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Beginner Power Daredevil

Published Jan 1, 2023 Updated Mar 14, 2023 February 2023 Balance

Power Daredevil deals good burst damage, and is able to burst often.

It also has access to one of the best Breakbar Damage skills in the game for group content, with .

Power Daredevil is also one of the most mobile DPS specialisation, and has the option to bring even more mobility with and .

Item Stat







Item Stat







Primary Weapon Set

Berserker'sMain Hand

Other Items




Step 1

Your weapon skills have no Cooldown. Instead, they cost Initiative to cast. Initiative recharges over time, and is drained by casting any weapon skill that is not your auto attack.

increases your power by 180 when it is off Cooldown, and massively increases your power by 540 when it is cast.

Combining them both allows you to spam when is active, dealing good burst damage. You want to cast as many times as possible whenever is active, while ensuring your Initiative does not fill up.

Step 2

increases your strike damage by 5% per bar of Endurance that is not full, up to a total of 15%.

increases your strike damage by 15% for 4 seconds after you Dodge.

To maximise damage, you want to ensure that your Endurance is always drained, while Dodging before using any skills or burst. Your Dodge will also deal strike damage, and you should ensure that your Dodge trajectory lands on the hitbox of the boss.

Step 3

Finally, you want to combo during . is a multi hit skill, and landing every hit of makes available. You can also hold down your button for to immediatly cast after .

It is recommended to cast before , especially if you have Dodged before, as you may not be in range to land every hit of on target, thus missing out on .

You will also have noticed in step 2 that your Dodge does not always line up with . When that happens, use to fill up 1 bar of endurance, then Dodge before continuing your burst.


This build is almost the full Power Daredevil rotation. However, with better management of both Initiative and Endurance, as well as more consistent skill casting during , you can still further improve your DPS. For the complete guide, please visit the Power Daredevil page.


Dodging will not cancel your auto attack chain. However, Dodging while casting will cancel it, and result in a minor DPS loss. Always try to Dodge before or after casting .

Ultimately, the skill order during is not critical, what is most important is to ensure that all your skills are cast during . For reference, you should aim to land 5 x , 1 x , and 1 x during .

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