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Kite Deadeye

Published Sep 22, 2022 Updated Feb 15, 2023 February 2023 Balance

Kite Deadeye is a specialized build for killing Lava Elementals while fighting Qadim and claiming a pylon while fighting Qadim the Peerless.

This build deals a large amount of Power damage and can sustain itself through incoming damage with the or traits.

Kite Deadeye seems to be a scary build to start but it can be quickly picked up with some dedication.

Item Stat







Item Stat







Primary Weapon Set

Berserker'sMain Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Assassin'sMain Hand

Assassin'sOff Hand

Other Items




Qadim – Opener

  1. x 3
  2. &

Qadim – Loop

  1. x 3
  2. Dodge or or
    • Repeat steps 1 & 2 until comes off Cooldown
  3. &

Qadim the Peerless – Openers

Start of 100%, 80% and 60% phases should look like this:

  1. x 2
  2. Dodge to avoid the shockwave
  3. &

Qadim the Peerless – Loop

Reapply as necessary.

  1. x 3
  2. Dodge / /
    • Repeat steps 1 & 2 until comes off Cooldown
  3. &

Qadim the Peerless – CC Rotation

As soon as you get shot into the air as a fireball, weapon swap to your Sword/Pistol set. To solo the pylon do the following:

  1. on the pylon.
  2. x 3 (for an Initiative reset from )
  3. Stolen Skill
    • from "behind" the pylon (check the gameplay guide!)

If your allies are helping with CC, use just one and .


It is strongly advised that you disable auto-cast on skill 1, . With auto-cast enabled, can be interrupted by the following ; with auto-cast disabled, you can smoothly queue while casting your Stealth Attack.

Outside of and , you are required to Dodge in order to gain Stealth for .

, , and Dodge will interrupt , so wait for the skill to finish channeling.

Save to line up with , or use when the boss is about to phase.


Use in the Deadly Arts Trait Line, and take .

To deal with the Lava Elementals, on the blue corner of Qadim's platform, and use .

Details on avoiding Qadim's attacks can be found in the gameplay guide!

Avoid using when the Greater Magma Elementals are near—use a different Stealth source!

pierces through enemies, but does not, so you may need to use to generate Malice. Remember to wait until Revealed has worn off before trying to enter Stealth!

Qadim the Peerless

Use in the Critical Strikes Trait Line.

Use to quickly catch your orbs and go back to the Pylon afterwards.

After 40%, you do not require anymore, thus you can use to gain mobility. This will come in handy if you get targeted by the lightning attack or Qadim the Peerless charges at your Pylon.

Remember you can jump while kneeling and even while casting a skill to avoid Qadim the Peerless' directed-line attack!

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