Save and use it during the to help CC. Make sure to use it when allies are within range.

The skill you get from is . This can be used to teleport teammates to safety, escpecially during the flamewall. If youre greedy, you can use it off to trigger and add more stacks.

The skill you get from the champions is , which is not hugely useful on , but it can be used to control adds so they dont kick people off the platform while they are going to cannons.

During the Flamewall mechanic, you have to be very careful with your positioning to make sure you don't flip into it. Try to and/ or from side to side, rather than front to back.

Salvation Pass

We recommend playing at this encounter.

The skill you get from is . This will cover and uptime for your subgroup. This uptime will help combat the effects of and other conditions. It will also help with during the storm phase and overall uptime.

You can use as a gap closer if you have to drop mechanics.

Take for the sacrifice to help CC, as might be wasted on the boss.

Make sure you don’t waste your venoms when goes at 40%.

Be careful not to have your skills interrupted in the phase when your stacks reach their threshold of 10 stacks. The you gain from can be used to counteract this mechanic.

Stronghold of the Faithful

We recommend playing at this encounter. We recommend playing at this encounter.

Bastion of the Penitent

The skill you get from is . This is useful if you happen to get ported away by a circle. is actually a DPS increase and you should use it.

Take as your elite, as you have no need for CC.

Avoid getting hit by the circles and stay close to him to avoid getting . Otherwise you can pretty much use it as a rotation practice encounter.

The skill you get from is . This will cover and as well as help with uptime. It will also mean that your support classes can go more aggressive.

Be careful when using while there are spikes up or unclaimed tiles. You can easily into one of them and kill yourself.

You can use the to trigger more daggers from . Make sure you from the outside of the hitbox towards the center of .

Apart from that, just use it as rotation practice as there are pretty much no mechanics here.

We recommend playing at this encounter. We recommend playing at this encounter.

Hall of Chains

The skill you get from is . This is a 10 person condition cleanse and can be used in emergencies if people step into the AoE left by the Tormented Dead.

You need to be careful when using if you are approaching a wall of death. The best option is to just manually aim it, instead of targeting .

Save so you can help CC .

is nice to play here as you can all of auto attacks due to and . If you do your rotation well, you shouldn't have to worry about passing through with .

The skill you get from is . This can be used as a shadowstep away if you get any mechanics, or to get you green ports. This is also useful if your kiter goes down and you need to pull him out of a messenger.

We recommend using , as there is no requirement to CC which makes taking pointless.

Mythwright Gambit

We recommend playing at this encounter.

The skill you get from is , a 10 man condition cleanse. This can be used when your team gets hit by to cleanse the and .

The skill you get from is . This can be useful to help keep boons up.

is a very risky build to play on . You can easily flip into mechanics or off the platform if you dont pay close attention or the boss suddenly moves.

While fighting , you can keep your and use it just before she uses in order to protect your squad with and .

We recommend playing at this encounter.

Key of Ahdashim

We recommend playing or at this encounter. We recommend playing at this encounter. We recommend playing at this encounter.

Introduction to Daredevil

is unique to the class and is an energy system that is spent when using weapon skills.

All weapon skills cost except for your auto attacks. You have 15 and it recharges at one per second. You have an additional three than other builds due to .

You also gain whenever you due to .

With the build you will be spending all of your on .

is an amazing that provides all boons to your subgroup except for . You gain 10 seconds of each boon except for: = five seconds. = eight seconds. = three seconds. = four seconds.

You can gain from the following encounters: . The end boss at Escort. The phantasms at . . , Eater of Souls and the two Eyes. . , and Pyres at . .

The durations of these boons are subject to .

is a shadowstep that will up to 10 targets for four seconds. If you use this on a squad member it will them to you and them by 15%. You can gain from the following encounters: and all mini Guardians. . . . . Rigom at . . , the Enforcers and Messengers. Conjured Greatswords at Conjured Amalgamate. .

clears all conditions from your entire squad when you use it. For each condition cleansed each ally will gain one stack of on top of a single base stack. I.e. if you have four conditions and they are cleansed, you will gain five stacks. These stacks will then do damage when the ally attacks that is attributed to your DPS. If you don't plan using to cleanse conditions, you can use it for a moderate DPS increase that roughly equals another . You can gain from the following encounters: . . . .

is a AoE that up to 10 targets over three pulses and deals significant damage. You can gain from the following encounters: , and at . , and at Trio. and Guldhem. Saul at . Conjured Shields and Conjured Warriors at Conjured Amalgamate. , the and .

Venoms are one of the core skill types for . When you use a venom, they will apply a certain number of stacks to you and your subgroup.

These stacks, or charges, will be used when you strike an enemy. Please note that these can be wasted on trash mobs and not the raid boss. The other thing to note is that venoms can be wasted if you are , or an enemy blocks, evades or you attack.

With the build, you will come into contact with three venoms:

deals 150 damage once consumed. When you use , you and everyone in your subgroup will gain one charge of .

Preparations are unique to and can be considered very similar to traps.

All preparations are two part skills that have a placement, or charging part, and then a detonation or activation part.

With the build, you will only come into contact with one preparation:

The grants you access to an extra or an additional 50 .

is part of your rotation in two ways: Firstly, it increases your by 10% for four seconds due to . Secondly, depleting your grants you increased damage due to .

Start your on the outside of the boss's hitbox and then through the hitbox. This will ensure that hits and any additional hits, due to adds, will also only hit the boss.

The aim of the game is to keep up and from the and , respectively.

Always try to finish your auto attack chain, as does the most damage and is the final skill in the chain.

Only use and when you have allies in range. Clones, phantasms, pets and minions all count!

You can precast your venoms before you start an encounter.


= 150 damage per person, up to five people. These squad members must be in range when you use .

= 432 damage.